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1Molecular conformation and packing: their critical roles in the emission performance of mechanochromic fluorescence materialsMaterials Chemistry Frontiers2017477
2Recent advances in mechano-responsive luminescence of tetraphenylethylene derivatives with aggregation-induced emission propertiesMaterials Chemistry Frontiers2018339
3Application of ionic liquids for dissolving cellulose and fabricating cellulose-based materials: state of the art and future trendsMaterials Chemistry Frontiers2017304
4Recent advances in organic light-emitting diodes: toward smart lighting and displaysMaterials Chemistry Frontiers2020290
5Research progress regarding Si-based anode materials towards practical application in high energy density Li-ion batteriesMaterials Chemistry Frontiers2017277
6Recent progress in conversion reaction metal oxide anodes for Li-ion batteriesMaterials Chemistry Frontiers2017262
7Porous organic polymers: a promising platform for efficient photocatalysisMaterials Chemistry Frontiers2020256
8Polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxane-based hybrid materials and their applicationsMaterials Chemistry Frontiers2017254
9Metal organic frameworks as precursors for the manufacture of advanced catalytic materialsMaterials Chemistry Frontiers2017252
10Pyrene-based aggregation-induced emission luminogens and their applicationsMaterials Chemistry Frontiers2019234
11Advances in carbon dots: from the perspective of traditional quantum dotsMaterials Chemistry Frontiers2020208
12Electrolytes for electrochemical energy storageMaterials Chemistry Frontiers2017203
13Figuration of bowl-shaped π-conjugated molecules: properties and functionsMaterials Chemistry Frontiers2018195
14New developments in non-fullerene small molecule acceptors for polymer solar cellsMaterials Chemistry Frontiers2017194
15Multi-shelled hollow micro-/nanostructures: promising platforms for lithium-ion batteriesMaterials Chemistry Frontiers2017189
16Late transition metal catalyzed α-olefin polymerization and copolymerization with polar monomersMaterials Chemistry Frontiers2017183
17Halogenated conjugated molecules for ambipolar field-effect transistors and non-fullerene organic solar cellsMaterials Chemistry Frontiers2017173
18Two-dimensional transition metal dichalcogenide nanomaterials for biosensing applicationsMaterials Chemistry Frontiers2017173
19Ordered mesoporous carbon and its applications for electrochemical energy storage and conversionMaterials Chemistry Frontiers2017172
20Hierarchical CoFe-layered double hydroxide and g-C3N4 heterostructures with enhanced bifunctional photo/electrocatalytic activity towards overall water splittingMaterials Chemistry Frontiers2019167
21The formation mechanism and fluorophores of carbon dots synthesized via a bottom-up routeMaterials Chemistry Frontiers2020166
22Antimony-based materials as promising anodes for rechargeable lithium-ion and sodium-ion batteriesMaterials Chemistry Frontiers2018163
23Recent progress on PEDOT:PSS based polymer blends and composites for flexible electronics and thermoelectric devicesMaterials Chemistry Frontiers2020161
24Conducting polymer composites: material synthesis and applications in electrochemical capacitive energy storageMaterials Chemistry Frontiers2017160
25Tetraphenylfuran: aggregation-induced emission or aggregation-caused quenching?Materials Chemistry Frontiers2017150
26Emission mechanism understanding and tunable persistent room temperature phosphorescence of amorphous nonaromatic polymersMaterials Chemistry Frontiers2019150
27Biodegradable metallic bone implantsMaterials Chemistry Frontiers2019150
28Carbon dots: a booming material for biomedical applicationsMaterials Chemistry Frontiers2020150
29Stimuli-responsive conductive hydrogels: design, properties, and applicationsMaterials Chemistry Frontiers2021149
30Carbon-incorporated Fe3O4 nanoflakes: high-performance faradaic materials for hybrid capacitive deionization and supercapacitorsMaterials Chemistry Frontiers2021147
31Photothermally driven liquid crystal polymer actuatorsMaterials Chemistry Frontiers2018144
32Recent progress in the mechanofluorochromism of distyrylanthracene derivatives with aggregation-induced emissionMaterials Chemistry Frontiers2018141
33A review on the effects of carbon dots in plant systemsMaterials Chemistry Frontiers2020139
34Unexpected room-temperature phosphorescence from a non-aromatic, low molecular weight, pure organic molecule through the intermolecular hydrogen bondMaterials Chemistry Frontiers2018138
35Recent advances in PM6:Y6-based organic solar cellsMaterials Chemistry Frontiers2021138
36Afterglow of carbon dots: mechanism, strategy and applicationsMaterials Chemistry Frontiers2020137
37Recent advances in AIEgen-based luminescent metal–organic frameworks and covalent organic frameworksMaterials Chemistry Frontiers2017136
38Blue pyrene-based AIEgens: inhibited intermolecular π–π stacking through the introduction of substituents with controllable intramolecular conjugation, and high external quantum efficiencies up to 3.46% in non-doped OLEDsMaterials Chemistry Frontiers2017135
39Clinical application of polymeric micelles for the treatment of cancerMaterials Chemistry Frontiers2017133
40All-inorganic lead-free perovskites for optoelectronic applicationsMaterials Chemistry Frontiers2019133
41A highly selective fluorescent nanoprobe based on AIE and ESIPT for imaging hydrogen sulfide in live cells and zebrafishMaterials Chemistry Frontiers2017132
42Recent development of biomass-derived carbons and composites as electrode materials for supercapacitorsMaterials Chemistry Frontiers2019130
43N-doped ZnO–MoS2 binary heterojunctions: the dual role of 2D MoS2 in the enhancement of photostability and photocatalytic activity under visible light irradiation for tetracycline degradationMaterials Chemistry Frontiers2017125
44Recyclable, bifunctional composites of perovskite type N-CaTiO3 and reduced graphene oxide as an efficient adsorptive photocatalyst for environmental remediationMaterials Chemistry Frontiers2017124
45Polypyrrole nanostructures and their thermoelectric performanceMaterials Chemistry Frontiers2017121
46Defect electrocatalytic mechanism: concept, topological structure and perspectiveMaterials Chemistry Frontiers2018119
47Recent progress and advances in redox-responsive polymers as controlled delivery nanoplatformsMaterials Chemistry Frontiers2017118
48Frontiers in carbon dots: design, properties and applicationsMaterials Chemistry Frontiers2019118
49Advanced functional polymer materialsMaterials Chemistry Frontiers2020117
50Recent progress in interfacial polymerizationMaterials Chemistry Frontiers2017116