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1Criterion validity of the Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index: Investigation in a non-clinical sampleSleep and Biological Rhythms2006339
2A meta-analysis on the treatment effectiveness of cognitive behavioral therapy for primary insomniaSleep and Biological Rhythms2011230
3Sleep debt: Theoretical and empirical issues*Sleep and Biological Rhythms2003162
4Psychometric evaluation and normative data for the Karolinska Sleep QuestionnaireSleep and Biological Rhythms2013139
5Epidemiology of exercise and sleepSleep and Biological Rhythms2006134
6Validity of the reduced version of the Morningness-Eveningness QuestionnaireSleep and Biological Rhythms2006131
7Assessing sleep using hip and wrist actigraphySleep and Biological Rhythms2015112
8Sleep in children: Cross-cultural perspectivesSleep and Biological Rhythms2004105
9The effect of a sleep hygiene education program on the sleep?wake cycle of Brazilian adolescent studentsSleep and Biological Rhythms2007103
10Sleeping-in on the weekend delays circadian phase and increases sleepiness the following weekSleep and Biological Rhythms200889
11Subjective and objective sleep in children and adolescents: Measurement, age, and gender differencesSleep and Biological Rhythms201087
12Algorithm for sleep scoring in experimental animals based on fast Fourier transform power spectrum analysis of the electroencephalogramSleep and Biological Rhythms200883
13Measure of sleep and physical activity by a single accelerometer: Can a waist-worn Actigraph adequately measure sleep in children?Sleep and Biological Rhythms201283
14Shift-work research: Where do we stand, where should we go?Sleep and Biological Rhythms201081
15What is chronotype?Sleep and Biological Rhythms201280
16Effects of sleep deprivation on cognitive and physical performance in university studentsSleep and Biological Rhythms201775
17Adolescent sleep and working memory performanceSleep and Biological Rhythms200871
18Napping and nightshift work: Effects of a short nap on psychomotor vigilance and subjective sleepiness in health workersSleep and Biological Rhythms200770
19An investigation of the dimensionality of the Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index in Australian adultsSleep and Biological Rhythms200865
20Metabolic dysfunction in obstructive sleep apnea: A critical examination of underlying mechanismsSleep and Biological Rhythms201555
21Monitoring sleep with a smartphone accelerometerSleep and Biological Rhythms201254
22Sleep habits and factors associated with short sleep duration among Japanese high-school students: A community studySleep and Biological Rhythms200453
23Using electronic media before sleep can curtail sleep time and result in self-perceived insufficient sleepSleep and Biological Rhythms200753
24Psychometric properties of Youth Self-Rating Insomnia Scale (YSIS) in Chinese adolescentsSleep and Biological Rhythms201953
25Newly developed waist actigraphy and its sleep/wake scoring algorithmSleep and Biological Rhythms200952
26Circadian preference, nighttime sleep and daytime functioning in young adulthoodSleep and Biological Rhythms201052
27Age-related chronotype differences in Chinese, and reliability assessment of a reduced version of the Chinese Morningness-Eveningness QuestionnaireSleep and Biological Rhythms201250
28Glycine ingestion improves subjective sleep quality in human volunteers, correlating with polysomnographic changesSleep and Biological Rhythms200749
29Morningness-eveningness and behavioural problems in adolescentsSleep and Biological Rhythms201149
30Activation of phasic pontine-wave generator: A mechanism for sleep-dependent memory processingSleep and Biological Rhythms200647
31Internet addiction and sleep disturbance symptoms among Turkish high school studentsSleep and Biological Rhythms201346
32A new perspective on sleepinessSleep and Biological Rhythms201045
33A neural mechanism of sleep and wakefulnessSleep and Biological Rhythms200344
34Effects of physical exercise on human circadian rhythmsSleep and Biological Rhythms200643
35Small shifts in diurnal rhythms are associated with an increase in suicide: The effect of daylight savingSleep and Biological Rhythms200843
36Comparison of dream anxiety and subjective sleep quality between chronotypesSleep and Biological Rhythms201243
37Thermosensitivity of the circadian timing systemSleep and Biological Rhythms200341
38Laboratory and home comparison of wrist-activity monitors and polysomnography in middle-aged adultsSleep and Biological Rhythms201841
39Nightmare frequency is associated with subjective sleep quality but not with psychopathologySleep and Biological Rhythms201040
40Comparing two versions of the Karolinska Sleepiness Scale (KSS)Sleep and Biological Rhythms201640
41Sleeping habits in Italian children and adolescentsSleep and Biological Rhythms200538
42Acute sleep restriction alters neuroendocrine hormones and appetite in healthy male adultsSleep and Biological Rhythms200938
43Association of short sleep duration and short time in bed with depression: A Japanese general population surveySleep and Biological Rhythms201538
44Association between internet addiction and sleep quality among students: a cross-sectional study in BangladeshSleep and Biological Rhythms201938
45Effect of fasting during Ramadan on sleep architecture, daytime sleepiness and sleep patternSleep and Biological Rhythms200437
46Structure validity of the Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index in renal transplant recipients: A confirmatory factor analysisSleep and Biological Rhythms201036
47Prevalence of sleep disorders in the Turkish adult population epidemiology of sleep studySleep and Biological Rhythms201536
48The treatment of sleep onset insomnia with bright morning lightSleep and Biological Rhythms200735
49A survey on social jetlag in Japan: a nationwide, cross-sectional internet surveySleep and Biological Rhythms201935
50Evaluation of sleep architecture in practitioners of Sudarshan Kriya yoga and Vipassana meditationSleep and Biological Rhythms200634