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1Equivalence of the mediation, confounding and suppression effectPrevention Science20002,863
2How Many Imputations are Really Needed? Some Practical Clarifications of Multiple Imputation TheoryPrevention Science20071,983
3Standards of Evidence: Criteria for Efficacy, Effectiveness and DisseminationPrevention Science20051,045
4The Cultural Adaptation of Prevention Interventions: Resolving Tensions Between Fidelity and FitPrevention Science2004962
5Latent Class Analysis: An Alternative Perspective on Subgroup Analysis in Prevention and TreatmentPrevention Science2013818
6Population-Based Prevention of Child Maltreatment: The U.S. Triple P System Population TrialPrevention Science2009697
7Issues in Disseminating and Replicating Effective Prevention ProgramsPrevention Science2004646
8A General Model for Testing Mediation and Moderation EffectsPrevention Science2009599
9Cultural sensitivity and adaptation in family-based prevention interventionsPrevention Science2002555
10A Conceptual Framework for Adaptive Preventive InterventionsPrevention Science2004508
11Alcohol Use and Sexual Risks for HIV/AIDS in Sub-Saharan Africa: Systematic Review of Empirical FindingsPrevention Science2007472
12Meta-Analysis and SubgroupsPrevention Science2013462
13Standards of Evidence for Efficacy, Effectiveness, and Scale-up Research in Prevention Science: Next GenerationPrevention Science2015460
14The Mediational Role of Neurocognition in the Behavioral Outcomes of a Social-Emotional Prevention Program in Elementary School Students: Effects of the PATHS CurriculumPrevention Science2006410
15Examining the role of implementation quality in school-based prevention using the PATHS curriculum. Promoting Alternative THinking Skills CurriculumPrevention Science2003404
16Prenatal and infancy home visiting by nurses: from randomized trials to community replicationPrevention Science2002394
17Putting the Pieces Together: An Integrated Model of Program ImplementationPrevention Science2011391
18Improving Positive Parenting Skills and Reducing Harsh and Abusive Parenting in Low- and Middle-Income Countries: A Systematic ReviewPrevention Science2013367
19The value of interrupted time-series experiments for community intervention researchPrevention Science2000362
20Minority Stress and Substance Use in Sexual Minority Adolescents: A Meta-analysisPrevention Science2014361
21Parent Recruitment and Retention in a Universal Prevention Program for Child Behavior and Emotional Problems: Barriers to Research and Program ParticipationPrevention Science2005355
22Culturally grounded substance use prevention: an evaluation of the keepin' it R.E.A.L. curriculumPrevention Science2003352
23Altering School Climate through School-Wide Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports: Findings from a Group-Randomized Effectiveness TrialPrevention Science2009327
24PROSPER Community–University Partnership Model for Public Education Systems: Capacity-Building for Evidence-Based, Competence-Building PreventionPrevention Science2004307
25Adolescent growth in new forms of problem behavior: macro- and micro-peer dynamicsPrevention Science2000303
26Assessing the Effects of the Dating Violence Prevention Program “Safe Dates” Using Random CoefficientRegression ModelingPrevention Science2005293
27Drug abuse prevention among minority adolescents: posttest and one-year follow-up of a school-based preventive interventionPrevention Science2001277
28Characteristics of effective school-based substance abuse preventionPrevention Science2003266
29The Causal Mediation Formula—A Guide to the Assessment of Pathways and MechanismsPrevention Science2012262
30Shifting Boundaries: An Experimental Evaluation of a Dating Violence Prevention Program in Middle SchoolsPrevention Science2013259
31Preventing Youth Violence and Delinquency through a Universal School-Based Prevention ApproachPrevention Science2006250
32Addressing Core Challenges for the Next Generation of Type 2 Translation Research and Systems: The Translation Science to Population Impact (TSci Impact) FrameworkPrevention Science2013250
33Prevention of Behavior Problems for Children in Foster Care: Outcomes and Mediation EffectsPrevention Science2008245
34Parent training in head start: a comparison of program response among African American, Asian American, Caucasian, and Hispanic mothersPrevention Science2001244
35A Controlled Trial of Web-Based Feedback for Heavy Drinking College StudentsPrevention Science2007241
36How Do Outcomes in a Specified Parent Training Intervention Maintain or Wane Over Time?Prevention Science2004238
37A comparison of current practice in school-based substance use prevention programs with meta-analysis findingsPrevention Science2003233
38Prevalence of Past-Year Sexual Assault Victimization Among Undergraduate Students: Exploring Differences by and Intersections of Gender Identity, Sexual Identity, and Race/EthnicityPrevention Science2017226
39The development and dissemination of the Triple P-Positive Parenting Program: a multilevel, evidence-based system of parenting and family supportPrevention Science2002225
40Can Adolescents Learn Self-control? Delay of Gratification in the Development of Control over Risk TakingPrevention Science2010222
41Latent Class Analysis of Lifestyle Characteristics and Health Risk Behaviors among College YouthPrevention Science2009202
42School Climate and Teachers’ Beliefs and Attitudes Associated with Implementation of the Positive Action Program: A Diffusion of Innovations ModelPrevention Science2008200
43Immigration Generation Status and its Association with Suicide Attempts, Substance Use, and Depressive Symptoms among Latino Adolescents in the USAPrevention Science2008194
44The Prevention of Child and Adolescent Anxiety: A Meta-analytic ReviewPrevention Science2011193
45Enrollment and Attendance in a Parent Training Prevention Program for Conduct ProblemsPrevention Science2011190
46Preventing early adolescent substance use: a family-centered strategy for the public middle schoolPrevention Science2002189
47A Biosocial-Affect Model of Adolescent Sensation Seeking: The Role of Affect Evaluation and Peer-Group Influence in Adolescent Drug UsePrevention Science2007189
48A Meta-analysis of Universal Mental Health Prevention Programs for Higher Education StudentsPrevention Science2015189
49Principled Missing Data TreatmentsPrevention Science2018189
50Testing Communities That Care: The Rationale, Design and Behavioral Baseline Equivalence of the Community Youth Development StudyPrevention Science2008187