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1The application of metal-organic frameworks in catalysis (Review)Petroleum Chemistry2010108
2Membrane gas separation progresses for process intensification strategy in the petrochemical industryPetroleum Chemistry2010106
3Environmental problems of the oil-and-gas industry (Review)Petroleum Chemistry200672
4Synthesis and properties of nanosized systems as efficient catalysts for hydroconversion of heavy petroleum feedstockPetroleum Chemistry201471
5Nanoheterogeneous catalysis: A new sector of nanotechnologies in chemistry and petroleum chemistry (A review)Petroleum Chemistry201170
6Preparation of high-octane oxygenate fuel components from plant-derived polyolsPetroleum Chemistry201167
7Wastewater treatment for removal of dyes by coagulation and membrane processesPetroleum Chemistry201263
8The mechanism of carbon dioxide hydrogenation on copper and nickel catalystsPetroleum Chemistry200762
9On the mechanism of catalytic conversion of fatty acids into hydrocarbons in the presence of palladium catalysts on aluminaPetroleum Chemistry201155
10Processes for the production of higher linear α-olefinsPetroleum Chemistry201054
11The cumene process for phenol-acetone productionPetroleum Chemistry200746
12Mechanism of olefin synthesis from methanol and dimethyl ether over zeolite catalysts: A reviewPetroleum Chemistry201446
13Smart polymers for oil productionPetroleum Chemistry201045
14Prospects of practical application of hybrid membranesPetroleum Chemistry201645
15Electroconvection in systems with heterogeneous ion-exchange membranesPetroleum Chemistry201744
16Transformations of hydrocarbons of Ashal’hinskoe heavy oil under catalytic aquathermolysis conditionsPetroleum Chemistry201744
17Current status and prospects of demetallization of heavy petroleum feedstock (Review)Petroleum Chemistry201541
18Lignin as a Renewable Resource of Hydrocarbon Products and Energy Carriers (A Review)Petroleum Chemistry202041
19Investigation of the Effect of Crystallization Temperature and Time in Synthesis of SAPO-34 Catalyst for the Production of Light OlefinsPetroleum Chemistry202141
20Production of engine fuels from inedible vegetable oils and fatsPetroleum Chemistry201040
21Ionic conductivity of hybrid membranesPetroleum Chemistry201140
22Nanoheterogeneous catalysis: Definition, state, and research prospects (Review)Petroleum Chemistry201640
23Manufacturing of lower olefins from natural gas through methanol and its derivatives (review)Petroleum Chemistry200839
24Simulation of the temperature-driven pervaporation of dilute 1-butanol aqueous mixtures through a PTMSP membrane in a cross-flow modulePetroleum Chemistry201136
25Synthesis of nickel–tungsten sulfide hydrodearomatization catalysts by the decomposition of oil-soluble precursorsPetroleum Chemistry201634
26Effects of Process Parameters on Hydrothermal Liquefaction of Microalgae Biomass Grown in Municipal WastewaterPetroleum Chemistry201934
27Transformations of resins and asphaltenes during the thermal treatment of heavy oilsPetroleum Chemistry201033
28Tetramerization of ethylene to octene-1 (a review)Petroleum Chemistry201233
29Highly permeable polymer materials based on silicon-substituted norbornenesPetroleum Chemistry201032
30Ethers and acetals, promising petrochemicals from renewable sourcesPetroleum Chemistry201532
31Short Side Chain Aquivion Perfluorinated Sulfonated Proton-Conductive Membranes: Transport and Mechanical PropertiesPetroleum Chemistry201832
32Transition Metal Phosphides (Ni, Co, Mo, W) for Hydrodeoxygenation of Biorefinery Products (a Review)Petroleum Chemistry202032
33Structural features of asphaltene and petroleum resin fractionsPetroleum Chemistry201131
34The database “Gas Separation Properties of Glassy Polymers” (Topchiev Institute): Capabilities and prospectsPetroleum Chemistry201331
35Cellulose composite membranes for nanofiltration of aprotic solventsPetroleum Chemistry201631
36Concentrations of vanadium and nickel and their ratio in heavy oil asphaltenesPetroleum Chemistry201631
37Synthesis of lower olefins from dimethyl ether in the presence of zeolite catalysts modified with rhodium compoundsPetroleum Chemistry201130
38Catalytic cracking of vegetable oils for production of high-octane gasoline and petrochemical feedstockPetroleum Chemistry201230
39Synthesis and use of polyfunctional catalyst nanoparticles for hydroconversion of natural bitumenPetroleum Chemistry201330
40Gas–liquid membrane contactors for carbon dioxide capture from gaseous streamsPetroleum Chemistry201629
41Slurry technology in methanol synthesis (Review)Petroleum Chemistry201629
42Using a Single Set of Structural and Kinetic Parameters of the Microheterogeneous Model to Describe the Sorption and Kinetic Properties of Ion-Exchange MembranesPetroleum Chemistry201829
43Generation of adamantanes and diamantanes by thermal cracking of polar components of crude oils of different genotypesPetroleum Chemistry200728
44Modeling of oil generation by Domanik carbonaceous shalePetroleum Chemistry201328
45Nanofiltration of dye solutions through membranes based on poly(trimethylsilylpropyne)Petroleum Chemistry201328
46Hydroformylation in petroleum chemistry and organic synthesis: Implementation of the process and solving the problem of recycling homogeneous catalysts (Review)Petroleum Chemistry201528
47Ultrafiltration of Oil-in-Water Emulsions with a Dynamic Nylon–Polystyrene MembranePetroleum Chemistry201828
48Mass Spectrometry in Petroleum Chemistry (Petroleomics) (Review)Petroleum Chemistry201928
49Ethylbenzene synthesis and benzene transalkylation with diethylbenzenes on zeolite catalystsPetroleum Chemistry201127
50Catalytic aromatization of ethane on zinc-modified zeolites of various framework typesPetroleum Chemistry201427