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1Real-time RT-PCR in COVID-19 detection: issues affecting the resultsExpert Review of Molecular Diagnostics2020907
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4Choline in acute coronary syndrome: an emerging biomarker with implications for the integrated assessment of plaque vulnerabilityExpert Review of Molecular Diagnostics2010554
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10Molecular genetics of thyroid cancer: implications for diagnosis, treatment and prognosisExpert Review of Molecular Diagnostics2008259
11Micromarkers: miRNAs in cancer diagnosis and prognosisExpert Review of Molecular Diagnostics2010237
12Computational analysis of gene-gene interactions using multifactor dimensionality reductionExpert Review of Molecular Diagnostics2004235
13New tools and emerging technologies for the diagnosis of tuberculosis: Part I. Latent tuberculosisExpert Review of Molecular Diagnostics2006223
14Calcium phosphate nanoparticles: second-generation nonviral vectors in gene therapyExpert Review of Molecular Diagnostics2005203
15Paper-based analytical devices for clinical diagnosis: recent advances in the fabrication techniques and sensing mechanismsExpert Review of Molecular Diagnostics2017196
16Principle and applications of digital PCRExpert Review of Molecular Diagnostics2004189
17Nanotheranostics for personalized medicineExpert Review of Molecular Diagnostics2013178
18Advantages and limitations of Raman spectroscopy for molecular diagnostics: an updateExpert Review of Molecular Diagnostics2015176
191,5-anhydroglucitol (GlycoMark™) as a marker of short-term glycemic control and glycemic excursionsExpert Review of Molecular Diagnostics2008173
20Choline metabolism in cancer: implications for diagnosis and therapyExpert Review of Molecular Diagnostics2006169
21New tools and emerging technologies for the diagnosis of tuberculosis: Part II. Active tuberculosis and drug resistanceExpert Review of Molecular Diagnostics2006168
22High-resolution DNA melting analysis in clinical research and diagnosticsExpert Review of Molecular Diagnostics2010166
23New technology for rapid molecular diagnosis of bloodstream infectionsExpert Review of Molecular Diagnostics2010165
24Droplet-based digital PCR and next generation sequencing for monitoring circulating tumor DNA: a cancer diagnostic perspectiveExpert Review of Molecular Diagnostics2018165
25Pattern recognition and biomarker validation using quantitative1H-NMR-based metabolomicsExpert Review of Molecular Diagnostics2006162
26Metabonomics and its role in drug development and disease diagnosisExpert Review of Molecular Diagnostics2004161
27Laser capture microdissection technologyExpert Review of Molecular Diagnostics2007161
28The cellular origin for malignant glioma and prospects for clinical advancementsExpert Review of Molecular Diagnostics2012161
29Preliminary studies and potential applications of localized surface plasmon resonance spectroscopy in medical diagnosticsExpert Review of Molecular Diagnostics2004160
30Blood-based diagnostics of traumatic brain injuriesExpert Review of Molecular Diagnostics2011155
31Gold nanoparticles for molecular diagnosticsExpert Review of Molecular Diagnostics2009153
32Nanotechnology for cancer diagnostics: promises and challengesExpert Review of Molecular Diagnostics2006152
33Label-free plasmonic biosensors for point-of-care diagnostics: a reviewExpert Review of Molecular Diagnostics2019151
34Xpert®MTB/RIF for point-of-care diagnosis of TB in high-HIV burden, resource-limited countries: hype or hope?Expert Review of Molecular Diagnostics2010149
35DNA methylation as a universal biomarkerExpert Review of Molecular Diagnostics2010147
36Lung cancer biomarkers in exhaled breathExpert Review of Molecular Diagnostics2011147
37Next-generation sequencing and its applications in molecular diagnosticsExpert Review of Molecular Diagnostics2011146
38DNA methylation biomarkers in cancer: progress towards clinical implementationExpert Review of Molecular Diagnostics2012146
39Cancer diagnosis using proteomic patternsExpert Review of Molecular Diagnostics2003145
40How many molecular subtypes? Implications of the unique tumor principle in personalized medicineExpert Review of Molecular Diagnostics2012143
41Biomarkers: current perspectives and future prospectsExpert Review of Molecular Diagnostics2003136
42Recombinase polymerase amplification: Emergence as a critical molecular technology for rapid, low-resource diagnosticsExpert Review of Molecular Diagnostics2015136
43Profile of the Roche cobas® EGFR mutation test v2 for non-small cell lung cancerExpert Review of Molecular Diagnostics2017135
44Metabolomic insights into pathophysiological mechanisms and biomarker discovery in clear cell renal cell carcinomaExpert Review of Molecular Diagnostics2019133
45MammaPrint™ 70-gene signature: another milestone in personalized medical care for breast cancer patientsExpert Review of Molecular Diagnostics2009131
46The challenge of diagnostic metagenomicsExpert Review of Molecular Diagnostics2018130
47Reliability of real-time reverse-transcription PCR in clinical diagnostics: gold standard or substandard?Expert Review of Molecular Diagnostics2009128
48SELDI proteinchip MS: a platform for biomarker discovery and cancer diagnosisExpert Review of Molecular Diagnostics2002127
49IP-10 release assays in the diagnosis of tuberculosis infection: current status and future directionsExpert Review of Molecular Diagnostics2012125
50Spinal muscular atrophy: molecular genetics and diagnosticsExpert Review of Molecular Diagnostics2004124