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Top Articles

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5Spintronics: Fundamentals and applicationsReviews of Modern Physics20049,479
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15Wetting: statics and dynamicsReviews of Modern Physics19856,203
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19Disordered electronic systemsReviews of Modern Physics19855,448
20Reaction-rate theory: fifty years after KramersReviews of Modern Physics19905,326
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23Surface-enhanced spectroscopyReviews of Modern Physics19854,950
24New Developments in Molecular Orbital TheoryReviews of Modern Physics19514,930
25Non-Abelian anyons and topological quantum computationReviews of Modern Physics20084,907
26Theory of Bose-Einstein condensation in trapped gasesReviews of Modern Physics19994,734
27Attosecond physicsReviews of Modern Physics20094,682
28Percolation and ConductionReviews of Modern Physics19734,656
29Spin glasses: Experimental facts, theoretical concepts, and open questionsReviews of Modern Physics19864,598
30Dynamics of the dissipative two-state systemReviews of Modern Physics19874,374
31Electromagnetically induced transparency: Optics in coherent mediaReviews of Modern Physics20054,235
32Ergodic theory of chaos and strange attractorsReviews of Modern Physics19854,096
33Cavity optomechanicsReviews of Modern Physics20144,064
34Magnetoencephalography—theory, instrumentation, and applications to noninvasive studies of the working human brainReviews of Modern Physics19933,939
35Magnetization of High-Field SuperconductorsReviews of Modern Physics19643,886
36The cosmological constant and dark energyReviews of Modern Physics20033,803
37Supercontinuum generation in photonic crystal fiberReviews of Modern Physics20063,739
38The renormalization group: Critical phenomena and the Kondo problemReviews of Modern Physics19753,699
39Microfluidics: Fluid physics at the nanoliter scaleReviews of Modern Physics20053,569
40The density functional formalism, its applications and prospectsReviews of Modern Physics19893,538
41Doping a Mott insulator: Physics of high-temperature superconductivityReviews of Modern Physics20063,488
42Berry phase effects on electronic propertiesReviews of Modern Physics20103,479
43Solitons in conducting polymersReviews of Modern Physics19883,400
44Electronic excitations: density-functional versus many-body Green’s-function approachesReviews of Modern Physics20023,375
45Anomalous Hall effectReviews of Modern Physics20103,276
46Space-Time Approach to Non-Relativistic Quantum MechanicsReviews of Modern Physics19483,206
47Angle-resolved photoemission studies of the cuprate superconductorsReviews of Modern Physics20033,191
48Synthesis of the Elements in StarsReviews of Modern Physics19573,165
49f(R)theories of gravity">f(R)theories of gravityReviews of Modern Physics20103,143
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