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Top Articles

1Racial Differences in Physical and Mental HealthJournal of Health Psychology19973,401
2Religious Coping Methods as Predictors of Psychological, Physical and Spiritual Outcomes among Medically Ill Elderly Patients: A Two-year Longitudinal StudyJournal of Health Psychology2004676
3An Exploratory Study of a Meditation-based Intervention for Binge Eating DisorderJournal of Health Psychology1999511
4New, normative, English-sample data for the Short Form Perceived Stress Scale (PSS-4)Journal of Health Psychology2013389
5Health-related Support Groups on the Internet: Linking Empirical Findings to Social Support and Computer-mediated Communication TheoryJournal of Health Psychology2003360
6Perceived Stress ScaleJournal of Health Psychology2010359
7The Influence of Vaccine-critical Websites on Perceiving Vaccination RisksJournal of Health Psychology2010358
8Gardening Promotes Neuroendocrine and Affective Restoration from StressJournal of Health Psychology2011335
9Health Status and the Five-factor Personality Traits in a Nationally Representative SampleJournal of Health Psychology2006331
10‘Strong is the new skinny’: A content analysis of #fitspiration images on InstagramJournal of Health Psychology2018327
11Effects of Weight Stigma on Exercise Motivation and BehaviorJournal of Health Psychology2008324
12Does Depression Cause Obesity?Journal of Health Psychology2008308
13Workplace Bullying in NursesJournal of Health Psychology2001306
14Intervention Mapping: Protocol for Applying Health Psychology Theory to Prevention ProgrammesJournal of Health Psychology2004306
15The Validity of the Multidimensional Health Locus of Control ScalesJournal of Health Psychology2005304
16When healthcare professionals cannot do the right thing: A systematic review of moral distress and its correlatesJournal of Health Psychology2017300
17Focus Groups in Health ResearchJournal of Health Psychology1998298
18Volunteerism and Mortality among the Community-dwelling ElderlyJournal of Health Psychology1999295
19Rethinking Communication in the E-health EraJournal of Health Psychology2003268
20Human needs in COVID-19 isolationJournal of Health Psychology2020251
21The Impact of Stigma in Healthcare on People Living with Chronic IllnessesJournal of Health Psychology2012248
22Are nature lovers happy? On various indicators of well-being and connectedness with natureJournal of Health Psychology2012247
23What is Good Qualitative Research?Journal of Health Psychology2006246
24A Systematic Review of Beliefs Involved in the Use of Complementary and Alternative MedicineJournal of Health Psychology2007241
25Health behaviour changes during COVID-19 and the potential consequences: A mini-reviewJournal of Health Psychology2020240
26On Subjective Well-being and Quality of LifeJournal of Health Psychology2008236
27Effects of Exercise Interventions on Body ImageJournal of Health Psychology2009233
28Social support mediates loneliness and depression in elderly peopleJournal of Health Psychology2016231
29Body Image and HealthJournal of Health Psychology2006228
30‘My Wife Ordered Me to Come!’: A Discursive Analysis of Doctors’ and Nurses’ Accounts of Men’s Use of General PractitionersJournal of Health Psychology2002225
31Self-regulatory Processes in the Adoption and Maintenance of Health BehaviorsJournal of Health Psychology1999213
32Understanding How Inequality in the Distribution of Income Affects HealthJournal of Health Psychology1997212
33Depression and Body Image among Women with Polycystic Ovary SyndromeJournal of Health Psychology2006201
34A Randomized Controlled Graded Exercise Trial for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: Outcomes and Mechanisms of ChangeJournal of Health Psychology2005197
35Volunteering is Associated with Delayed Mortality in Older People: Analysis of the Longitudinal Study of AgingJournal of Health Psychology2005196
36Challenges faced by parents of children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorderJournal of Health Psychology2012195
37The PedsQL™ 4.0 Generic Core Scales Young Adult VersionJournal of Health Psychology2009191
38The relationship between nature relatedness and anxietyJournal of Health Psychology2016190
39When God DisappointsJournal of Health Psychology1999188
40Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis and the New GeneticsJournal of Health Psychology2002185
41Gender and Ethnic Differences in Health Beliefs and BehaviorsJournal of Health Psychology2002185
42Spirituality and HealthJournal of Health Psychology1999179
43Factor Structure, Validity and Reliability of the Cambridge Worry Scale in a Pregnant PopulationJournal of Health Psychology2003174
44Theory-based Behavior Change Interventions: Comments on Hobbis and SuttonJournal of Health Psychology2005174
45Compassion FatigueJournal of Health Psychology2009174
46Gender Differences in Social Network Size and Satisfaction in Adults in Their 70sJournal of Health Psychology2010174
47Reporting Guidelines for Music-based InterventionsJournal of Health Psychology2011173
48The digital divide: Examining socio-demographic factors associated with health literacy, access and use of internet to seek health informationJournal of Health Psychology2019171
49Exercise Motives and Stages of ChangeJournal of Health Psychology1998168
50The Relationship between Depression and Body Dissatisfaction across Pregnancy and the PostpartumJournal of Health Psychology2009168