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Top Schools (by citations)

#SchoolArticlesCitationsR ARankR CRank
1School of Civil and Environmental Engineering271,3692226
2Department of Civil Engineering103452623
3Department of Architectural Engineering123061013
4School of Electrical and Computer Engineering8301137131
5Department of Civil and Architectural Engineering519055
6Department of Civil Engineering218515155
7Department of Civil Engineering4162166137
8Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering31598155
9Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering21426137
10Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering714044101
11Department of Civil Engineering113617186
12Chair of Computational Modeling and Simulation212953
12School of Civil Engineering and Mechanics21296833
14Department of Mechanical Engineering1128277105
15Institute for Robotics and Intelligent Machines212765
16Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering41135669
17Department of Computer Science11055317
18Department of Civil Engineering46989125
19Department of Civil Engineering55943108
20School of Civil and Construction Engineering5574283
21College of Architecture1533634
21Department of Civil Engineering3532960
23Department of Civil Engineering248182171
24Department of Engineering Systems and Management246314
25Bradley Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering24586124
26Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering140305288
27Faculty of Civil Engineering2393361
28School of Civil Engineering1354133
29Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering131131145
29Department of Computer Engineering1311311
31Department of Civil Engineering230112151
32School of Civil Engineering129205188
32Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering42970218
34Department of Aerospace Engineering126132109
35Department of Structural Engineering and Construction Management121613
35Environmental and Architectural Engineering121176193
37School of Urban and Environmental Engineering12078107
37Department of Civil Engineering120147159
37Materials Engineering and Research Office12012
40Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering119200285
40Department of Mechanical Engineering1194970
40School of Civil and Environmental Engineering119445525
43Department of Computer Science117213314
43Department of Mechanical Engineering1174560
43Department of Ocean Engineering and Naval Architecture1173741
43Department of Computer Science11794132
47Department of Electrical Engineering116192312
47Department of Applied Mathematics11614
49College of Civil Engineering113229249
49Center for Artificial Intelligence11343
51Department of Civil Engineering1121744
52Department of Civil Engineering1113134
52Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering1114059
54Department of Information Engineering11013
55Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering19346591
55School of Civil Engineering191333
55Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering195887
58Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering17342489
58Department of Computer Science1793167
58Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering1713
58Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering17733
58Department of Civil Engineering172956
63Department of Civil Engineering1657109
63Department of Civil Engineering161021
63Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering16239381
63School of Information and Electronic Engineering161125
67School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science15130280
68Department of Civil Engineering14109192
68Department of Structural and Geotechnical Engineering143165
68Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering1411
71Department of Engineering Science139061.5K
72Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering11199405
72Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning1171166
72Department of Computer Science11147342
75Faculty of Mining Surveying and Environmental Engineering103276
75Department of Civil Engineering1069175
75Department of Civil Engineering1084204
75Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering1037102