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13Physiological features of aggregation of the main formed elements of blood in calves at the beginning of early ontogenesisBIO Web of Conferences202023
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16Transfer of Skill from a Virtual Reality Trainer to Real JugglingBIO Web of Conferences201121
17Biogenic amines formation and their importance in fermented foodsBIO Web of Conferences202020
18Microwave assisted extraction of flavonoids from pomegranate peel and its antioxidant activityBIO Web of Conferences201719
19Fungal pathogens associated with young grapevine decline in the Southern Turkey vineyardsBIO Web of Conferences201919
20Using virtual humans and computer animations to learn complex motor skills: a case study in karateBIO Web of Conferences201115
21Effects of soil management in vineyard on soil physical and chemical characteristicsBIO Web of Conferences201415
22Climate change potential effects on grapevine bioclimatic indices: A case study for the Portuguese demarcated Douro Region (Portugal)BIO Web of Conferences201915
23Wine and health: A review of its benefits to human healthBIO Web of Conferences201915
24Kaolin treatments on Pinot noir grapevines for the control of heat stress damagesBIO Web of Conferences201915
25Genetics-assisted breeding for downy/powdery mildew and phylloxera resistance at femBIO Web of Conferences201915
26Reserves for improving the efficiency of integrated formationsBIO Web of Conferences202015
27Prospects of agricultural business in the Republic of TatarstanBIO Web of Conferences202015
28Control of a virtual ambulation influences body movement and motion sicknessBIO Web of Conferences201114
29The effect of conditions and storage time on course of moisture and temperature of maize grainsBIO Web of Conferences201814
30Economic aspects of fruit production: a case study in PolandBIO Web of Conferences202014
31Grape marc, wine lees and deposit of the must: How to manage oenological by-products?BIO Web of Conferences201413
32Effects of treatments with ozonated water in the vineyard (cv Vermentino) on microbial population and fruit quality parametersBIO Web of Conferences201913
33IndigenousSaccharomyces cerevisiaeyeasts as a source of biodiversity for the selection of starters for specific fermentationsBIO Web of Conferences201412
34Can German wine cooperatives compete on quality?BIO Web of Conferences201512
35Impact of grape cluster defoliation on TDN potential in cool climate Riesling winesBIO Web of Conferences201512
36New wine-growing regions of Brazil and their importance in the evolution of Brazilian wineBIO Web of Conferences201712
37VitiMeteo and Agrometeo: Two platforms for plant protection management based on an international collaborationBIO Web of Conferences201912
38Interlaboratory study of ethanol usage as an internal standard in direct determination of volatile compounds in alcoholic productsBIO Web of Conferences201912
39Dependence of fat acidity value on wheat grain storage conditionsBIO Web of Conferences202012
40Possible Use of an Agricultural Service with Artificial Intelligence to Monitor CropsBIO Web of Conferences202312
41Origins of life: From the mineral to the biochemical worldBIO Web of Conferences201511
42Response of “Red Globe” (Vitis vinifera L.) to cane girdlingBIO Web of Conferences201511
43Comparative analysis of volatile and phenolic composition of alternative wood chips from cherry, acacia and oak for potential use in enologyBIO Web of Conferences201611
44Fractional Maxwell model of viscoelastic biological materialsBIO Web of Conferences201811
45Linking monoterpenes and abiotic stress resistance in grapevinesBIO Web of Conferences201911
46Reuse of treated wastewater in viticulture: Can it be an alternative source of nutrient-rich water?BIO Web of Conferences201911
47Table grapes as functional food: Consumer preferences for health and environmental attributesBIO Web of Conferences201911
48Technical and technological operations for the adaptation of agriculture to global warming conditionsBIO Web of Conferences202011
49Transfer of Skills Evaluation for Assembly and Maintenance TrainingBIO Web of Conferences201110
50Wine quality, reputation, denominations: How cooperatives and private wineries compete?BIO Web of Conferences201410