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Top Articles

1A review on the use of microalgal consortia for wastewater treatmentAlgal Research2017496
2Anaerobic digestion of algae biomass: A reviewAlgal Research2014463
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5Process development for hydrothermal liquefaction of algae feedstocks in a continuous-flow reactorAlgal Research2013397
6Techno-economic evaluation of microalgae harvesting and dewatering systemsAlgal Research2018383
7Ulvan: A systematic review of extraction, composition and functionAlgal Research2019329
8Comparison of microalgal biomass profiles as novel functional ingredient for food productsAlgal Research2013323
9Commercial astaxanthin production derived by green alga Haematococcus pluvialis : A microalgae process model and a techno-economic assessment all through production lineAlgal Research2016319
10Fatty acids profiling: A selective criterion for screening microalgae strains for biodiesel productionAlgal Research2013315
11A review on the extraction of lipid from microalgae for biodiesel productionAlgal Research2015292
12Economic comparison of open pond raceways to photo bio-reactors for profitable production of algae for transportation fuels in the SouthwestAlgal Research2012258
13Aqueous extraction of proteins from microalgae: Effect of different cell disruption methodsAlgal Research2014256
14Algal biofilm based technology for wastewater treatmentAlgal Research2014247
15Cosmetic attributes of algae - A reviewAlgal Research2017246
16Growth kinetic models for microalgae cultivation: A reviewAlgal Research2015236
17Pulsed electric field assisted extraction of intracellular valuables from microalgaeAlgal Research2013235
18A critical analysis of paddlewheel-driven raceway ponds for algal biofuel production at commercial scalesAlgal Research2014234
19Pilot plant testing of continuous hydrothermal liquefaction of microalgaeAlgal Research2013226
20Microalgae biomass as an alternative ingredient in cookies: Sensory, physical and chemical properties, antioxidant activity and in vitro digestibilityAlgal Research2017226
21Algal biofuel production for fuels and feed in a 100-ha facility: A comprehensive techno-economic analysis and life cycle assessmentAlgal Research2015215
22Effects of pH on cell growth, lipid production and CO2 addition of microalgae Chlorella sorokinianaAlgal Research2017210
23Sustainable green solvents and techniques for lipid extraction from microalgae: A reviewAlgal Research2017209
24Microalgal cultivation using aquaculture wastewater: Integrated biomass generation and nutrient remediationAlgal Research2017208
25Harvesting of microalgae within a biorefinery approach: A review of the developments and case studies from pilot-plantsAlgal Research2015207
26Microalgae of interest as food source: Biochemical composition and digestibilityAlgal Research2019200
27Optimization of photosynthetic light energy utilization by microalgaeAlgal Research2012199
28Techno-economic analysis of microalgal biomass production in a 1-ha Green Wall Panel (GWP®) plantAlgal Research2016199
29Use of Spirulina biomass produced from treatment of aquaculture wastewater as agricultural fertilizersAlgal Research2016199
30Nutrients utilization and contaminants removal. A review of two approaches of algae and cyanobacteria in wastewaterAlgal Research2017199
31Cultivation of microalgae on artificial light comes at a costAlgal Research2013193
32Microalgae biomass production using wastewater: Treatment and costsAlgal Research2016193
33Cultivation of seaweed Gracilaria in Chinese coastal waters and its contribution to environmental improvementsAlgal Research2015190
34Molecular mechanisms for photosynthetic carbon partitioning into storage neutral lipids in Nannochloropsis oceanica under nitrogen-depletion conditionsAlgal Research2015188
35Heterotrophic/mixotrophic cultivation of oleaginous Chlorella vulgaris on industrial co-productsAlgal Research2012184
36Combined algal processing: A novel integrated biorefinery process to produce algal biofuels and bioproductsAlgal Research2016184
37Performance evaluation of microalgae for concomitant wastewater bioremediation, CO2 biofixation and lipid biosynthesis for biodiesel applicationAlgal Research2016183
38New insights into the biodiversity and applications of cyanobacteria (blue-green algae)—Prospects and challengesAlgal Research2013181
39A financial assessment of two alternative cultivation systems and their contributions to algae biofuel economic viabilityAlgal Research2014179
40A new insight into cell walls of ChlorophytaAlgal Research2017170
41Techno-economic assessment of open microalgae production systemsAlgal Research2017166
42Is exploitation of microalgae economically and energetically sustainable?Algal Research2018166
43Simultaneous microalgae cultivation and wastewater treatment in submerged membrane photobioreactors: A reviewAlgal Research2017165
44Growth of microalgae on undiluted anaerobic digestate of piggery effluent with high ammonium concentrationsAlgal Research2017164
45Extraction and fractionation of microalgae-based protein productsAlgal Research2018164
46Microalgae cultivation in urban wastewater: Nutrient removal and biomass production for biodiesel and methaneAlgal Research2015160
47The seasonal variation of fucoidan within three species of brown macroalgaeAlgal Research2017158
48Pulsed electric field and pH assisted selective extraction of intracellular components from microalgae NannochloropsisAlgal Research2015156
49Effect of microalgal biomass incorporation into foods: Nutritional and sensorial attributes of the end productsAlgal Research2019153
50Insights into microalgae mediated biodegradation of diazinon by Chlorella vulgaris : Microalgal tolerance to xenobiotic pollutants and metabolismAlgal Research2016152