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Top Articles

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4Artificial Intelligence (AI): Multidisciplinary perspectives on emerging challenges, opportunities, and agenda for research, practice and policyInternational Journal of Information Management2021939
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6Factors influencing adoption of mobile banking by Jordanian bank customers: Extending UTAUT2 with trustInternational Journal of Information Management2017863
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15Effects of various characteristics of social commerce (s-commerce) on consumers’ trust and trust performanceInternational Journal of Information Management2013665
16Social media competitive analysis and text mining: A case study in the pizza industryInternational Journal of Information Management2013642
17Setting the future of digital and social media marketing research: Perspectives and research propositionsInternational Journal of Information Management2021637
18Opinion Paper: “So what if ChatGPT wrote it?” Multidisciplinary perspectives on opportunities, challenges and implications of generative conversational AI for research, practice and policyInternational Journal of Information Management2023634
19An empirical investigation of mobile banking adoption: The effect of innovation attributes and knowledge-based trustInternational Journal of Information Management2011627
20The problem of information overload in business organisations: a review of the literatureInternational Journal of Information Management2000624
21Blockchain adoption challenges in supply chain: An empirical investigation of the main drivers in India and the USAInternational Journal of Information Management2019615
22To be or not to be in social media: How brand loyalty is affected by social media?International Journal of Information Management2013580
23Impact of COVID-19 pandemic on information management research and practice: Transforming education, work and lifeInternational Journal of Information Management2020565
24Fuzzy-set Qualitative Comparative Analysis (fsQCA): Guidelines for research practice in Information Systems and marketingInternational Journal of Information Management2021547
25The knowing organization: How organizations use information to construct meaning, create knowledge and make decisionsInternational Journal of Information Management1996546
26Blockchain research, practice and policy: Applications, benefits, limitations, emerging research themes and research agendaInternational Journal of Information Management2019529
27Extending the understanding of mobile banking adoption: When UTAUT meets TTF and ITMInternational Journal of Information Management2014528
28Smart cities: Advances in research—An information systems perspectiveInternational Journal of Information Management2019523
29Data quality management, data usage experience and acquisition intention of big data analyticsInternational Journal of Information Management2014499
30Social commerce constructs and consumer's intention to buyInternational Journal of Information Management2015499
31Social media research: Theories, constructs, and conceptual frameworksInternational Journal of Information Management2015498
32Digital transformation of everyday life – How COVID-19 pandemic transformed the basic education of the young generation and why information management research should care?International Journal of Information Management2020493
33Online social media fatigue and psychological wellbeing—A study of compulsive use, fear of missing out, fatigue, anxiety and depressionInternational Journal of Information Management2018489
34Social media analytics – Challenges in topic discovery, data collection, and data preparationInternational Journal of Information Management2018475
35Impact of digital surge during Covid-19 pandemic: A viewpoint on research and practiceInternational Journal of Information Management2020472
36Modeling the blockchain enabled traceability in agriculture supply chainInternational Journal of Information Management2020466
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39Social network analysis: Characteristics of online social networks after a disasterInternational Journal of Information Management2018443
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42The impact of consumer trust on attitudinal loyalty and purchase intentions in B2C e-marketplaces: Intermediary trust vs. seller trustInternational Journal of Information Management2011410
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45The mobile commerce value chain: analysis and future developmentsInternational Journal of Information Management2002399
46Examining branding co-creation in brand communities on social media: Applying the paradigm of Stimulus-Organism-ResponseInternational Journal of Information Management2018398
47Cloud computing as an innovation: Percepetion, attitude, and adoptionInternational Journal of Information Management2012389
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49Innovation and knowledge creation: How are these concepts related?International Journal of Information Management2006373
50Predicting positive user responses to social media advertising: The roles of emotional appeal, informativeness, and creativityInternational Journal of Information Management2016371