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1Preparation and application of chitin and its derivatives: a reviewIranian Polymer Journal (English Edition)2014145
2Thermal stability of natural fibers and their polymer compositesIranian Polymer Journal (English Edition)2020143
3Li+ ion conduction mechanism in poly (ε-caprolactone)-based polymer electrolyteIranian Polymer Journal (English Edition)2013137
4Hybrid nanocomposite coating by sol–gel method: a reviewIranian Polymer Journal (English Edition)201688
5Aloe vera incorporated biomimetic nanofibrous scaffold: a regenerative approach for skin tissue engineeringIranian Polymer Journal (English Edition)201484
6Preparation and characterization of PVP-based polymer electrolytes for solid-state battery applicationsIranian Polymer Journal (English Edition)201283
7Controlled release of urea from chitosan microspheres prepared by emulsification and cross-linking methodIranian Polymer Journal (English Edition)201280
8Banana fiber reinforced low-density polyethylene composites: effect of chemical treatment and compatibilizer additionIranian Polymer Journal (English Edition)201679
9Biodegradable polyaniline/dextrin conductive nanocomposites: synthesis, characterization, and study of antioxidant activity and sorption of heavy metal ionsIranian Polymer Journal (English Edition)201477
10Toughening of dicyandiamide-cured DGEBA-based epoxy resins by CTBN liquid rubberIranian Polymer Journal (English Edition)201372
11Preparation of lignin nanoparticles by chemical modificationIranian Polymer Journal (English Edition)201471
12Lanthanum/Cadmium/Polyaniline bimetallic nanocomposite for the photodegradation of organic pollutantIranian Polymer Journal (English Edition)201570
13Polyaniline–antimony oxide composites for effective broadband EMI shieldingIranian Polymer Journal (English Edition)201362
14Nanogel and super-paramagnetic nanocomposite of thiacalix[4]arene functionalized chitosan: synthesis, characterization and heavy metal sorptionIranian Polymer Journal (English Edition)201460
15Curing characteristics, mechanical and thermal properties of reclaimed ground tire rubber cured with various vulcanizing systemsIranian Polymer Journal (English Edition)201558
16Enzyme-based green approach for the synthesis of gum tragacanth and acrylic acid cross-linked hydrogel: its utilization in controlled fertilizer release and enhancement of water-holding capacity of soilIranian Polymer Journal (English Edition)201357
17The effect of dopant on structural, thermal and morphological properties of DBSA-doped polypyrroleIranian Polymer Journal (English Edition)201355
18Novel carrageenan-based hydrogel nanocomposites containing laponite RD and their application to remove cationic dyeIranian Polymer Journal (English Edition)201254
19Preparation of alginate and chitosan nanoparticles using a new reverse micellar systemIranian Polymer Journal (English Edition)201254
20Flexible, lead-free, gamma-shielding materials based on natural rubber/metal oxide compositesIranian Polymer Journal (English Edition)201854
21Thermal and electrical properties of epoxy composites at high alumina loadings and various temperaturesIranian Polymer Journal (English Edition)201353
22Modification of flax fiber surface and its compatibilization in polylactic acid/flax compositesIranian Polymer Journal (English Edition)201653
23Curing behavior of dicyandiamide/epoxy resin system using different acceleratorsIranian Polymer Journal (English Edition)201351
24Starch/rice husk ash based superabsorbent composite: high methylene blue removal efficiencyIranian Polymer Journal (English Edition)201751
25Magnetic and K+-cross-linked kappa-carrageenan nanocomposite beads and adsorption of crystal violetIranian Polymer Journal (English Edition)201448
26Characterization of optical, thermal and electrical properties of SWCNTs/PMMA nanocomposite filmsIranian Polymer Journal (English Edition)201448
27Effect of high loading of titanium dioxide particles on the morphology, mechanical and thermo-mechanical properties of the natural rubber-based compositesIranian Polymer Journal (English Edition)201648
28Epoxidized rice bran oil (ERBO) as a plasticizer for poly(vinyl chloride) (PVC)Iranian Polymer Journal (English Edition)201447
29Fabrication and characterization of chitosan/poly(vinyl alcohol) electrospun nanofibrous membranes containing silver nanoparticles for antibacterial water filtrationIranian Polymer Journal (English Edition)201447
30Crystallinity study of electrospun poly (vinyl alcohol) nanofibers: effect of electrospinning, filler incorporation, and heat treatmentIranian Polymer Journal (English Edition)201647
31Surface-modified alumina nanoparticles-filled aramid fiber-reinforced epoxy nanocomposites: preparation and mechanical propertiesIranian Polymer Journal (English Edition)202047
32Effect of ground tire rubber on structural, mechanical and thermal properties of flexible polyurethane foamsIranian Polymer Journal (English Edition)201546
33Corrosion behavior of aluminum/silica/polystyrene nanostructured hybrid flakesIranian Polymer Journal (English Edition)201445
34Polylactide/graphite nanosheets/MWCNTs nanocomposites with enhanced mechanical, thermal and electrical propertiesIranian Polymer Journal (English Edition)201244
35Combination effects of carbon nanotubes, MMT and phosphorus flame retardant on fire and thermal resistance of fiber-reinforced epoxy compositesIranian Polymer Journal (English Edition)201443
36Sound barrier properties of sustainable waste rubber/geopolymer concretesIranian Polymer Journal (English Edition)201543
37Citric acid crosslinking of poly(vinyl alcohol)/starch/graphene nanocomposites for superior propertiesIranian Polymer Journal (English Edition)201743
38Optical, electrical, mechanical, and thermal properties and non-isothermal decomposition behavior of poly(vinyl alcohol)–ZnO nanocompositesIranian Polymer Journal (English Edition)202043
39Preparation of high-refractive-index PMMA/TiO2 nanocomposites by one-step in situ solvothermal methodIranian Polymer Journal (English Edition)201342
40Polyethylene materials with multifunctional surface properties by electrospraying chitosan/vitamin E formulation destined to biomedical and food packaging applicationsIranian Polymer Journal (English Edition)201642
41Fabrication of gas sensor device using poly (3, 4-ethylenedioxythiophene)-poly (styrenesulfonate)-doped reduced graphene oxide organic thin films for detection of ammonia gas at room temperatureIranian Polymer Journal (English Edition)201942
42Effect of processing routes on the mechanical, thermal and morphological properties of PLA-based hybrid biocompositeIranian Polymer Journal (English Edition)201341
43Hybridization effect of basalt and carbon fibers on impact and flexural properties of phenolic compositesIranian Polymer Journal (English Edition)201440
44Confinement effect of graphene nanoplatelets on atom transfer radical polymerization of styrene: grafting through hydroxyl groupsIranian Polymer Journal (English Edition)201540
45Microwave-assisted green synthesis of hybrid nanocomposite: removal of Malachite green from waste waterIranian Polymer Journal (English Edition)201640
46Curing characteristics, mechanical properties and morphology of butyl rubber filled with ground tire rubber (GTR)Iranian Polymer Journal (English Edition)201439
47Multi-walled carbon nanotube-filled polypropylene nanocomposites: high velocity impact response and mechanical propertiesIranian Polymer Journal (English Edition)201238
48Effect of MCM-41 nanoparticles on the kinetics of free radical and RAFT polymerization of styreneIranian Polymer Journal (English Edition)201338
49Preparation and properties of single-walled carbon nanotubes/poly(butylene terephthalate) nanocompositesIranian Polymer Journal (English Edition)201438
50Morphology and melt rheology of biodegradable poly(lactic acid)/poly(butylene succinate adipate) blends: effect of blend compositionsIranian Polymer Journal (English Edition)201237