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1Physiological Aspects of Cadmium and Lead Toxic Effects on Higher PlantsRussian Journal of Plant Physiology2001462
2Physiological role of nickel and its toxic effects on higher plantsRussian Journal of Plant Physiology2006447
3Phytohormones in algaeRussian Journal of Plant Physiology2007288
4Variable chlorophyll fluorescence and its use for assessing physiological condition of plant photosynthetic apparatusRussian Journal of Plant Physiology2016234
5Phytoremediation of Metal-Polluted Ecosystems: Hype for CommercializationRussian Journal of Plant Physiology2003187
6Physiological role of neutral lipid accumulation in eukaryotic microalgae under stressesRussian Journal of Plant Physiology2012182
7Screening of visible and UV radiation as a photoprotective mechanism in plantsRussian Journal of Plant Physiology2008163
8Distribution and Toxic Effects of Cadmium and Lead on Maize RootsRussian Journal of Plant Physiology2004160
9Roles of root and shoot tissues in transport and accumulation of cadmium, lead, nickel, and strontiumRussian Journal of Plant Physiology2008155
10Signaling role of reactive oxygen species in plants under stressRussian Journal of Plant Physiology2012155
11Effect of drought on chlorophyll content and antioxidant enzyme activities in leaves of three wheat cultivars varying in productivityRussian Journal of Plant Physiology2010147
12Antioxidant defense system, lipid peroxidation, proline-metabolizing enzymes, and biochemical activities in two Morus alba genotypes subjected to NaCl stressRussian Journal of Plant Physiology2010144
13Application of Reflectance Spectroscopy for Analysis of Higher Plant PigmentsRussian Journal of Plant Physiology2003140
14(null)Russian Journal of Plant Physiology2003131
15Polyamines and stress: Biological role, metabolism, and regulationRussian Journal of Plant Physiology2006123
16Glycyrrhizin production by in vitro cultured Glycyrrhiza glabra elicited by methyl Jasmonate and salicylic acidRussian Journal of Plant Physiology2009120
17Effect of TiO2 nanoparticles on oxidative damage and antioxidant defense systems in chickpea seedlings during cold stressRussian Journal of Plant Physiology2014117
18Genomic analysis and expression pattern of OsZIP1, OsZIP3, and OsZIP4 in two rice (Oryza sativa L.) genotypes with different zinc efficiencyRussian Journal of Plant Physiology2008115
19Phenylamides in plantsRussian Journal of Plant Physiology2007114
20Effect of salt stress on antioxidant defense systems, lipid peroxidation, and chlorophyll content in green beanRussian Journal of Plant Physiology2008110
21Effect of phosphorus deficiency on the photosynthetic characteristics of rice plantsRussian Journal of Plant Physiology200797
22Cadmium causes oxidative stress in mung bean by affecting the antioxidant enzyme system and ascorbate-glutathione cycle metabolismRussian Journal of Plant Physiology201195
23Effect of TiO2 nanoparticles on metabolic limitations to photosynthesis under cold in chickpeaRussian Journal of Plant Physiology201595
24Hydrogen sulfide: A multifunctional gaseous molecule in plantsRussian Journal of Plant Physiology201393
25Overexpression of glutathione S-transferase gene increases salt tolerance of arabidopsisRussian Journal of Plant Physiology201090
26Specific type of secondary cell wall formed by plant fibersRussian Journal of Plant Physiology201090
27Hydrogen sulfide promotes wheat seed germination under osmotic stressRussian Journal of Plant Physiology201085
28Effects of silicon oxide nanoparticles on growth and physiology of wheat seedlingsRussian Journal of Plant Physiology201684
29Nickel Toxicity and Distribution in Maize RootsRussian Journal of Plant Physiology200383
30Seasonal dynamics of phloem and xylem formation in silver fir and Norway spruce as affected by droughtRussian Journal of Plant Physiology200883
31Effect of Drought Stress on Lipid Peroxidation, Osmotic Adjustment and Antioxidant Enzyme Activity of Leaves and Roots of Lycium ruthenicum Murr. SeedlingRussian Journal of Plant Physiology201882
32Effect of Periodic Heat Shock on the Inner Membrane System of EtioplastsRussian Journal of Plant Physiology200281
33Inoculation with plant growth-promoting bacteria (PGPB) improves salt tolerance of maize seedlingRussian Journal of Plant Physiology201781
34How do cytokinins affect the cell?Russian Journal of Plant Physiology200979
35Biogenic Isoprene (A Review)Russian Journal of Plant Physiology200478
36Hormonal regulation of tuber formation in potato plantsRussian Journal of Plant Physiology201277
37Changes in Lipid Metabolism during Adaptation of the Dunaliella salina Photosynthetic Apparatus to High CO2ConcentrationRussian Journal of Plant Physiology200473
38The impact of salicylic acid and silicon on chlorophyll a fluorescence in mung bean under salt stressRussian Journal of Plant Physiology201572
39Effect of drought stress implemented at pre- or post-anthesis stage on some physiological parameters as screening criteria in chickpea cultivarsRussian Journal of Plant Physiology200871
40(null)Russian Journal of Plant Physiology200370
41Intrusive growth of sclerenchyma fibersRussian Journal of Plant Physiology201069
42Changes in the Activity of Antioxidant Enzymes in Wheat Leaves and Roots as a Function of Nitrogen Source and SupplyRussian Journal of Plant Physiology200468
43Physiological responses of wheat seedlings to drought and UV-B radiation. Effect of exogenous sodium nitroprusside applicationRussian Journal of Plant Physiology200768
44Effects of light and nitrogen starvation on the content and composition of carotenoids of the green microalga Parietochloris incisaRussian Journal of Plant Physiology200868
45Proline antioxidant role in the common ice plant subjected to salinity and paraquat treatment inducing oxidative stressRussian Journal of Plant Physiology200968
46Effects of exogenous nitric oxide donor on antioxidant metabolism in wheat leaves under aluminum stressRussian Journal of Plant Physiology200867
47Regulation of potato tuber dormancy and sproutingRussian Journal of Plant Physiology201366
48A Spectrophotometric Analysis of Pigments in ApplesRussian Journal of Plant Physiology200165
49Effect of Nitrogen Limitation on the Growth and Lipid Composition of the Green Alga Botryococcus braunii Kutz IPPAS H-252Russian Journal of Plant Physiology200565
50Glycinebetaine application ameliorates negative effects of drought stress in tobaccoRussian Journal of Plant Physiology200765