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24Catastrophic antiphospholipid syndrome (CAPS): Descriptive analysis of a series of 280 patients from the “CAPS Registry”Journal of Autoimmunity2009307
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26Production of Neurotrophins by Activated T Cells: Implications for Neuroprotective AutoimmunityJournal of Autoimmunity2000303
27The immunogenetics of multiple sclerosis: A comprehensive reviewJournal of Autoimmunity2015301
28From Infection to AutoimmunityJournal of Autoimmunity2001294
29Genome-wide DNA methylation study suggests epigenetic accessibility and transcriptional poising of interferon-regulated genes in naïve CD4+ T cells from lupus patientsJournal of Autoimmunity2013294
30Interleukin-17 and innate immunity in infections and chronic inflammationJournal of Autoimmunity2015293
31The complement system in systemic autoimmune diseaseJournal of Autoimmunity2010289
32Epidemiology of environmental exposures and human autoimmune diseases: Findings from a National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences Expert Panel WorkshopJournal of Autoimmunity2012288
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