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1An overview of technologies for immobilization of enzymes and surface analysis techniques for immobilized enzymesBiotechnology and Biotechnological Equipment20151,005
2Bacillus species as versatile weapons for plant pathogens: a reviewBiotechnology and Biotechnological Equipment2017503
3DNA molecular markers in plant breeding: current status and recent advancements in genomic selection and genome editingBiotechnology and Biotechnological Equipment2018487
4Principle and application of plant mutagenesis in crop improvement: a reviewBiotechnology and Biotechnological Equipment2016373
5Myconanoparticles: synthesis and their role in phytopathogens managementBiotechnology and Biotechnological Equipment2015303
6An overview of nanoemulsion: concepts of development and cosmeceutical applicationsBiotechnology and Biotechnological Equipment2019171
7Marker-assisted backcrossing: a useful method for rice improvementBiotechnology and Biotechnological Equipment2015153
8Antimicrobial activity and antibiotic susceptibility ofLactobacillusandBifidobacteriumspp. intended for use as starter and probiotic culturesBiotechnology and Biotechnological Equipment2015138
9Elicitation of PlantsBiotechnology and Biotechnological Equipment2006135
10Plant pathogen nanodiagnostic techniques: forthcoming changes?Biotechnology and Biotechnological Equipment2014110
11High Pressure Processing for Foods PreservingBiotechnology and Biotechnological Equipment201099
12Applicability of start codon targeted (SCoT) and inter-simple sequence repeat (ISSR) markers for genetic diversity analysis in durum wheat genotypesBiotechnology and Biotechnological Equipment201698
13The Relationships between Salt Stress and Anthocyanin Content in Higher PlantsBiotechnology and Biotechnological Equipment200697
14Uptake and trans-membrane transport of petroleum hydrocarbons by microorganismsBiotechnology and Biotechnological Equipment201495
15Artificial neural networks: an efficient tool for modelling and optimization of biofuel production (a mini review)Biotechnology and Biotechnological Equipment201795
16Clustering performance comparison usingK-means and expectation maximization algorithmsBiotechnology and Biotechnological Equipment201493
17Antimicrobial activity and green synthesis of silver nanoparticles usingTrichoderma virideBiotechnology and Biotechnological Equipment201684
18Total Phenolic Content, Flavonoid Concentrations and Antioxidant Activity, of The Whole Plant and Plant Parts Extracts fromTeucrium MontanumL. Var.Montanum, F.Supinum(L.) ReichenbBiotechnology and Biotechnological Equipment201183
19Microbiology of Periodontal Diseases. A ReviewBiotechnology and Biotechnological Equipment201380
20Antifungal silver nanoparticles: synthesis, characterization and biological evaluationBiotechnology and Biotechnological Equipment201679
21Bactericidal activity of biosynthesized silver nanoparticles against human pathogenic bacteriaBiotechnology and Biotechnological Equipment201777
22Plant Sources of Galanthamine: Phytochemical and Biotechnological AspectsBiotechnology and Biotechnological Equipment200976
23Industrial Cultivation of Oil Bearing Rose and Rose Oil Production in Bulgaria During 21STCentury, Directions and ChallengesBiotechnology and Biotechnological Equipment201076
24Bacillus safensisLAU 13: a new source of keratinase and its multi-functional biocatalytic applicationsBiotechnology and Biotechnological Equipment201574
25Ivermectin as a potential COVID-19 treatment from the pharmacokinetic point of view: antiviral levels are not likely attainable with known dosing regimensBiotechnology and Biotechnological Equipment202074
26Enzyme based Biosensor for Heavy Metal Ions DeterminationBiotechnology and Biotechnological Equipment200673
27LAB bacteriocin applications in the last decadeBiotechnology and Biotechnological Equipment201672
28Biosynthesis of cadmium sulphide quantum dots by usingPleurotus ostreatus(Jacq.) P. KummBiotechnology and Biotechnological Equipment201567
29Degradation kinetics and pathway of phenol byPseudomonasandBacillusspeciesBiotechnology and Biotechnological Equipment201566
30Analysis of Genetic Diversity and Phylogenetic Relationships inCrocus Genusof Iran Using Inter-Retrotransposon Amplified PolymorphismBiotechnology and Biotechnological Equipment200865
31Fatty Acid Compositions of Linseed (Linum UsitatissimumL.) Genotypes of Different Origin Cultivated in TurkeyBiotechnology and Biotechnological Equipment201065
32Decolourization of azo dyes by a newly isolatedKlebsiellasp. strain Y3, and effects of various factors on biodegradationBiotechnology and Biotechnological Equipment201465
33Improved Abiotic Stress Tolerance in Plants by Accumulation of Osmoprotectants—Gene Transfer ApproachBiotechnology and Biotechnological Equipment200563
34Antibacterial Peptides from Goat and Sheep Milk ProteinsBiotechnology and Biotechnological Equipment201063
35Effect of Magnetic Field on Peroxidase Activities of Soybean Tissue CultureBiotechnology and Biotechnological Equipment200762
36Drought-Induced Changes in Chlorophyll Fluorescence of Young Wheat PlantsBiotechnology and Biotechnological Equipment200962
37Metamizole: A Review Profile of a Well-Known “Forgotten” Drug. Part I: Pharmaceutical and Nonclinical ProfileBiotechnology and Biotechnological Equipment201261
38Genetic analysis of rust resistance genes in global wheat cultivars: an overviewBiotechnology and Biotechnological Equipment201761
39A Modified CTAB Method for DNA Extraction from Soybean and Meat ProductsBiotechnology and Biotechnological Equipment201359
40Application of Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy for Tumor DiagnosisBiotechnology and Biotechnological Equipment201359
41Optimization of laccase production in the white-rot fungusPleurotus ostreatus(ACCC 52857) induced through yeast extract and copperBiotechnology and Biotechnological Equipment201658
42An overview of monolithic zirconia in dentistryBiotechnology and Biotechnological Equipment201657
43High-frequency submicrosecond electroporatorBiotechnology and Biotechnological Equipment201657
44Flower Induction and Flower Bud Development in Apple and Sweet CherryBiotechnology and Biotechnological Equipment201056
45Influence of crude glycerol on the biomass and lipid content of microalgaeBiotechnology and Biotechnological Equipment201556
46Antimicrobial and antioxidant activities of medicinal plant Glycyrrhiza glabra var. glandulifera from different habitatsBiotechnology and Biotechnological Equipment201656
47Antimicrobial activity, mechanism of action, and methods for stabilisation of defensins as new therapeutic agentsBiotechnology and Biotechnological Equipment201956
48Cancer Protective Action of Polysaccharide, Derived from Red MicroalgaPorphyridium Cruentum—A Biological BackgroundBiotechnology and Biotechnological Equipment200955
49Metabolomics—The State of ArtBiotechnology and Biotechnological Equipment201055
50Good or bad: gut bacteria in human health and diseasesBiotechnology and Biotechnological Equipment201855