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Top Schools (by citations)

#SchoolArticlesCitationsR ARankR CRank
1Department of Psychology44,15223318
2Department of Psychology13,3271194
3Department of Psychology163,235121
4Faculty of Psychology93,023131
5Department of Psychology122,629122
6Department of Psychology231,86532
7Department of Psychology61,850353
8Department of Psychology21,777161
9School of Psychology91,54693
10School of Psychology111,5377519
11School of Social Sciences11,480601
12Faculty of Behavioural and Social Sciences61,32191
13Department of Psychology71,20611
14Department of Psychology21,052433
15School of Psychology3909484
16Department of Social and Organizational Psychology881464
17Department of Psychology276221218
18Department of Psychology471552
19Department of Psychology264719925
20Department of Psychology10645256253
21Department of Geography563711358
22Department of Economics16007919
23Department of Psychology159319270
24Faculty of Physical Education and Recreation155916417
25Department of Geography35057727
26School of Psychology248926577
27School of Psychology44808529
28Department of Psychology54712811
29Department of General Psychology164692631
30Department of Social Psychology and Methodology846022
31Department of Psychology9448108125
32Department of Resource Management and Geography2433308
33Department of Psychology2428250103
34Department of Clinical and Social Sciences in Psychology14255422
34Department of Management14252812
36Welsh School of Architecture4418168
37School of Applied Psychology139623623
38School of Psychology439215790
39Department of Psychology237122083
40Department of Psychology436514591
41Department of Geology and Geography23456311
42Department of Sociology332710345
43Department of Urban Engineering132512215
44School of Psychology and Speech Pathology132113715
45College of Hospitality and Tourism Management23042513
45School of Business and Social Sciences2304286
47Medical School130317530
48School of Psychology53027465
49Department of Psychology42985050
50UQ Business School129018650
51Department of Psychology228931
51Graduate School of Management12895117
51Faculty of Management and Economics12896510
51School of Business Management128985
55Department of Psychology72885564
55Department of Psychology128812431
57Department of Psychology328732
58Department of Psychology12826615
59Department of Psychology1327237110
60Institute for Environmental Studies226210671
61Department of Psychology325955
62Department of Political Science1257122
63Department of Psychology11237746
64Department of Psychology42355952
65Department of Sociology and Anthropology123211
66Department of Psychology123119276
67School of Management12299124
68Department of Psychology1227270114
68Department of Social Psychology122753
70Department of Psychology1222248
71Griffith Business School121924356
72Department of Geography1210457
73Faculty of Education120929648
74Department of Psychology1208346
75Department of Psychology1207243
76Department of Psychology1197216
77Department of Psychology31912722
78Institute of Neurology2190262209
79Department of Psychology41895965
80Department of Psychology318189
81School of Psychology117815229
82Department of Psychology117711425
83Faculty of Economics and Business Administration21751925
84Department of Psychology21703928
85Department of Psychology116910137
85Department of Architecture1169103
87Department of Psychology4166104142
87Department of Family Medicine1166144
87Department of Epidemiology11665719
90Environmental Studies Program2163117
91School of Psychology116217663
92Department of Psychology1160427241
92Department of Mathematics116011
92Department of Psychology1160198
95Faculty of Education115919554
95School of Forestry and Environmental Studies2159150142
97Department of Developmental and Social Psychology21583411
98Department of Psychology215511886
99Department of Humanities and Social Sciences1152938
100Department of Psychology31501114
100School of Psychology1150187
102Department of Psychology1149346196
102Graduate School of Education114917053
102Department of Psychology214912194
102Department of Psychology114910064
106Department of Psychology11475515
106Department of Psychology11477433
108Botany Department11443317
108Department of Psychology414432
110Department of Psychology41424244
111School of Psychology2141267145
112Department of Neurology1139280162
112Department of Psychology113953
112Department of Psychology11396526
112Department of Psychology213971
116Department of Management21381214
116Faculty of Business Administration21381713
118School of Social Sciences113721458
119School of Economics and Management113624364
120Department of Psychology1134266108
121Graduate School of Environmental Studies1132348119
122Department of Business Management1131127
123School of Geography2130210170
124School of Life Sciences11295835
125School of Medicine2126280103
125Department of Geography112617798
125Faculty of Engineering Technology112621060
128Department of Psychology11248436
128Faculty of Business Administration and Economics112492
128Faculty of Psychology21245452
128Department of Psychology31246950
132Department of Psychology11232415
133College of Economics and Management11224516
134School of Education112021
135School of Civil and Environmental Engineering2117329233
135School of Architecture and Built Environment11176619
137Department of Psychology111612848
138Department of Psychology11159250
138Department of Horticulture1115217
140Department of Psychology41125071
140Department of Psychology and Sociology511269
142Department of Psychology1111200147
143Department of Sociology1110134
144Department of Social and Developmental Psychology11094315
144Department of Law110911
146Department of Psychology21081312
147Department of Spatial Economics11068852
148School of Public Health1105245130
148School of Public Health2105616539
148Department of Psychology2105142101
148Department of Psychology210544
152Department of Psychology11023310
153Department of Psychology410081142
154Rotterdam School of Management199256166
155Department of Geography1985623
156Department of Psychology2976376
156Department of Psychology29710091
156School of Business197236
159Business and Organizational Psychology19621
160Department of Architecture and Built Environment2951413
160Department of Management1959332
162Department of Geography and Geology1935415
162Department of Geography and Environmental Management19315779
164Department of Sociology and Anthropology1906829
164Department of Marketing Communication and Consumer Psychology19028
166Department of Psychology389120193
167Horizon Digital Economy Research188102
167Department of Landscape Architecture18882
169School of Medicine185716441
170Department of Computer Science184396237
170Department of Architecture18441
172Department of Neurology18312378
173Questrom School of Business1823724
173Sauder School of Business182151108
175Department of Psychology181325224
176Department of Social Psychology2802634
176Department of Psychology2805772
176Department of Social Psychology2801218
179Institute of Sustainable Development17911
180Department of Psychology57897234
181Department of Psychology3776695
182Institute of Psychology1765626
183School of Psychology175161136
184Department of Geography27391110
184Department of Interior Architecture and Environmental Design2731111
186Department of International Environment and Development Studies1723220
187Center for Energy and Environmental Studies IVEM17187
187Consortium for Health and Ecology17135
189Department of Psychology1702319
189School of Applied Social Sciences1702616
191Mailman School of Public Health169932696
191Department of Epidemiology169467355
191College of Architecture and Planning16934
191Department of Anthropology1697257
195Department of Architecture167136
196Department of Psychology265250319
196Institute of Psychology16586
196Department of Social Work and Psychology165129
196Department of Educational Psychology and Higher Education16513
200Department of Psychology262272346
200Department of Psychology2621533
202School of Management1604927
203Department of Health Sciences259155164
203Department of Psychology159332322
205Department of Economics and Business1587368
205Department of Psychology35870136
205Department of Mathematics and Statistics1586723
208Department of Conservation Social Sciences15766
208Department of Agricultural Economics and Rural Sociology1572512
210Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering1567472
210Department of Psychology156203219
210Food and Resource Economics Department1566732
210Department of Geography156191163
210Department of Landscape Architecture15696
210Department of Architectural Engineering1566550
216Research School of Psychology2555159
216Centre for Energy and Environmental Studies15511
218Department of Psychology154160142
218School of Architecture and the Built Environment1542322
218Faculty of Architecture154114
221Stirling Management School1537666
221Department of Sociology15348
221Department of Psychology153611
224College of Social Work15110860
224Institute of Social Work15141
226School of Architecture15031
226Department of Psychology150128121
226School of Psychology15012965
229Cognitive Psychology Lab14921
229School of Psychology24970104
229Lee Shau Kee School of Business and Administration149127
232Department of Psychology2482868
232Department of Psychology1489599
234Institute of Applied Psychology1473111
234Faculty of Architecture14711
234Department of Psychology147317292
234School of Management1472519
234School of Management Science and Engineering147136
239Institute for Environmental Studies1461819
240Faculty of Architecture1456244
240Department of Psychology14545
240Department of Sociology1454236
243Department of Psychology24449127
243Department of Psychology144375356
245Department of Teacher Education1436958
245Department of Psychology143309361
245School of Psychology243223306
245Department of Clinical Epidemiology and Biostatistics143410429
245Department of Psychology143182176
250Division of Psychology1424356
250Department of Psychology14211
250Department of Psychology142164143
253Department of Psychology141133141
253Department of Architecture14179
253School of Psychology141137154
253Department of Psychology141191204
257Department of Psychology240219326
257Department of Psychology1403643
257College of Architecture and Planning1401910
260Department of Developmental and Social Psychology2394482
260Institute of Psychology1395691
260Institute of Industrial Engineering and Ergonomics1392413
263Faculty of Economics and Business1387151
263Faculty of Social Sciences138237119
263Department of Psychology13812296
266Manchester Business School137276317
266Department of Political Science1378165
266Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences237206388
266Department of Psychology2375796
266School of Business1372735
266Department of Geography23789165
266Department of Sociology and Social Research1371713
273Beijing Key Laboratory of Applied Experimental Psychology2343835
273Department of Psychology234205336
275Department of Systems Ecology and Sustainable Development13323
275Institute of Psychology2334279
277School of Architecture1321215
277Institute of Psychology132335312
277Department of Geography13211
277Faculty of Medicine132191115
277Department of Psychology13286
277Department of Psychiatry13247
283Department of Zoology231337528
283Department of Internal Medicine131967972
283School of Psychology131420456
283Department of Psychology131138193
283Department of Community Development and Applied Economics1313034
283School of Psychology131149175
289Department of Pediatrics130417419
289School of Population and Public Health130461460
289Warwick Business School130356391
292College of Architecture and Urban Planning1298269
292Department of Sociology1292729
292Department of Geography129158179
292Department of Psychology129218236
292Department of Psychology1291924
297Division of Agriculture128149
297School of Medicine and Dentistry12886161
297Department of Clinical Psychology1282639
300School of Social Sciences1276692
300Psychology of Education12787
300Department of Psychology127181223
300Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering1274730
300School of Psychology127141212
300Department of Civil Engineering1273220
306Department of Geography126241294
306School of Architecture1266443
306School of Business Administration12613
309History of Science and Gynaecology12534
309Faculty of Medicine1251115
309Department of Sociology125141133
309Department of Business Administration1254051
309Department of Psychology12533
309College of International Studies22575
315Department of Social Psychology124210
315Faculty of Engineering and Architecture1244258
315School of Psychology and Computer Science12452
318Department of Psychology123234330
318Department of Psychology32386241
318Department of Engineering123147144
318Department of Psychology1235192
322School of Business12279104
322Faculty of Psychology1224181
322Department of Social Psychology12238
322Department of Psychology122164211
322Department of Geography and Regional Planning122168
327Department of Psychology121139213
327School of Nursing121267308
327Department of Health Care and Epidemiology121115186
327Department of Psychology321163402
327Department of Architecture121146
327Department of Psychology121106128
327Department of Geography and Environmental Development12173123
327School of Social Sciences1211117
335Chair of Cognitive Science12058
335Department of Geography120293407
335School of Psychology3202063
335Department of Experimental and Applied Psychology1205469
339Department of Psychology119382533
339Institute of Psychology1191528
341Department of Psychology118230295
341School of Business1184049
341School of Psychology118135175
344Institute of Psychology2172359
344School of Social Sciences11798155
344Institute of Psychology117812
344Institute for Environmental Studies (IVM)11794173
344Faculty of Economics1173942
344School of Health Sciences and Social Work1173360
344Department of Psychology21760162
351Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science116149222
351Department of Psychology1164971
351Faculty of Political and Social Sciences1161331
351Faculty of Veterinary Medicine116411523
355Department of Sociology11569100
355Department of Social Psychology1151229
355Department of Psychology315137354
355Department of Psychology115238342
355Department of Psychology115153227
355Institute of Landscape Architecture11589
355Department of Psychology1151017
362School of Social Sciences214948
362School of Architecture114112140
362Department of Psychology2143581
362School of Business and Economics1142541
362Department of Psychology and Human Development2141547
362Department of Clinical Medicine114446596
362Department of Zoology114252326
362Department of Electronic and Computer Engineering114226269
362Department of Psychology114118177
371Faculty of Psychology21394248
371Department of Architecture1131921
371Department of Psychology113176315
371Department of Psychology1132226
371Department of Psychology113204351
371Faculty of the Arts11389
371Department of Psychology113112188
378Department of Psychology112138225
378Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment11294154
378Department of Health Sciences112152249
378Department of Cognitive Psychology and Ergonomics1121130
378Institute of Psychology1124767
378Institute of Psychology1125267
378Department of Psychology112230389
385Business School11195134
385School of Human Evolution and Social Change111167313
385Nanyang Business School211124290
385Department of Architecture1111424
385Department of Psychology11153112
385Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering111253321
385School of Management111924
392Department of Experimental Psychology110462691
392Department of Anthropology1103762
392Lubin School of Business11059100
392Faculty of Economics and Business110207332
392Department of Psychology11078148
392Department of Educational Psychology1104698
398Department of Industrial Engineering19158231
398Department of Sociology1952109
398Department of Psychology and Behavioral Sciences1959100
398Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience and Psychology193767
398Department of Psychology1960119
398Department of Geography19122216
398Department of Psychology3960237
398Department of Education and Psychology1912
398Department of Psychology192151
407Department of Psychology184587
407Department of Food Science18208372
407Department of Epidemiology and Public Health18364601
407Faculty of Health Sciences189501.4K
407Department of Psychology2825146
407Department of Psychology181419
407Division of Public Health Sciences18203387
407Department of Architecture181111
415Center for Cognitive Science171436
415Department of Psychology17130254
415Center for Social and Cognitive Neuroscience (CSCN)17519
415School of Psychology171334
415Environmental Psychology Program1729
415Department of Psychology173596
415Department of Political Science and Policy Studies1713
415School of Education1783158
415Department of Psychology17180304
415School of Foreign Languages17715
425Faculty of Economics16136250
425Department of Political Science163072
425Department of Social and Organizational Psychology1644107
425Department of Psychology26153439
425Department of Psychology1692211
425Department of Health Psychology163074
425Department of Political Science163265
425Department of Health Psychology162870
425Department of Psychology162560
425Department of Occupational Health Sciences and Psychology16817
435Department of Information and Industrial Engineering153889
435Department of Agricultural Economics and Rural Development1577160
435Department of Geography15126250
435Department of Evolutionary and Environmental Biology1586183
435Department of Business Administration151425
435Rollins School of Public Health159861.6K
435Department of Epidemiology15376667
435School of Agriculture and Food Sciences15321573
435School of Public Health15300514
435Department of Political Science15144230
435School of Social Work15103171
435Dunedin School of Medicine15425800
435Department of Psychology15235435
435School of Psychology15112242
435Department of Psychology15928
450Department of Social and Economic Geography14826
450Institute of Psychology142970
450Department of Psychology14227398
450Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences1486196
450Department of Agricultural Economics143875
450Department of Psychology1443137
450Institute of Agriculture1440108
457Department of Psychology1379191
457Department of Psychology133590
457Department of Education and Psychology13323
457Department of Computer and Geospatial Sciences13615
457Division of Psychology and Biology1319
462Department of Architecture1219
462Department of Psychology12374680
462Department of Psychology1289181
462Department of Experimental Psychology1298177
462Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy12103198
462Department of Psychology12329607
462Bangor Business School1250113
462Institute of Psychology1226
462School of Psychology1266193
462School of Psychology1294238
462Department of Nursing121239
462Department of Psychology1299219
462Department of Internal Medicine1292190
475Department of Psychiatry and Human Behavior11187419
475Department of Geography1173170
475Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning2142166
475Department of Social Work and Psychology112355
475College of Health Sciences1148163
475Department of Psychology1156135
475Department of Psychology112269
475Department of Psychology11198432
483Department of Psychology10125286
483Department of Psychology10302571
483Department of Sociology and Social Anthropology10522
483Department of Geography1063118
483Department of Sociology1063213
483Department of Psychology10257508
483Department of Sociology and Anthropology1040149
483College of Medicine108071.6K
483Department of Medical Education101644
483Department of Psychology10314
483School of Psychology and Cognitive Science10110263
483School of Architecture20321