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Top Articles

1Development and validation of the Basic Empathy ScaleJournal of Adolescence20061,001
2#Sleepyteens: Social media use in adolescence is associated with poor sleep quality, anxiety, depression and low self‐esteemJournal of Adolescence2016708
3The effects of violent video game habits on adolescent hostility, aggressive behaviors, and school performanceJournal of Adolescence2004689
4Bullying at school—an indicator of adolescents at risk for mental disordersJournal of Adolescence2000663
5Adolescent resilience: a concept analysisJournal of Adolescence2003629
6An update on the effects of playing violent video gamesJournal of Adolescence2004573
7Measuring passionate love in intimate relationshipsJournal of Adolescence1986555
8Peer involvement in bullying: insights and challenges for interventionJournal of Adolescence1999551
9Youth engaging in online harassment: associations with caregiver–child relationships, Internet use, and personal characteristicsJournal of Adolescence2004534
10Moral competence and character strengths among adolescents: The development and validation of the Values in Action Inventory of Strengths for YouthJournal of Adolescence2006513
11Leisure activities and adolescent antisocial behavior: The role of structure and social contextJournal of Adolescence2000502
12Student engagement and its relationship with early high school dropoutJournal of Adolescence2009487
13Latino adolescents’ mental health: Exploring the interrelations among discrimination, ethnic identity, cultural orientation, self-esteem, and depressive symptomsJournal of Adolescence2007477
14Evaluation of the Balloon Analogue Risk Task (BART) as a predictor of adolescent real‐world risk‐taking behavioursJournal of Adolescence2003474
15Associations among bullying, cyberbullying, and suicide in high school studentsJournal of Adolescence2013474
16Negative consequences from heavy social networking in adolescents: The mediating role of fear of missing outJournal of Adolescence2017474
17Capturing the dynamics of identity formation in various ethnic groups: Development and validation of a three‐dimensional modelJournal of Adolescence2008463
18Profiles of adolescent stress: The development of the adolescent stress questionnaire (ASQ)Journal of Adolescence2007447
19Identity status change during adolescence and young adulthood: A meta‐analysisJournal of Adolescence2010442
20Linking obesity and activity level with children's television and video game useJournal of Adolescence2004430
21Participant role approach to school bullying: implications for interventionsJournal of Adolescence1999395
22Cognitive coping strategies and symptoms of depression and anxiety: a comparison between adolescents and adultsJournal of Adolescence2002383
23Pathways to self-esteem in late adolescence: the role of parent and peer attachment, empathy, and social behavioursJournal of Adolescence2004383
24Adolescent stress and coping: implications for psychopathology during adolescenceJournal of Adolescence1993377
25Violence exposure in real-life, video games, television, movies, and the internet: is there desensitization?Journal of Adolescence2004377
26Unpacking commitment and exploration: Preliminary validation of an integrative model of late adolescent identity formationJournal of Adolescence2006374
27Adolescent coping style and behaviors: conceptualization and measurementJournal of Adolescence1987372
28An update on adolescent sleep: New evidence informing the perfect storm modelJournal of Adolescence2018369
29Ethnic identity in college students from four ethnic groupsJournal of Adolescence1990367
30Hopelessness and risk behaviour among adolescents living in high-poverty inner-city neighbourhoodsJournal of Adolescence2003367
31A developmental social psychology of identity: understanding the person-in-contextJournal of Adolescence1996366
32Effects of peer victimization in schools and perceived social support on adolescent well-beingJournal of Adolescence2000359
33Online computer gaming: a comparison of adolescent and adult gamersJournal of Adolescence2004354
34Subjective health complaints in adolescence—Reliability and validity of survey methodsJournal of Adolescence2001352
35Premature adolescent autonomy: parent disengagement and deviant peer process in the amplification of problem behaviourJournal of Adolescence2004348
36The concentration of offenders in families, and family criminality in the prediction of boys' delinquencyJournal of Adolescence2001336
37Black hawk down?: Establishing helicopter parenting as a distinct construct from other forms of parental control during emerging adulthoodJournal of Adolescence2012333
38Gratitude and subjective well‐being in early adolescence: Examining gender differencesJournal of Adolescence2009327
39Sociological perspectives on identity formation: the culture–identity link and identity capitalJournal of Adolescence1996320
40Ethnic identity and self-esteem: an exploratory longitudinal studyJournal of Adolescence1992301
41Symptoms of problematic cellular phone use, functional impairment and its association with depression among adolescents in Southern TaiwanJournal of Adolescence2009291
42Measuring interpersonal forgiveness in late adolescence and middle adulthoodJournal of Adolescence1995290
43Causal links between stressful events, coping style, and adolescent symptomatologyJournal of Adolescence2000290
44A possible selves intervention to enhance school involvementJournal of Adolescence2002288
45A descriptive epidemiology of screen‐based media use in youth: A review and critiqueJournal of Adolescence2006287
46Determinants of adolescents’ active defending and passive bystanding behavior in bullyingJournal of Adolescence2008287
47Depression and school performance in middle adolescent boys and girlsJournal of Adolescence2008286
48Gender differences in adolescent sport participation, teasing, self‐objectification and body image concernsJournal of Adolescence2011285
49The causal ordering of mathematics anxiety and mathematics achievement: a longitudinal panel analysisJournal of Adolescence2004284
50Systematic review of school‐based prevention and early intervention programs for depressionJournal of Adolescence2010284