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Top Schools (by citations)

#SchoolArticlesCitationsR ARankR CRank
1Department of Civil Engineering277910215
1Department of Chemistry277925566
3Center for Limnology206791031
4School of Geography947653
5Department of Ecology and Environmental Science103733460
6Department of Geography63634255
7Institute of Biogeochemistry and Pollutant Dynamics23534523
8Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering2333352151
9Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry133028574
9Department of Chemistry1330254
11Department of Environmental Engineering Sciences23167724
12Institute of Plant Biology83072041
13Department of Physics128443697
13Institute of Limnology1284382
15Department of Biology12709810
16Department of Chemistry1248486181
17Department of Marine Ecology12464724
17Department of Biology1924629133
19School of Biology and Biochemistry12449829
20School of Engineering52274232
21Division of Biology5211128143
22School of Geography12104710
23Faculty of Life Sciences120020149
23Department of Evolutionary Biology1200506
25Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering1191221
25Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences1191383137
27Department of Environmental Engineering5188712
28Institute of Ecology41842649
29Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering31831826
30Department of Geography218233
31Department of Surface Waters-Research and Management217833
32Department of Biology4174112127
33Environmental Engineering Science11711510
34Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry31544844
35Evolutionary Biology Centre815262146
36Department of Chemistry3151234174
37Department of Zoology and Entomology1141535
38Department of Ecology and Hydrology4136411
39Faculty of Life Sciences2132100103
40Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering21276056
41Centre for Environmental Management1125334
42Centre for Limnology31201212
43Institute of Biochemistry and Biology411459108
43School of Biology and Environmental Science21147771
45Department of Forest Ecology11066253
45Faculty of Agriculture11069424
47Department of Geography and Environmental Management110515771
47Department of Chemistry1105322197
47Department of Marine Chemistry and Geochemistry31055283
50Department of Ecology21043129
51Department of Life Sciences610370133
52School of Science and Engineering1100144
53Department of Geography19814484
54Department of Zoology295177173
55Department of Biology492112164
56Center for Ecology and Evolutionary Biology2911845
57Department of Environmental Sciences and Engineering28984103
58Department of Mathematics and Statistics1887826
59Department of Limnology18643
60Ecosystem Management2834039
61School of Aquatic and Fishery Sciences57994149
62Institute of Aquatic Ecology5751750
63Institute of Environmental Engineering2747383
64Department of Chemistry273262268
64College of Environmental Science and Forestry273188219
66Institute of Integrative Biology57253134
66Department of Biology5722265
68Department of Zoology16912156
69Faculty of Biology168316157
69Department of Animal Morphology168209
69Department of Civil Engineering46877126
72Department of Aquatic Ecology467421
72School of Civil and Environmental Engineering167371247
72Department of Integrative Biology467119199
75Department of Biology166494349
75Department of Zoology166252175
77Centre for Biodiversity and Ecology Research1631211
77Department of Biology1637294
77Institute of Arctic Biology163201168
80Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry46166123
81Department of Biology459154295
81Department of Geography159101103
83Department of Limnology25835
84Cooperative Institute for Limnology and Ecosystems Research1561721
84School of Geography256208260
84School of Management256146186
84Department of Economics and Resource Management256719
84Department of Biology15676
89Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology155232218
89School of Chemical Engineering155280227
89Faculty of Biology25587151
89Department of Geography1555858
93Department of Chemistry154272251
94Institute of Zoology2521920
95Biology Centre25199104
95Department of Biology351191347
97Department of Ecology and Genetics/Limnology3501636
97Department of Zoology1503436
97Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry250233305
97Department of Zoology1503029
97Department of Geology1502422
102Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology249140171
103Department of Geographical and Environmental Studies148716
103Department of Geology24879124
103Department of Ecology/Limnology148812
103Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology148165167
103School of Chemistry and Biochemistry148346329
108Department of Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry3473151
108Department of Aquatic Ecology and Environmental Biology3471949
108Center for Environmental Studies247818
111Department of Zoology145362331
111Department of Biology34557102
111Stream Ecology Center245912
114Department of Geography144126139
115Department of Ecology and Geology24327
116Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering142167173
116Faculty of Law24211
118Department of Geography241153247
118Graduate School of Agriculture241267313
118Department of Chemistry141295254
118Department of Geology and Geophysics141114127
118Department of Applied Mathematics III1411018
123Department of Microbiology and Ecology1403438
123Department of Plant Biology and Ecology540452
125Department of Biology339271567
125Mid-Continent Ecology Division1392729
125Ministry of Education239312334
125Department of Biology1396858
125Department of Biology139115121
125Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry1393938
125Department of Biology1392620
125Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering13910297
133Thayer School of Engineering138379376
133Department of Geography138195204
133School of Biology138228300
133Department of Biology138213210
137Graduate School of Science and Engineering137324163
137Department of Biology1375056
139Department of Oceanography136159169
139School of Life Sciences136531547
139Department of Biology536112289
142Institute of Soil Science and Plant Nutrition135411
142Department of Biology135110107
142Department of Ecological Botany1352631
142Department of Chemistry23596165
142Leibniz-Institute of Freshwater Ecology and Inland Fisheries135310
147Institute of Earth Surface Dynamics23459104
147Department of Biology134219217
149Department of Biology1338782
150Department of Chemistry132336370
150Institute of Groundwater Ecology1322847
150Department of Chemistry and Geochemistry23262141
150Department of Biology1327696
154Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering130104127
154Department of Biology230248421
154Department of Oceanography1302935
154Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry13083132
154Centre for Environmental Management13058
159Department of Physical Geography and Quaternary Geology12994130
159Northeast Institute of Geography and Agroecology229194272
161Center for Limnology228412
161Center for Limnology228210
163Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering127346451
163Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology227157253
163Department of Biology1278398
166Department of Systems Ecology32634119
167Institute of Biology Leiden125101154
167Institute of Ecology and Evolution125110127
167Department of Earth Science1251214
167School of Biology and Ecology125115147
167Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering1254662
167School of Environmental and Chemical Engineering225176258
167Department of Biology1252341
174Institute of Ecology22437101
174Institute of Ecology1243041
176Faculty of Biology223195462
176Department of Aquatic Ecology2232757
176Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering123181205
176Department of Zoology123217309
180Department of Biology22266180
180Physics Department122820
180Cavanilles Institute of Biodiversity and Evolutionary Biology2223173
180Department of Marine Biology2222943
180Faculty of Agriculture122173157
180Department of Physics3221649
180Environmental and Life Sciences Graduate Program2225194
180Center for Environmental Measurement and Analysis1222229
188Department of Environmental Sciences and Engineering22182232
188Department of Zoology and Entomology22196152
188Department of Zoology121145193
188Department of Biology121205238
188Department of Inorganic Chemistry1212332
188Department of Biology22144162
194Institute of Bioinformatics and Structural Biology3201584
194Department of General Ecology and Limnology120921
194Department of Limnology and Bio-Oceanography1202648
194Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering120189206
194School of Environmental Studies1206192
194Biology Department1203661
194Department of Arctic Geology1202331
201School of Public Health1199571.1K
201Institute of Hydraulic Engineering and Water Resources Management1192026
201Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering119281367
201Department of Biology and the Ecology Center1192439
201Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences21974123
201Department of Biology119135167
207Center for Comparative and International Studies1181429
207Institute of Environmental Geochemistry1182447
207Department of Geology and Paleontology1181020
207Department of History218910
207Department of Geography11894144
207Environmental Dynamics Program118716
207Department of Zoology118290334
207Department of Biology1181327
215Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry11760101
215Department of Ecology and Evolution117181230
215Department of Biology1174589
215Department of Ecology and Environmental Sciences1172132
215Centre for Freshwater and Environmental Studies1171024
215Earth Science Institute1174538
221Quantitative Ecology and Resource Management1161833
221Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering116117192
221Department of Ecology and Animal Biology2161246
221Institute of Social Ecology116411
221Faculty of Biology11661120
221Central Division of Analytical Chemistry116311
221Department of Integrative Biology116109142
221Environmental Studies Center11679
229Department of Biology115197345
229Department of Infrastructure Engineering115272353
229Department of Biology115310468
229School of Life Sciences21535139
229Faculty of Environmental Management and Agriculture1154451
234Department of Biology114155247
234Institute of Geography1142250
234Department of Physical Geography and Ecosystem Science114101153
234Department of Biodiversity and Environmental Management1142555
234Institute of Zoology and Limnology1142560
234Department of Civil Engineering1146383
234Graduate School of Engineering114942973
234The Mina and Everard Goodman Faculty of Life Sciences114160300
234Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry1144358
234Ecology Department21423
244Division of Biology and Paleo Environment113815
244Department of Forest Resources Management11391142
244Department of Environmental Studies1134896
244School of Chemistry113337475
244School of Geography and Environmental Science11389168
244Institute of Analytical Chemistry and Food Chemistry1135297
244Department of Hydraulic and Ocean Engineering1136379
244Department of Life Sciences113158289
244Center for Geomicrobiology1133458
244School of Veterinary and Life Sciences113236383
244Department of Chemistry113811
244Forestry Sciences Laboratory11389144
244Health and Environmental Engineering1132336
257Department of Biology1125996
257Department of Ecology1123865
257Department of Chemistry11262107
257School of Life Sciences1123976
257Department of Ecology11227
262Department of Mineralogy111102176
263Department of Biology110103179
263Department of Animal Ecology and Ecophysiology1103476
263School of Life Sciences110193335
263Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology210109297
263Department of Biology110178293
263Department of Ecology110125156
263Department of Physics11099152
270School of Agriculture and Enterprise Development19425
270Department of Geography29146372
270Department of Chemistry19192269
270Institute of Botany19208301
270Department of Zoology194271
270Department of Biology291397
270Department of Life Sciences1969170
270Department of Life Sciences19146292
270School of Environmental Science and Engineering19102162
270School of Natural Resources and Environmental Studies19112
280Department of Ecology and Evolution18144257
280Department of Biology18340570
280Department of Geology18123187
280Department of Geography and Environment18935
280College of Life Sciences28334748
280Wisconsin Cooperative Fishery Research Unit1836
280Fisheries Analysis Center1844
280Ministry of Education18193327
288Department of Earth Science17624
288Faculty of Biology and Geology1756139
288Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering1770169
288Faculty of Geography175595
288College of Oceanography1785126
288Institute of Biogeochemistry and Pollutant Dynamics17211
288Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science172951
288Department of Biology-Chemistry17829
288Environmental and Architectural Engineering1772166
288Department of Mathematics and Statistics173870
288College of Bioscience and Biotechnology17104208
288Department of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences17411
300Institute of Botany16111171
300College of Science and Engineering16267495
300Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering1676141
300Department of Zoology16143287
300School of Food and Agriculture1654113
300Department of Biology and Ecology2633121
300Department of Geography161740
300Division of Inorganic Chemistry16822
300Department of Biology and Geology161039
309Department of Geosciences and Geography15180340
309Faculty of Mining Surveying and Environmental Engineering153249
309School of Marine and Tropical Biology15158268
309Department of Biology1596190
309Department of Life Sciences15274538
309Department of Life Sciences and Biotechnology15168400
309Department of Environmental Studies15315
309Department of Geography1541110
317School of Ecology and Environmental Science2444182
317Institute of Landscape and Plant Ecology24965
317College of Life Sciences1474146
317Department of Biology and Geology1444122
317Department of Ecology1484155
317Department of Civil Engineering1413
317Civil and Environmental Engineering141031
317Institute of Zoology1467138
325Institute of Zoology131942
325Department of Mathematics13191314
325Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering133876
325Department of Forest and Wildlife Ecology13135272
325Department of Biology131561
325Department of Zoology and Physiology23114354
325Program in Ecology2319106
325Department of Fishery and Wildlife Sciences131436
325Faculty of Sciences and Mathematics13186344
325Department of Biology1345107
325Department of Biology133788
325College of Architecture and Environment13241432
337Institute of Physical Chemistry and Electrochemistry122550
337Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering12725
337Faculty of Applied Sciences121256
340Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Sciences111.0K1.6K
340Architectural and Environmental Engineering11167342
340Institute of Zoology117061.2K
340Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering11116265
340Department of Zoology and Environmental Biology112264
340Department of Civil Engineering11242389
346Department of Chemistry1045126
346College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering10202367
346Department of Chemistry1038132
346Department of Geography101349