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1Ebolavirus Glycoprotein Structure and Mechanism of EntryFuture Virology2009230
2A Review of Experimental and Natural Infections of Animals with Monkeypox Virus Between 1958 and 2012Future Virology2013197
3Post-Translational Modifications of Coronavirus Proteins: Roles and FunctionFuture Virology2018191
4Membrane binding proteins of coronavirusesFuture Virology2019173
5Cell entry mechanisms of HSV: what we have learned in recent yearsFuture Virology2015163
6HPV-DNA Integration and Carcinogenesis: Putative Roles For Inflammation And Oxidative StressFuture Virology2011147
7Concepts in the pathogenesis of rabiesFuture Virology2008141
8Filovirus replication and transcriptionFuture Virology2007139
9Endemic Venezuelan Equine Encephalitis in the Americas: Hidden Under The Dengue UmbrellaFuture Virology2011139
10The Immune Response to Human CMVFuture Virology2012135
11Viral Hepatitis in Resource-Limited Countries and Access to Antiviral Therapies: Current and Future ChallengesFuture Virology2013110
12Designing and Building Oncolytic VirusesFuture Virology2017109
13Clinical Aspects of Marburg Hemorrhagic FeverFuture Virology2011102
14Addressing the fertility needs of HIV-seropositive malesFuture Virology201192
15Comparison of the COVID-2019 (SARS-CoV-2) pathogenesis with SARS-CoV and MERS-CoV infectionsFuture Virology202087
16Hiv-1 Assembly at the Plasma Membrane: Gag Trafficking and LocalizationFuture Virology200985
17Virus Reactivation: a Panoramic View in Human InfectionsFuture Virology201184
18Gold Nanoparticles and Their Applications in BiomedicineFuture Virology201682
19Introducing yesterday‘s phage Therapy in today‘s MedicineFuture Virology201280
20Glycoprotein interactions in paramyxovirus fusionFuture Virology200977
21Neuronal Toxicity in HIV CNS DiseaseFuture Virology201276
22Novel Drugs Targeting Toll-Like Receptors for Antiviral TherapyFuture Virology201476
23Recent Developments in Anti-Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus ChemotherapyFuture Virology201175
24Development of the Small-Molecule Antiviral ST-246 ® as a Smallpox TherapeuticFuture Virology201174
25HIV-1 and the Immune Response to TBFuture Virology201374
26Influenza-Induced Innate Immunity: Regulators of Viral Replication, Respiratory Tract Pathology & Adaptive ImmunityFuture Virology201171
27Biological Activities of 'Noninfectious' Influenza A Virus ParticlesFuture Virology201469
28Simian adenoviruses as vaccine vectorsFuture Virology201669
29Adeno-Associated Virus Structural Biology as a Tool in Vector DevelopmentFuture Virology201368
30Defective (interfering) viral genomes re-explored: impact on antiviral immunity and virus persistenceFuture Virology201867
31The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Tackling COVID-19Future Virology202066
32Parvovirus Infection-Induced Cell Death and Cell Cycle ArrestFuture Virology201065
33Implications of the Innate Immune Response to Adenovirus and Adenoviral VectorsFuture Virology201165
34Therapeutically Targeting Rna Viruses Via Lethal MutagenesisFuture Virology200863
35Neurotropic Viral Infections Leading to Epilepsy: Focus on Theiler‘s MurineEncephalomyelitis VirusFuture Virology201163
36A Comprehensive Review About SARS-CoV-2Future Virology202061
37Human Parvovirus B19: a Mechanistic Overview of Infection and DNA ReplicationFuture Virology201559
38Genomic Features of the Human BocavirusesFuture Virology201258
39The role of miRNAs in COVID-19 diseaseFuture Virology202158
40Adenovirus serotype 5-vectored foot-and-mouth disease subunit vaccines: the first decadeFuture Virology201056
41Mayaro Virus: a Neglected Arbovirus of the AmericasFuture Virology201556
42Regulatory T cells and Th17 cells in viral infections: implications for multiple sclerosis and myocarditisFuture Virology201255
43Transition of youth living with HIV from pediatric to adult-oriented healthcare: a review of the literatureFuture Virology201455
44Model systems for the study of human norovirus biologyFuture Virology200954
45The Molecular Biology of HIV IntegraseFuture Virology201254
46Ribavirin: Pharmacology, Multiple Modes of Action and Possible Future PerspectivesFuture Virology201953
47A Brief Review on Dna Vaccines in the Era of COVID-19Future Virology202253
48Adeno-associated Virus: A Key to the Human Genome?Future Virology201052
49Therapeutic and Prophylactic Drugs to Treat Orthopoxvirus InfectionsFuture Virology200851
50The multifunctional Ebola virus VP40 matrix protein is a promising therapeutic targetFuture Virology201551