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Top Schools (by citations)

#SchoolArticlesCitationsR ARankR CRank
1Department of Agronomy53,245281
2Department of Horticulture185015021
3Department of Agronomy and Horticulture28019712
4Faculty of Agriculture3765466
5Carbon Management and Sequestration Center5741711
6Institute of Environment and Sustainable Development in Agriculture3716724
7Department of Agricultural Microbiology2684416
8College of Environmental Science and Engineering163318240
9Institute of Genetics and Biochemistry1579231
10Department of Biology154319742
11Institute for Ecological Chemistry152781
12Department of Agronomy1459433
13College of Agriculture245112921
14Department of Energy and Technology3397215
15Centre for Crop Systems Analysis73841211
16Department of Agricultural Engineering236532
17Ministry of Agriculture135338568
18Department of Ecosystem Science and Management23467217
19Department of Environmental Engineering1344467
20Center for Organic Farming332021
21Institute for Environmental Studies230110663
22Faculty of Bioscience Engineering9297117154
23Institute of Landscape and Plant Ecology229293
24Department of Agronomy1263151
25Faculty of Agriculture and Horticulture22611614
26Department of Chemistry12388710
27Department of Agroecology62106365
28Department of Biology120423281
29Earth and Life Institute-Agronomy119721
30Department of Agronomy and Crop Science219311
31Department of Geography117921794
32Department of Environmental Engineering117116883
33Centre for Energy Studies116911237
33Centre for Energy Studies116910028
33College of Agriculture316913875
36Faculty of Applied Economics116381
37Faculty of Agriculture1158141
37Institute for Genetics115811
39Ministry of Education21559158
40Department of Agronomy and Plant Breeding21534515
41Department of Biology11499849
41Department of Clinical Science and Education114921160
41Department of Sustainable Development11496317
44Food Engineering Division11432413
45Organic Farming113821
46Department of Chemistry113751
46Department of Biology1137162
48Department of Plant Agriculture31329093
49Faculty of Agriculture21249761
50Department of Applied Economics111310147
50Faculty of Agriculture211314265
50Department of Agronomy211385
53Department of Geography31126275
54Department of Architecture11075026
54Department of Biology1107325202
56Institute of Geography11067019
56International Center for Agro-Informatics and Sustainable Development (ICASD)110644
58Department of Environmental Systems Science2100131114
59Department of Solar Energy and Environmental Physics1977131
59Department of Solar Energy and Environmental Physics1973515
61Institute of Geography1961013
61Department of Land Resources Management and Environmental Protection2961519
63Department of Soil Biology and Plant Nutrition1891310
63Department of Environmental Chemistry1892214
65Department of Agronomy and Plant Genetics287107108
65Department of Agronomy18752
67Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering1864420
68Faculty of Agriculture1838123
68Department of Horticulture183194
68Department of Organic Agriculture18311
71School of Computer Science175181103
71School of Life Sciences275237208
73Faculty of Agriculture17117361
73Department of Bioscience and Biotechnology1713928
75Department of Biology17011769
76College of Agronomy2692819
77Farming Systems Ecology2671221
77Nuclear Agriculture and Biotechnology Division16710786
79College of Agronomy and Biotechnology36692128
79Department of Biology1662918
81School of Veterinary and Life Sciences161236155
82Department of Agricultural Engineering15811
83Department of Agricultural Economics and Rural Development3572950
83Institute of Botany257348367
85Department of Agronomy146128129
86Department of Agronomy64588248
86Department of Geography24586116
88Department of Soil Management1434447
89Department of Agronomy1425968
89Department of Biology142114119
89Institute of Biotechnology1422715
89Faculty of Agriculture2427682
93Division of Agriculture1406443
94School of Agriculture and Food Sciences339165273
94Institute of Landscape Ecology and Resources Management13914
94Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology139195194
97Department of Agricultural Economics137144120
98Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering13610494
99Department of Microbiology13588141
99Department of Crop Physiology13554
99Faculty of Pharmacy13516
102Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering1344467
102Faculty of Civil Engineering134225154
104Faculty of Agriculture and Environment13392123
104Department of Nutrition and Food Sciences1333450
104Faculty of Agriculture133255214
104Faculty of Agriculture and Life Sciences133134129
108Faculty of Agriculture23283114
108National Centre for Engineering in Agriculture1321924
110Faculty of Agriculture and Life Sciences2312136
110Department of Food Science23169130
110College of Agriculture1316954
113Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering23068133
114Department of Animal Nutrition and Management22962103
115Centre for Sustainable Farming Systems32815
115Faculty of Chemical Engineering1286876
117Institute of Sociology1271728
117Department of Chemistry127226196
117School of Agricultural Biotechnology1273831
120Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology12625
121Faculty of Life Sciences225268637
121Department of Agriculture and Ecology22544140
121Department of Agricultural Engineering12548
121School of Plant Biology225126249
125Plant Biology and Ecology12413
125Faculty of Agriculture124130137
127College of Geography and Environmental Science1236055
128Department of Integrative Biology122269316
128Faculty of Agriculture122170123
128Faculty of Agriculture1228486
131Department of Zoology121649831
132Institute of Atmospheric Physics1204559
132School of Agriculture2201748
134Department of Food and Resource Economics21980184
135Faculty of Biology118342506
135Institute of Horticulture11811
137Department of Agriculture1173380
137Division of Agronomy and Plant Genetics11722
137Agronomy for Sustainable Development11711
140School of Economics1161328
140Institute of Agriculture and Life Sciences1163364
142Department of Geosciences and Natural Resource Management115279357
142Department of Forest Mycology and Plant Pathology21554128
142Chemistry Department1151335
142Ministry of Education11589134
142Institute of Applied Ecology1153052
147Department of Geography114214314
147Laboratory of Geo-Information Science and Remote Sensing1145094
147College of Agronomy1142639
150Department of Biology113340503
150Department of Horticulture and Crop Science113109170
150Department of Food Science11373145
150Wondo Genet College of Forestry and Natural Resources1132549
154School of Agriculture and Enterprise Development111421
154Institute of Soil Science and Plant Nutrition111418
154Faculty of Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation (ITC)21177232
154School of Economics and Law11122
154School of Engineering and Technology111610
154Department of Agricultural Engineering11122
160Department of Health Sciences and Technology210109398
160College of Environmental Science and Engineering110266353
160Irrigation and Water Management Division110510
163Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering2979226
163Faculty of Agriculture191010
163Department of Ecology and Evolution1928
166Institute of Physical Geography and Landscape Ecology18310
166Institute of Zoology184370
166Department of Conservation Ecology and Entomology18133207
166Department of Agronomy and Plant Genetics1815
170Department of Geography1748114
170Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science17138157
170Faculty of Human Geography and Planning171018
170Department of Integrated Geography17812
170Faculty of Medicine1769141
170Faculty of Chemistry172869
170Institute of Geography17112228
177Department of Ecology16130221
177Graduate School of Agriculture169001.2K
177Institute of Botany16208321
177Department of Plant Biology and Ecology1641106
181Institute of Soil Science and Soil Geography153765
181Department of Zoology151637
183College of Agriculture and Natural Sciences1432101
183Montpellier Research in Management14322
183Department of Plant Pathology and Microbiology1466139
183Centre for Plant Genetics and Breeding14824
183Department of Natural Resources Management and Agricultural Engineering1437103
183Department of Chemistry14104164
183School of Agriculture142062
183Department of Geography and Resource Development1451123
183Faculty of Economics and Management14620
183Department of Crop Science and Horticulture141026
183Agriculture and Food143286
194Department of Geography1379192
194Department of Policy Analysis13939
194Institute for Environmental Studies (IVM)1394219
194Faculty of Veterinary Medicine13230396
194School of Agricultural and Resource Economics133589
199Department of Agriculture121226
199Department of Biological and Environmental Engineering12171418
199Department of Geography and Environmental Studies12517