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Top Schools (by citations)

#SchoolArticlesCitationsR ARankR CRank
1Department of Aerospace Engineering and Engineering Mechanics125271823
2School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering7486148
3Division of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering2466260120
4Department of Applied Mechanics125211417
5Department of Mechanical Engineering32005022
6Department of Mechanical Engineering3191110100
7Department of Engineering Science3155464359
8Department of Wind Energy21476040
9Department of Mechanical Engineering2139273167
10Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering113110448
11Department of Chemical Engineering31056066
12Department of Materials Science29133
13Department of Mathematics2849169
14Department of Mechanical Engineering1748749
15Department of Mechanical Engineering171307237
15Department of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering271103108
17Faculty of Civil Engineering268102
18Department of Mathematics265198
19Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering2616663
20Architectural and Environmental Engineering36067106
21Department of Civil Engineering15764
22Materials and Civil Engineering1566644
22Department of Mathematics156387245
24College of Mechanics and Materials55379161
25Department of Mechanical Engineering152219152
25Department of Construction and Manufacturing Engineering3523239
27Department of Mechanical Engineering4512847
27Department of Aerospace Engineering2512431
29Department of Mechanical Engineering649138272
30Department of Civil Engineering347119153
30School of Mechanical Engineering347149168
32Department of Engineering146972817
33Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering144493405
33Department of Mechanical Engineering244331327
33Department of Mechanical Engineering1446350
36College of Engineering543103323
36Institute of Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics54334
36Faculty of Education4431043
39Institute of Applied Mathematics14244
40Department of Mathematics24163
41Department of Mechanical Engineering340281468
42Mechanical Engineering Department1395551
43School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering338138244
43Faculty of Engineering13810759
43Department of Engineering Mechanics2384764
43Electronic and Mechanical Engineering1383745
43Department of Engineering Mechanics1381812
48School of Materials Science and Engineering135160124
48Department of Mathematics2355852
50Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering234187303
51Faculty of Mechanical Engineering13394
52Department of Mechanical Engineering5321922
52Institute of Mathematics13242
52Department of Mathematics and Informatics13211061
55School of Forestry and Resource Conservation1318794
55Department of Industrial Engineering131328291
55Department of Physics131156146
55Department of Industrial and Materials Science13111179
55Division of Material and Computational Mechanics1311914
60Department for Management of Science and Technology Development130189212
60School of Mechanical Engineering130260170
60School of Mathematics and Physics130258185
60Spacecraft Engineering130811
64Department of Civil Engineering42947156
65Institute of Polymer Mechanics1282228
65Electrical and Manufacturing Engineering128165146
67Department of Structural Engineering1277162
67Department of Mechanical Engineering427170398
67Department of Mathematical and Physical Sciences1272539
70Graduate School of Agriculture126900831
70Department of Mechanical Engineering12616
72School of Mechanics and Civil Engineering42570151
72Department of Materials Science and Engineering125226227
74Nottingham Transportation Engineering Centre1233734
74School of Energy and Mining Engineering4232444
74Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Architecture123920
74Department of Civil Engineering3234395
78Department of Advanced Energy1227172
78Division of Physical Sciences and Engineering122128172
80Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering121198256
80Department of Civil Engineering12113
82Faculty of Mechanical Engineering320137256
82Department of Mechanical Engineering120120148
82Department of Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics1203650
82Department of Civil Engineering120437471
82Department of Civil Engineering120915
82Department of Industrial Engineering120205231
82Mechanical Engineering Department1203647
82Department of Civil Engineering1205244
82Department of Engineering Mechanics1204956
91Department of Mechanical Engineering119195202
91Department of Mechanical Engineering1194249
91College of Civil Engineering3193974
91Department of Mechanical Engineering1194656
95School of Materials Science and Engineering1182534
95Faculty of Chemistry1184547
95Faculty of Physics1182323
98School of Mechanical Engineering217360590
98Shanghai Institute of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics117183206
98Department of Engineering Mechanics217187299
98School of Engineering117126149
102Department of Mechanical Engineering316155377
102Department of Civil Engineering1162640
102School of Mechanical Engineering116195235
102School of Civil Engineering2165077
102Department of Civil Engineering216154259
107Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics3151117
107Department of Mechanical Engineering115227293
109Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering114197256
109Department of Structures for Engineering and Architecture11485101
109Department of Materials Science and Technology21499149
109School of Construction Management and Engineering1144593
109Faculty of Engineering1142638
109School of Transportation Engineering11444
109Department of Civil Engineering114189240
109Department of Mechanical Engineering114610
117School of Mechanical Engineering113186303
117Department of Biomedical Engineering113105193
119Division of Applied Mechanics1121521
119Department of Engineering Sciences112301439
119Department of Civil Engineering1126892
119School of Civil and Environmental Engineering112403571
123Department of Mechanical Engineering111532638
123School of Civil Engineering and Architecture21179169
123Physics Department1117991
123Department of Mechanical Engineering111187260
123Farabi Eye Hospital11175109
128Faculty of Engineering110545582
128Structural Engineering Department1105256
128Materials Science and Technology Division110187266
128Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering1107198
128Department of Mechanical Engineering110165240
128Department of Applied Mechanics1106279
128Department of Mechanical Engineering1101416
128College of Pipeline and Civil Engineering210100179
136Faculty of Aerospace Engineering19308419
136Department of Mechanical Engineering193783
136Department of Mechanical Engineering193668
139Department of Engineering Mechanics18436534
139Department of Applied Chemistry183365
139Institute of Mechanics18107147
139Department of Mechanical Engineering and Aeronautics18133226
139Department of Materials Engineering182243
139School of Civil Engineering183235
139Department of Mathematics182423
146Department of Mathematics172424
146Department of Civil Engineering17140271
146School of Naval Architecture27190419
146Department of Applied Mechanics17125162
146Mathematics and Computer Science Division17138269
146Department of Mathematics17138164
146Department of Mechanical Engineering175664
146Department of Mathematics178196
146Department of Mechanical Engineering17616
146School of Computing and Mathematics1754126
156College of Engineering167281.1K
156Department of Mechanics and Aerospace Engineering1661113
156Department of Civil Engineering1627
156Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering1692171
156Department of Chemical Engineering16137259
156Graduate School of Science and Engineering16515701
156Faculty of Mathematics and Statistics16118179
156Mechanical Engineering Department165378
156Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering163793
165Division of Mechanical and Automotive Engineering151941
165Department of Mechanical Engineering15152279
165Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering15165308
165Department of Engineering Mechanics152449
165Department of Mathematics1594162
165Department of Chemical Engineering1597162
165Department of Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering15320501
165Department of Mechanical Engineering15179306
165Mechanical Engineering Department15104192
165Faculty of Engineering15262377
165Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences1557106
165Department of Mechanical Engineering2522104
165Department of Civil Engineering152352
165School of Civil Engineering15208314
165Department of Civil Engineering151524
180Department of Geotechnical Engineering24136284
180Department of Mechanical Engineering141647
180Graduate School of Engineering247461.4K
180Department of Engineering Physics and Mechanics243466
180Fischell Department of Bioengineering14169361
180School of Control Science and Engineering14281461
180School of Mechatronics Engineering14258384
180School of Engineering and Applied Science14170393
180Department of Mechanical Engineering143575
180Department of Mechanical Engineering14121206
180Faculty of Mechanical Engineering14162289
180Faculty of Engineering Technology14210426
180Department of Mechanical Engineering1455102
180Department of Aerospace Engineering1448101
180Department of Mechanical Engineering141428
180Department of Civil Engineering14187339
196Department of Mechanical Engineering13301545
196School of Aerospace Engineering13108189
196School of Civil Engineering23147362
196Faculty of Civil Engineering Subotica13926
196Department of Mechanical Engineering13242440
196Department of Mechanical Engineering23342731
196Department of Mechanical Engineering13205358
203Ministry of Education12276553
203School of Materials Science and Engineering12258414
203School of Materials Engineering12242403
203Department of Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics12143240
203Department of Mechanical Engineering12134280
203Department of Chemical Engineering12135315
203Department of Infrastructure Engineering12272535
203Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering12180376
203Faculty of Mechanical Engineering12217403
203Department of Physics12332553
203Department of Geophysics121738
203Department of Civil Engineering121325
203Division of Orthopedic Surgery121939
203Department of Mechanical Engineering1245111
203Department of Mechanical Engineering1267168
203Department of Mechanical Engineering12183335
203School of Energy Science and Engineering1285132
203School of Business Administration121347
221Department of Mechanical Engineering111529
221Aerospace and Civil Engineering11353695
221Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering11240470
221School of Engineering1160159
221Department of Continuum Mechanics and Structural Analysis113968
221Faculty of Mechanical Engineering1155120
221Faculty of Civil Engineering11225413
221Faculty of Engineering and Built Environment11303629
221Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering113481
221Department of Mechanical Engineering1147105
221Faculty of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering1138116
221School of Materials Science and Engineering11379558
221Department of Applied Mathematics and Cybernetics1148
221Department of Mechanical Engineering1127
221School of Mechanical Engineering1170183
221School of Resources and Civil Engineering11125254
221Department of Mechanical Engineering11138287
221Ministry of Education112064
239Department of Mechanics and Engineering Science10197377
239Department of Mechanical Engineering1070153
239Faculty of Mechanical Engineering104896
239Department of Physical Chemistry1098224
239School of Applied Mathematical and Physical Sciences1069231
239School of Chemical Engineering and Technology106741.1K
239Department of Mathematics102257
239Faculty of Engineering10135316
239Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering10151321
239Department of Mechanical Engineering101053