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1A ‘components’ model of addiction within a biopsychosocial frameworkJournal of Substance Use20051,654
2Validation of the CAST, a general population Cannabis Abuse Screening TestJournal of Substance Use2007230
3Over-the-counter medicine abuse – a review of the literatureJournal of Substance Use2013156
4The rise in legal highs: prevalence and patterns in the use of illegal drugs and first- and second-generation “legal highs” in South London gay dance clubsJournal of Substance Use2011134
5Domestic violence and alcohol: what is known and what do we need to know to encourage environmental interventions?Journal of Substance Use2001122
6The share of violence attributable to drinkingJournal of Substance Use2001117
7‘Our favourite drug’: prevalence of use and preference for mephedrone in the London night-time economy 1 year after controlJournal of Substance Use2012107
8The influence of parents and friends on adolescent substance use: a multidimensional approachJournal of Substance Use201190
9Bad bars: A review of risk factorsJournal of Substance Use200769
10User perceptions of the benefits and harms of hallucinogenic drug use: A web-based questionnaire studyJournal of Substance Use201069
11Substance use disorders in Saudi Arabia: review articleJournal of Substance Use201366
12Evaluating the psychometric properties of the AUDIT-C among college studentsJournal of Substance Use201566
13Developing attributes for discrete choice experiments in health: a systematic literature review and case study of alcohol misuse interventionsJournal of Substance Use201664
14A qualitative study of anabolic steroid use amongst gym users in the United Kingdom: motives, beliefs and experiencesJournal of Substance Use201563
15The family, peer influences and substance use: findings from a study of UK teenagersJournal of Substance Use200362
16The Hispanic Americans Baseline Alcohol Survey (HABLAS): Alcohol consumption and sociodemographic predictors across Hispanic national groupsJournal of Substance Use201060
17How do we increase problem drinkers' self‐efficacy? A nurse‐led brief intervention putting theory into practiceJournal of Substance Use200651
18Influences of norm proximity and norm types on binge and non‐binge drinkers: examining the under‐examined aspects of social norms interventions on college campusesJournal of Substance Use200651
19Pilot trial of effectiveness of mindfulness meditation for substance abuse patientsJournal of Substance Use200448
20Self-report of illicit substance use versus urine toxicology results from at-risk pregnant womenJournal of Substance Use201146
21“But no one told me it’s okay to not drink”: a qualitative study of young people who drink little or no alcoholJournal of Substance Use201444
22Eighteen-month outcomes for clients receiving combined outpatient treatment and sober living housesJournal of Substance Use201043
23Differential associations among alcohol use, depression and perceived life meaning in male and female college studentsJournal of Substance Use201343
24Testing the indirect effect of trait mindfulness on adolescent cigarette smoking through negative affect and perceived stress mediatorsJournal of Substance Use201242
25Heroin overdose among a treatment sample of injecting drug misusers: accident or suicidal behaviour?Journal of Substance Use199941
26Distress and alcohol-related harms from intimates, friends, and strangersJournal of Substance Use201741
27A chronobiological approach to addictionJournal of Substance Use201340
28The validity of the concept of 'self-perceived drunkenness' in adolescent health surveysJournal of Substance Use200139
29Why people enter treatment for alcohol problems: Findings from UK Alcohol Treatment Trial pre‐treatment interviewsJournal of Substance Use200639
30Views of alcohol control policies in the 2000 National Alcohol Survey: What news for alcohol policy development in the US and its States?Journal of Substance Use200738
31The role of alcohol in women's lives: a review of issues and responsesJournal of Substance Use200838
32Psychosocial outcomes of mindfulness-based relapse prevention in incarcerated substance abusers in Taiwan: A preliminary studyJournal of Substance Use201138
33A comparison of self-reported alcohol use measures by early adolescents: Questionnaires versus diaryJournal of Substance Use201037
34Front, side, and back-loading: Patrons' rationales for consuming alcohol purchased off-premises before, during, or after attending nightclubsJournal of Substance Use201037
35Age of alcohol and marijuana use onset predicts weekly substance use and related psychosocial problems during young adulthoodJournal of Substance Use201037
36“Liquor before beer, you're in the clear”: binge drinking and other risk behaviours among fraternity/sorority members and their non-Greek peersJournal of Substance Use201236
37A spicy kind of high: a profile of synthetic cannabinoid usersJournal of Substance Use201436
38Drinking patterns and problems in ChinaJournal of Substance Use200034
39Drinking, smoking and illicit drug use among British adults: gender differences exploredJournal of Substance Use200234
40Substance use more stigmatized than smoking and obesityJournal of Substance Use201334
41A qualitative exploration of relations and interactions between people who are homeless and use drugs and staff in homeless hostel accommodationJournal of Substance Use201434
42The Irish drinking habits of 2002—Drinking and drinking‐related harm in a European comparative perspectiveJournal of Substance Use200533
43The role of drug users’ advocacy group in changing the dynamics of life in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver, CanadaJournal of Substance Use201433
44Sharing, supporting and sobriety: a qualitative analysis of messages posted to alcohol-related online discussion forums in the United KingdomJournal of Substance Use201433
45Recreational stimulant use among college studentsJournal of Substance Use200732
46The experiences of professionals who care for people with intellectual disability who have substance‐related problemsJournal of Substance Use200732
47People and Places: some factors in the alcohol-violence linkJournal of Substance Use200231
48Progress from a first drink to first intoxication: age of onset, time‐windows and risk factors in a Dutch national sample of secondary school studentsJournal of Substance Use200331
49Methamphetamine use and sexual risks for HIV infection in Cape Town, South AfricaJournal of Substance Use200631
50Reducing the harm from adolescent alcohol consumption: results from an adapted version of SHAHRP in Northern IrelandJournal of Substance Use201231