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Top Articles

1Optimal Power Flow Using Tabu Search AlgorithmElectric Power Components and Systems2002339
2The Smart Grid—State-of-the-art and Future TrendsElectric Power Components and Systems2014281
3Single and Multi-objective Optimal Power Flow Using Grey Wolf Optimizer and Differential Evolution AlgorithmsElectric Power Components and Systems2015227
4Simulated Annealing Technique for Dynamic Economic DispatchElectric Power Components and Systems2006194
5Optimal Sizing of Distributed Generation Placed on Radial Distribution SystemsElectric Power Components and Systems2010175
6Application of Firefly Algorithm for Load Frequency Control of Multi-area Interconnected Power SystemElectric Power Components and Systems2014173
7Optimal Power Flow by Improved Evolutionary ProgrammingElectric Power Components and Systems2006170
8Distribution Systems Forward/Backward Sweep-based Power Flow Algorithms: A Review and Comparison StudyElectric Power Components and Systems2008157
9A Genetic–Based Tabu Search Algorithm for Optimal DG Allocation in Distribution NetworksElectric Power Components and Systems2005156
10Optimal Power Flow Using Refined Genetic AlgorithmElectric Power Components and Systems2002155
11Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm for Economic Load Dispatch Problem with Non-smooth Cost FunctionsElectric Power Components and Systems2010155
12Smart Home Activities: A Literature ReviewElectric Power Components and Systems2014137
13Optimum Siting and Sizing of Distributed Generations in Radial and Networked SystemsElectric Power Components and Systems2009125
14Introduction to the Space Vector Modeling of the Brushless Doubly Fed Reluctance MachineElectric Power Components and Systems2003112
15Space Vector PWM Techniques for Sinusoidal Output Voltage Generation with a Five-Phase Voltage Source InverterElectric Power Components and Systems2006104
16Differential Evolution-based Dynamic Economic Dispatch of Generating Units with Valve-point EffectsElectric Power Components and Systems2008101
17Real-time Energy Control Approach for Smart Home Energy Management SystemElectric Power Components and Systems2014101
18Wind Power Scenario Generation and Reduction in Stochastic Programming FrameworkElectric Power Components and Systems201398
19Renewable Energy Devices and Systems – State-of-the-Art Technology, Research and Development, Challenges and Future TrendsElectric Power Components and Systems201598
20Direct Torque Control of a Doubly-Fed Induction Generator for Variable Speed Wind TurbinesElectric Power Components and Systems200297
21Design Simulation and Experimental Investigations, on a Shunt Active Power Filter for Harmonics, and Reactive Power CompensationElectric Power Components and Systems200397
22Optimal Reactive Power Dispatch Using Improved Pseudo-gradient Search Particle Swarm OptimizationElectric Power Components and Systems201695
23Particle Swarm Optimization Based Goal-Attainment Method for Dynamic Economic Emission DispatchElectric Power Components and Systems200691
24Combined Heat and Power Economic Dispatch by Using Differential EvolutionElectric Power Components and Systems201089
25Tuning and Assessment of Proportional–Integral–Derivative Controller for an Automatic Voltage Regulator System Employing Local Unimodal Sampling AlgorithmElectric Power Components and Systems201489
26Optimal Power Flow Using a Hybrid Optimization Algorithm of Particle Swarm Optimization and Gravitational Search AlgorithmElectric Power Components and Systems201586
27Wind Driven Optimization Algorithm Application to Load Frequency Control in Interconnected Power Systems Considering GRC and GDB NonlinearitiesElectric Power Components and Systems201886
28Overview of Single-phase Grid-connected Photovoltaic SystemsElectric Power Components and Systems201584
29Advanced Simulation Model for Brushless DC Motor DrivesElectric Power Components and Systems200382
30Recent Advancements on Smart Grids in ChinaElectric Power Components and Systems201481
31Transmission Line Fault Classification and Location Using Wavelet Entropy and Neural NetworkElectric Power Components and Systems201280
32A Simplified Recursive Approach to Combined Economic Emission DispatchElectric Power Components and Systems200779
33Gravitational Search Algorithm Based Optimal Reactive Power Dispatch for Voltage Stability EnhancementElectric Power Components and Systems201278
34A Review of Active Management for Distribution Networks: Current Status and Future Development TrendsElectric Power Components and Systems201478
35Voltage Stability Analysis of Radial Distribution NetworksElectric Power Components and Systems200377
36Detection, Classification, and Estimation of Fault Location on an Overhead Transmission Line Using S-transform and Neural NetworkElectric Power Components and Systems201576
37Optimal Power Flow Using Adapted Genetic Algorithm with Adjusting Population SizeElectric Power Components and Systems201275
38Power-system Stability Improvement by PSO Optimized SSSC-based Damping ControllerElectric Power Components and Systems200874
39Design of Load Frequency Controllers Using Genetic Algorithm for Two Area Interconnected Hydro Power SystemElectric Power Components and Systems200373
40Detection and Classification of Power Quality Disturbances Using Wavelet Transform and Support Vector MachinesElectric Power Components and Systems200972
41A Survey of Particle Swarm Optimization Applications in Power System OperationsElectric Power Components and Systems200671
42Quasi-oppositional Biogeography-based Optimization for Multi-objective Optimal Power FlowElectric Power Components and Systems201171
43Available Transfer Capability (ATC) Determination in a Competitive Electricity Market Using AC Distribution FactorsElectric Power Components and Systems200470
44Application of Biogeography-based Optimization for Solving Multi-objective Economic Emission Load Dispatch ProblemsElectric Power Components and Systems201069
45Simple and Efficient Computer Algorithm to Solve Radial Distribution NetworksElectric Power Components and Systems200368
46Letter to the Editor: Electric Vehicle Demand Model for Load Flow StudiesElectric Power Components and Systems200968
47Overview of Maximum Power Point Tracking Techniques for Photovoltaic Energy Production SystemsElectric Power Components and Systems201568
48Automatic Generation Control by Using ANN TechniqueElectric Power Components and Systems200167
49PI Controlled Three-phase Shunt Active Power Filter for Power Quality ImprovementElectric Power Components and Systems200765
50A Microgrid Energy Management System with Demand Response for Providing Grid Peak ShavingElectric Power Components and Systems201665