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1Understanding plant responses to drought — from genes to the whole plantFunctional Plant Biology20032,866
2On the Relationship Between Carbon Isotope Discrimination and the Intercellular Carbon Dioxide Concentration in LeavesFunctional Plant Biology19822,609
3Isotopic Composition of Plant Carbon Correlates With Water-Use Efficiency of Wheat GenotypesFunctional Plant Biology19841,477
4Adaptation to Sun and Shade: a Whole-Plant PerspectiveFunctional Plant Biology19881,243
5Making the life of heavy metal-stressed plants a little easierFunctional Plant Biology2005933
6Coupled Photosynthesis-Stomatal Conductance Model for Leaves of C4 PlantsFunctional Plant Biology1992921
7Whole-Plant Responses to SalinityFunctional Plant Biology1986843
8Cell wall disassembly in ripening fruitFunctional Plant Biology2006729
9Sixty-Three Years Since Kautsky: Chlorophyll a FluorescenceFunctional Plant Biology1995693
10The role of biomass allocation in the growth response of plants to different levels of light, CO2, nutrients and water: a quantitative reviewFunctional Plant Biology2000690
11Copper in plants: acquisition, transport and interactionsFunctional Plant Biology2009645
12Flooding tolerance: suites of plant traits in variable environmentsFunctional Plant Biology2009636
13Breeding for Salinity Resistance in Crop Plants: Where Next?Functional Plant Biology1995634
14Die and let live: leaf senescence contributes to plant survival under drought stressFunctional Plant Biology2004586
15Pot size matters: a meta-analysis of the effects of rooting volume on plant growthFunctional Plant Biology2012578
16Effects of drought on photosynthesis in grapevines under field conditions: an evaluation of stomatal and mesophyll limitationsFunctional Plant Biology2002567
17Evolution of halophytes: multiple origins of salt tolerance in land plantsFunctional Plant Biology2010556
18Soil processes affecting crop production in salt-affected soilsFunctional Plant Biology2010536
19The role of root architectural traits in adaptation of wheat to water-limited environmentsFunctional Plant Biology2006529
20Stable oxygen isotope composition of plant tissue: a reviewFunctional Plant Biology2007526
21Carbon Isotope Discrimination measured Concurrently with Gas Exchange to Investigate CO2 Diffusion in Leaves of Higher PlantsFunctional Plant Biology1986481
22Review: Mechanisms of anoxia tolerance in plants. I. Growth, survival and anaerobic catabolismFunctional Plant Biology2003476
23Thermal infrared imaging of crop canopies for the remote diagnosis and quantification of plant responses to water stress in the fieldFunctional Plant Biology2009439
24Importance of mechanisms and processes of the stabilisation of soil organic matter for modelling carbon turnoverFunctional Plant Biology2003432
25The hot and the cold: unravelling the variable response of plant respiration to temperatureFunctional Plant Biology2005422
26The evolution and functional significance of leaf shape in the angiospermsFunctional Plant Biology2011421
27Carotenoids in nature: insights from plants and beyondFunctional Plant Biology2011397
28The 15N natural abundance (δ15N) of ecosystem samples reflects measures of water availabilityFunctional Plant Biology1999381
29On the Nature of Carbon Isotope Discrimination in C4 SpeciesFunctional Plant Biology1983379
30Root architectural tradeoffs for water and phosphorus acquisitionFunctional Plant Biology2005378
31Influence of Soil Water Supply on the Plant Water Balance of Four Tropical Grain LegumesFunctional Plant Biology1986376
32Plant respiration in productivity models: conceptualisation, representation and issues for global terrestrial carbon-cycle researchFunctional Plant Biology2003354
33Why are non-photosynthetic tissues generally 13C enriched compared with leaves in C3 plants? Review and synthesis of current hypothesesFunctional Plant Biology2009348
34Partitioning of assimilates to deeper roots is associated with cooler canopies and increased yield under drought in wheatFunctional Plant Biology2010347
35Physiological and Morphological Traits Associated With Spring Wheat Yield Under Hot, Irrigated ConditionsFunctional Plant Biology1994335
36Drought-induced changes in development and function of grapevine (Vitis spp.) organs and in their hydraulic and non-hydraulic interactions at the whole-plant level: a physiological and molecular updateFunctional Plant Biology2010326
37Factors Influencing the Rate and Duration of Grain Filling in WheatFunctional Plant Biology1977325
38Sensitivity of Wheat Phasic Development to Major Environmental Factors: a Re-Examination of Some Assumptions Made by Physiologists and ModellersFunctional Plant Biology1994319
3913C Natural Abundance in Plant Communities Along a Rainfall Gradient: a Biological Integrator of Water AvailabilityFunctional Plant Biology1995317
40Development and evaluation of a field-based high-throughput phenotyping platformFunctional Plant Biology2014316
41Adaptation to Water Deficits: a Changing PerspectiveFunctional Plant Biology1986314
42Soil Water Status Affects the Stomata1Functional Plant Biology1986311
43Hydrogen peroxide-induced chilling tolerance in mung beans mediated through ABA-independent glutathione accumulationFunctional Plant Biology2003311
44Breeding for improved water productivity in temperate cereals: phenotyping, quantitative trait loci, markers and the selection environmentFunctional Plant Biology2010310
45The Relationship Between CO2 Transfer Conductance and Leaf Anatomy in Transgenic Tobacco With a Reduced Content of RubiscoFunctional Plant Biology1994305
46Anthocyanins in leaves: light attenuators or antioxidants?Functional Plant Biology2003303
47Prospects for using soil microorganisms to improve the acquisition of phosphorus by plantsFunctional Plant Biology2001298
48The polyphasic chlorophyll a fluorescence rise measured under high intensity of exciting lightFunctional Plant Biology2006296
49Determination of the Average Partial Pressure of CO2 in Chloroplasts From Leaves of Several C3 PlantsFunctional Plant Biology1991295
50Plant-growth-promoting rhizobacteria and arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi modify alleviation biochemical mechanisms in water-stressed plantsFunctional Plant Biology2008294