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1Evolution strategies – A comprehensive introductionNatural Computing20021,930
2Recent approaches to global optimization problems through Particle Swarm OptimizationNatural Computing20021,131
3BGSA: binary gravitational search algorithmNatural Computing2010623
4A survey on metaheuristics for stochastic combinatorial optimizationNatural Computing2009543
5A review of particle swarm optimization. Part I: background and developmentNatural Computing2007510
6A review of particle swarm optimization. Part II: hybridisation, combinatorial, multicriteria and constrained optimization, and indicative applicationsNatural Computing2008413
7A tutorial on multiobjective optimization: fundamentals and evolutionary methodsNatural Computing2018387
8Immune system approaches to intrusion detection – a reviewNatural Computing2007224
9Learning probability distributions in continuous evolutionary algorithms – a comparative reviewNatural Computing2004204
10A study of drift analysis for estimating computation time of evolutionary algorithmsNatural Computing2004203
11Computation with finite stochastic chemical reaction networksNatural Computing2008201
12Classifiers that approximate functionsNatural Computing2002168
13Genetic circuit building blocks for cellular computation, communications, and signal processingNatural Computing2003165
14Abstraction layers for scalable microfluidic biocomputingNatural Computing2008151
15Description and composition of bio-inspired design patterns: a complete overviewNatural Computing2013135
16Artificial immune systems—today and tomorrowNatural Computing2007134
17Complexity classes in models of cellular computing with membranesNatural Computing2003132
18The evidence for neural information processing with precise spike-times: A surveyNatural Computing2004124
19Minimum spanning trees made easier via multi-objective optimizationNatural Computing2006111
20Staged self-assembly: nanomanufacture of arbitrary shapes with O(1) gluesNatural Computing2008105
21Uniform solutions to SAT and Subset Sum by spiking neural P systemsNatural Computing2009101
22A novel text and image encryption method based on chaos theory and DNA computingNatural Computing2013100
23Petri nets for modelling metabolic pathways: a surveyNatural Computing201094
24A memetic algorithm for the generalized traveling salesman problemNatural Computing201093
25Spiking neural P systems with extended rules: universality and languagesNatural Computing200890
26A review of morphogenetic engineeringNatural Computing201390
27An introduction to tile-based self-assembly and a survey of recent resultsNatural Computing201488
28Deterministic function computation with chemical reaction networksNatural Computing201488
29Implausible consequences of superstrong nonlocalityNatural Computing201384
30A Study on the use of ``self-generation'' in memetic algorithmsNatural Computing200483
31Strand algebras for DNA computingNatural Computing201177
32A rigorous analysis of the compact genetic algorithm for linear functionsNatural Computing200674
33Grammatical Swarm: The generation of programs by social programmingNatural Computing200674
34Array-rewriting P systemsNatural Computing200373
35Computation of the travelling salesman problem by a shrinking blobNatural Computing201473
36Evolutionary swarm cooperative optimization in dynamic environmentsNatural Computing201072
37The computational power of cell division in P systems: Beating down parallel computers?Natural Computing200367
38Sorting of neural spikes: When wavelet based methods outperform principal component analysisNatural Computing200762
39Parallel evolutionary training algorithms for “hardware-friendly” neural networksNatural Computing200260
40Using enzymatic numerical P systems for modeling mobile robot controllersNatural Computing201260
41Rough sets: past, present, and futureNatural Computing201859
42Vector quantization using information theoretic conceptsNatural Computing200558
43Solving the Hamiltonian path problem with a light-based computerNatural Computing200858
44Scaling up genetic circuit design for cellular computing: advances and prospectsNatural Computing201856
45An overview of quantum cellular automataNatural Computing201955
46Approximating Mexican highways with slime mouldNatural Computing201154
47A self-adaptive communication strategy for flocking in stationary and non-stationary environmentsNatural Computing201454
48A simple mass-action model for the eukaryotic heat shock response and its mathematical validationNatural Computing201153
49On string languages generated by spiking neural P systems with exhaustive use of rulesNatural Computing200851
50A computational modeling for real ecosystems based on P systemsNatural Computing201151