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1A systematic review of the impact of the use of social networking sites on body image and disordered eating outcomesBody Image2016743
2The Body Appreciation Scale: Development and psychometric evaluationBody Image2005692
3Body image across the adult life span: stability and changeBody Image2004685
4The Body Appreciation Scale-2: Item refinement and psychometric evaluationBody Image2015675
5What is and what is not positive body image? Conceptual foundations and construct definitionBody Image2015660
6Body image: past, present, and futureBody Image2004568
7An evaluation of the Tripartite Influence Model of body dissatisfaction and eating disturbance with adolescent girlsBody Image2004547
8“Exercise to be fit, not skinny”: The effect of fitspiration imagery on women's body imageBody Image2015453
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10Body image and disfigurement: issues and interventionsBody Image2004424
11Social comparisons on social media: The impact of Facebook on young women's body image concerns and moodBody Image2015417
12“But I Like My Body”: Positive body image characteristics and a holistic model for young-adult womenBody Image2010411
13Body image in children and adolescents: where do we go from here?Body Image2004400
14Body dissatisfaction from adolescence to young adulthood: Findings from a 10-year longitudinal studyBody Image2013371
15Does body satisfaction differ between gay men and lesbian women and heterosexual men and women?Body Image2004335
16Appearance-related teasing, body dissatisfaction, and disordered eating: A meta-analysisBody Image2010327
17Attractive celebrity and peer images on Instagram: Effect on women's mood and body imageBody Image2016318
18Negative comparisons about one's appearance mediate the relationship between Facebook usage and body image concernsBody Image2015313
19Refinement of the tripartite influence model for men: Dual body image pathways to body change behaviorsBody Image2011294
20Measuring internalized weight attitudes across body weight categories: Validation of the Modified Weight Bias Internalization ScaleBody Image2014291
21Advances in a cognitive behavioural model of body dysmorphic disorderBody Image2004289
22Acceptance of cosmetic surgery: Scale development and validationBody Image2005287
23The (mis)measurement of body image: ten strategies to improve assessment for applied and research purposesBody Image2004283
24The tripartite influence model of body image and eating disturbance: A replication with adolescent girlsBody Image2006280
25Idealized media images and adolescent body image: “comparing” boys and girlsBody Image2004271
26The impact of appearance comparisons made through social media, traditional media, and in person in women’s everyday livesBody Image2017271
27Measuring “negative body image”: validation of the Body Image Disturbance Questionnaire in a nonclinical populationBody Image2004269
28Development and psychometric evaluation of the Male Body Attitudes Scale (MBAS)Body Image2005266
29Muscularity concerns among men: development of attitudinal and perceptual measuresBody Image2004263
30Body dissatisfaction and adolescent self-esteem: Prospective findingsBody Image2005256
31Body dysmorphic disorder in different settings: A systematic review and estimated weighted prevalenceBody Image2016244
32Clinical features of muscle dysmorphia among males with body dysmorphic disorderBody Image2005241
33The relationship between Facebook and Instagram appearance-focused activities and body image concerns in young womenBody Image2017239
34Comparing to perfection: How cultural norms for appearance affect social comparisons and self-imageBody Image2006230
35Translation and validation of body image instruments: Challenges, good practice guidelines, and reporting recommendations for test adaptationBody Image2019228
36Women's exposure to thin-and-beautiful media images: body image effects of media-ideal internalization and impact-reduction interventionsBody Image2005227
37Multidimensional body image comparisons among patients with eating disorders, body dysmorphic disorder, and clinical controls: A multisite studyBody Image2009224
38Self-compassion, body image, and disordered eating: A review of the literatureBody Image2016224
39Athletic-ideal and thin-ideal internalization as prospective predictors of body dissatisfaction, dieting, and compulsive exerciseBody Image2010222
40Body dissatisfaction and body comparison with media images in males and femalesBody Image2007210
41Meta-analytic moderators of experimental exposure to media portrayals of women on female appearance satisfaction: Social comparisons as automatic processesBody Image2009209
42Expand Your Horizon: A programme that improves body image and reduces self-objectification by training women to focus on body functionalityBody Image2015208
43The Functionality Appreciation Scale (FAS): Development and psychometric evaluation in U.S. community women and menBody Image2017208
44Associations between positive body image and indicators of men's and women's mental and physical healthBody Image2015207
45Body image and cosmetic medical treatmentsBody Image2004206
46Body appreciation in adult women: Relationships with age and body satisfactionBody Image2013202
47Bones, body parts, and sex appeal: An analysis of #thinspiration images on popular social mediaBody Image2015202
48An exploration of the tripartite influence model of body dissatisfaction and disordered eating among Australian and French college womenBody Image2011201
49Upward and downward physical appearance comparisons: Development of scales and examination of predictive qualitiesBody Image2009200
50Impacts of exposure to images of ideal bodies on male body dissatisfaction: A reviewBody Image2008199