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Top Articles

1The investigation of linkage between a quantitative trait and a marker locusBehavior Genetics19721,341
2Genetic and environmental factors in relative body weight and human adiposityBehavior Genetics19971,254
3Genes, evolution, and personalityBehavior Genetics2001892
4Adjustment of twin data for the effects of age and sexBehavior Genetics1984743
5Multiple regression analysis of twin dataBehavior Genetics1985642
6Food intake, water intake, and drinking spout side preference of 28 mouse strainsBehavior Genetics2002560
7Genetic animal models for absence epilepsy: a review of the WAG/Rij strain of ratsBehavior Genetics2003459
8A few chemical words exchanged byDrosophila during courtship and matingBehavior Genetics1984453
9Cuticular Hydrocarbons: Their Evolution and Roles in Drosophila Pheromonal CommunicationBehavior Genetics2005432
10A simple method to calculate resolving power and confidence interval of QTL map locationBehavior Genetics1997393
11A zygosity questionnaire for young twins: A research noteBehavior Genetics1991387
12Psychiatric comorbidity of smoking and nicotine dependenceBehavior Genetics1995377
13A test of the equal-environment assumption in twin studies of psychiatric illnessBehavior Genetics1993376
14Artificial selection for increased wheel-running behavior in house miceBehavior Genetics1998340
15Testing structural equation models for twin data using LISRELBehavior Genetics1989336
16Assortative mating, or who marries whom?Behavior Genetics1972328
17Assessment of heritability for personality, based on a short-form of the Eysenck personality inventory: A study of 12,898 twin pairsBehavior Genetics1980327
18Behavioral changes in transgenic mice expressing both amyloid precursor protein and presenilin-1 mutations: lack of association with amyloid depositsBehavior Genetics1999320
19The Maudsley Reactive and Nonreactive strains of rats: A surveyBehavior Genetics1975318
20Selective breeding for alcohol preference and associated responsesBehavior Genetics1993316
21Phenotypic and genotypic characterization of the Indiana University rat lines selectively bred for high and low alcohol preferenceBehavior Genetics2002310
22Is the gender difference in mental rotation disappearing?Behavior Genetics1993305
23Foraging strategies ofDrosophila melanogaster: A chromosomal analysisBehavior Genetics1980304
24The Cholesky approach: A cautionary noteBehavior Genetics1996303
25Heritability of Smoking Initiation and Nicotine DependenceBehavior Genetics2005301
26Evidence for gene-environment interaction in the development of adolescent antisocial behaviorBehavior Genetics1983297
27Exploratory factor analysis in behavior genetics research: factor recovery with small sample sizesBehavior Genetics2002294
28The power of the classical twin study to resolve variation in threshold traitsBehavior Genetics1994288
29DNA from buccal swabs recruited by mail: evaluation of storage effects on long-term stability and suitability for multiplex polymerase chain reaction genotypingBehavior Genetics2003286
30The use of likelihood-based confidence intervals in genetic modelsBehavior Genetics1997284
31Infant Rodent Ultrasounds ? A Gate to the Understanding of Sound CommunicationBehavior Genetics2005284
32Estimating genetic correlations from inbred strainsBehavior Genetics1981278
33Twin method: Defense of a critical assumptionBehavior Genetics1979276
34Latent variable growth within behavior genetic modelsBehavior Genetics1986273
35An international study of human handedness: The dataBehavior Genetics1994265
36Response to 30 generations of selection for open-field activity in laboratory miceBehavior Genetics1978257
37Rank-Based Inverse Normal Transformations are Increasingly Used, But are They Merited?Behavior Genetics2009251
38Genetic similarity theory: Beyond kin selectionBehavior Genetics1984247
39Artificial selection for short and long attack latencies in wildMus musculus domesticusBehavior Genetics1981246
40Assortative mating for antisocial behavior: developmental and methodological implicationsBehavior Genetics1998246
41Differences between inbred strains of mice in Morris water maze performanceBehavior Genetics1988242
42Heritability of Delay Discounting in Adolescence: A Longitudinal Twin StudyBehavior Genetics2011234
43MPTP susceptibility in the mouse: behavioral, neurochemical, and histological analysis of gender and strain differencesBehavior Genetics2000225
44DNA by mail: an inexpensive and noninvasive method for collecting DNA samples from widely dispersed populationsBehavior Genetics1997223
45The Role of GABRA2 in Risk for Conduct Disorder and Alcohol and Drug Dependence across Developmental StagesBehavior Genetics2006222
46The inheritance of affective disorders: A review of data and of hypothesesBehavior Genetics1976218
47High vs low anxiety-related behavior rats: an animal model of extremes in trait anxietyBehavior Genetics2002218
48Further evidence against the environmental transmission of individual differences in neuroticism from a collaborative study of 45,850 twins and relatives on two continentsBehavior Genetics2000209
49Zebra fish: an uncharted behavior genetic modelBehavior Genetics2003207
50Spouse similarity in American and Swedish couplesBehavior Genetics1980206