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1Trends in College Binge Drinking During a Period of Increased Prevention Efforts: Findings from 4 Harvard School of Public Health College Alcohol Study Surveys: 1993–2001Journal of American College Health20021,257
2College Binge Drinking in the 1990s: A Continuing Problem Results of the Harvard School of Public Health 1999 College Alcohol StudyJournal of American College Health2000935
3An Exploration of the Drive for Muscularity in Adolescent Boys and GirlsJournal of American College Health2000848
4Changes in Binge Drinking and Related Problems Among American College Students Between 1993 and 1997 Results of the Harvard School of Public Health College Alcohol StudyJournal of American College Health1998589
5Evaluation of a Resilience Intervention to Enhance Coping Strategies and Protective Factors and Decrease SymptomatologyJournal of American College Health2008524
6College Students' Motivation for Physical Activity: Differentiating Men's and Women's Motives for Sport Participation and ExerciseJournal of American College Health2005495
7Eating Disorder Symptoms Among College Students: Prevalence, Persistence, Correlates, and Treatment-SeekingJournal of American College Health2011468
8A Meta-Analysis of College Students' Physical Activity BehaviorsJournal of American College Health2005433
9The Prevalence of Sleep Disorders in College Students: Impact on Academic PerformanceJournal of American College Health2010387
10Weight Changes, Exercise, and Dietary Patterns During Freshman and Sophomore Years of CollegeJournal of American College Health2005382
11College Women's Experiences with Physically Forced, Alcohol- or Other Drug-Enabled, and Drug-Facilitated Sexual Assault Before and Since Entering CollegeJournal of American College Health2009375
12Assessing Alcohol Problems in College StudentsJournal of American College Health1992374
13Prevalence and Motives for Illicit Use of Prescription Stimulants in an Undergraduate Student SampleJournal of American College Health2005371
14Results From the 1995 National College Health Risk Behavior SurveyJournal of American College Health1997359
15Social Norms Approaches Using Descriptive Drinking Norms Education: A Review of the Research on Personalized Normative FeedbackJournal of American College Health2006359
16Misperceptions of the Norms for the Frequency of Alcohol and Other Drug Use on College CampusesJournal of American College Health1999354
17Barriers to Reporting Sexual Assault for Women and Men: Perspectives of College StudentsJournal of American College Health2006348
18Development and Validation of a Condom Self-Efficacy Scale for College StudentsJournal of American College Health1991342
19American College Health Association-National College Health Assessment Spring 2008 Reference Group Data Report (Abridged): The American College Health AssociationJournal of American College Health2009339
20Nonsuicidal Self-injury in a College Population: General Trends and Sex DifferencesJournal of American College Health2011312
21Health-Related Variables and Academic Performance Among First-Year College Students: Implications for Sleep and Other BehaviorsJournal of American College Health2000311
22Assessing Overweight, Obesity, Diet, and Physical Activity in College StudentsJournal of American College Health2003309
23Underage College Students' Drinking Behavior, Access to Alcohol, and the Influence of Deterrence Policies: Findings from the Harvard School of Public Health College Alcohol StudyJournal of American College Health2002308
24Engaging Men as Social Justice Allies in Ending Violence Against Women: Evidence for a Social Norms ApproachJournal of American College Health2003306
25Illicit Use of Prescription ADHD Medications on a College Campus: A Multimethodological ApproachJournal of American College Health2008301
26The Relationship of Level of Positive Mental Health With Current Mental Disorders in Predicting Suicidal Behavior and Academic Impairment in College StudentsJournal of American College Health2012296
27Changing the Perception of the Norm: A Strategy to Decrease Binge Drinking among College StudentsJournal of American College Health1996293
28Stimulant Medication Use, Misuse, and Abuse in an Undergraduate and Graduate Student SampleJournal of American College Health2006293
29Student Perceptions of Methylphenidate Abuse at a Public Liberal Arts CollegeJournal of American College Health2000285
30Rape Myth Beliefs and Bystander Attitudes Among Incoming College StudentsJournal of American College Health2010285
31Sleep Habits and Patterns of College Students: A Preliminary StudyJournal of American College Health2001284
32Transition to University and Vigorous Physical Activity: Implications for Health and Psychological Well-BeingJournal of American College Health2004284
33Medical Use, Illicit Use, and Diversion of Abusable Prescription DrugsJournal of American College Health2006280
34The ‘Freshman 5’: A Meta-Analysis of Weight Gain in the Freshman Year of CollegeJournal of American College Health2009278
35College Smoking-Cessation Using Cell Phone Text MessagingJournal of American College Health2004277
36Internet Use for Health Information Among College StudentsJournal of American College Health2005276
37Internet Use Among College Students: An Exploratory StudyJournal of American College Health2001269
38The Prevalence of Elevated Psychological Distress Among Canadian Undergraduates: Findings from the 1998 Canadian Campus SurveyJournal of American College Health2001263
39Binge Drinking, Tobacco, and Illicit Drug Use and Involvement in College AthleticsJournal of American College Health1997245
40Self-reported Barriers to Professional Help Seeking Among College Students at Elevated Risk for SuicideJournal of American College Health2013245
41Meditation Lowers Stress and Supports Forgiveness Among College Students: A Randomized Controlled TrialJournal of American College Health2008240
42Problem Drinking among College Students: A Review of Recent ResearchJournal of American College Health1986237
43Physical Activity, Exercise, and Sedentary Behavior in College StudentsJournal of American College Health2004235
44Factors Associated With Undertreatment of Medical Student DepressionJournal of American College Health2005233
45A Meta-analysis of Gender Differences in Attitudes Toward Seeking Professional Psychological HelpJournal of American College Health2010232
46Alcohol Use and Related Consequences Among Students With Varying Levels of Involvement in College AthleticsJournal of American College Health1998229
47Mental Health Need, Awareness, and Use of Counseling Services Among International Graduate StudentsJournal of American College Health2007229
48Prevalence and Correlates of Self-Injury Among University StudentsJournal of American College Health2008226
49Acquaintance Rape and Alcohol Consumption on College Campuses: How Are They Linked?Journal of American College Health1991224
50Trends in college students’ mental health diagnoses and utilization of services, 2009–2015Journal of American College Health2020223