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1Albumentations: Fast and Flexible Image AugmentationsInformation (Switzerland)20201,025
2Text Classification Algorithms: A SurveyInformation (Switzerland)2019819
3Fastai: A Layered API for Deep LearningInformation (Switzerland)2020585
4A Review on UAV-Based Applications for Precision AgricultureInformation (Switzerland)2019513
5BBDS: Blockchain-Based Data Sharing for Electronic Medical Records in Cloud EnvironmentsInformation (Switzerland)2017414
6Modeling of Experimental Adsorption Isotherm DataInformation (Switzerland)2015315
7A Survey of Deep Learning Methods for Cyber SecurityInformation (Switzerland)2019306
8Choosing Mutation and Crossover Ratios for Genetic Algorithms—A Review with a New Dynamic ApproachInformation (Switzerland)2019294
9IoT Privacy and Security Challenges for Smart Home EnvironmentsInformation (Switzerland)2016262
10COVID-19 Public Sentiment Insights and Machine Learning for Tweets ClassificationInformation (Switzerland)2020259
11Machine Learning in Python: Main Developments and Technology Trends in Data Science, Machine Learning, and Artificial IntelligenceInformation (Switzerland)2020205
12Effective Intrusion Detection System Using XGBoostInformation (Switzerland)2018203
13Virtual Reality and Its Applications in Education: SurveyInformation (Switzerland)2019189
14A Distributed Ledger for Supply Chain Physical Distribution VisibilityInformation (Switzerland)2017155
15A Survey on Information Diffusion in Online Social Networks: Models and MethodsInformation (Switzerland)2017145
16Strategies for Successful Information Technology Adoption in Small and Medium-sized EnterprisesInformation (Switzerland)2012139
17A Specification-Based IDS for Detecting Attacks on RPL-Based Network TopologyInformation (Switzerland)2016133
18Innovation in the Era of IoT and Industry 5.0: Absolute Innovation Management (AIM) FrameworkInformation (Switzerland)2020133
19A Literature Survey of Recent Advances in ChatbotsInformation (Switzerland)2022124
20Digital Image Watermarking Techniques: A ReviewInformation (Switzerland)2020116
21Deep Transfer Learning for Modality Classification of Medical ImagesInformation (Switzerland)2017111
22A Review of Blockchain-Based Systems in TransportationInformation (Switzerland)2020108
23A Comparison Study of Kernel Functions in the Support Vector Machine and Its Application for Termite DetectionInformation (Switzerland)2018107
24Mobile Mixed Reality for Experiential Learning and Simulation in Medical and Health Sciences EducationInformation (Switzerland)2018105
25Complex q-Rung Orthopair Fuzzy Aggregation Operators and Their Applications in Multi-Attribute Group Decision MakingInformation (Switzerland)2020105
26From HMI to HMIs: Towards an HMI Framework for Automated DrivingInformation (Switzerland)2020104
27Industry 4.0 Readiness Models: A Systematic Literature Review of Model DimensionsInformation (Switzerland)2020102
28Internet of Things: A General Overview between Architectures, Protocols and ApplicationsInformation (Switzerland)202199
29Challenges and Trends of Financial Technology (Fintech): A Systematic Literature ReviewInformation (Switzerland)202098
30Twitter Sentiment Analysis towards COVID-19 Vaccines in the Philippines Using Naïve BayesInformation (Switzerland)202195
31A Novel Rough WASPAS Approach for Supplier Selection in a Company Manufacturing PVC Carpentry ProductsInformation (Switzerland)201893
32Understanding the Blockchain Oracle Problem: A Call for ActionInformation (Switzerland)202092
33Intrusion Detection in IoT Networks Using Deep Learning AlgorithmInformation (Switzerland)202090
34A Systematic Review of Finger Vein Recognition TechniquesInformation (Switzerland)201889
35Social Media Goes Green—The Impact of Social Media on Green Cosmetics Purchase Motivation and IntentionInformation (Switzerland)202089
36Histopathological Breast-Image Classification Using Local and Frequency Domains by Convolutional Neural NetworkInformation (Switzerland)201888
37SDN-Based Intrusion Detection System for Early Detection and Mitigation of DDoS AttacksInformation (Switzerland)201987
38Measurement of Text Similarity: A SurveyInformation (Switzerland)202084
39Evaluation of Tree-Based Ensemble Machine Learning Models in Predicting Stock Price Direction of MovementInformation (Switzerland)202084
40The Current Role of Image Compression Standards in Medical ImagingInformation (Switzerland)201782
41A Review on Energy Consumption Optimization Techniques in IoT Based Smart Building EnvironmentsInformation (Switzerland)201979
42Storytelling and Visualization: An Extended SurveyInformation (Switzerland)201874
43Survey and Classification of Automotive Security AttacksInformation (Switzerland)201973
44SOPHIA: An Event-Based IoT and Machine Learning Architecture for Predictive Maintenance in Industry 4.0Information (Switzerland)202072
45User-Personalized Review Rating Prediction Method Based on Review Text Content and User-Item Rating MatrixInformation (Switzerland)201971
46An Alternative View of Privacy on FacebookInformation (Switzerland)201169
47Pearson-Fisher Chi-Square Statistic RevisitedInformation (Switzerland)201169
48EmoSpell, a Morphological and Emotional Word AnalyzerInformation (Switzerland)201868
49A Survey on Data Compression Methods for Biological SequencesInformation (Switzerland)201667
50Precision Agriculture: A Remote Sensing Monitoring System Architecture †Information (Switzerland)201965