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1Nondestructive measurement of fruit and vegetable quality by means of NIR spectroscopy: A reviewPostharvest Biology and Technology20071,718
2Preharvest and postharvest factors influencing vitamin C content of horticultural cropsPostharvest Biology and Technology20001,644
31-Methylcyclopropene: a reviewPostharvest Biology and Technology2003976
4Biochemical bases of appearance and texture changes in fresh-cut fruit and vegetablesPostharvest Biology and Technology2008699
5Quality measurement of fruits and vegetablesPostharvest Biology and Technology1999615
6Twenty years of postharvest biocontrol research: Is it time for a new paradigm?Postharvest Biology and Technology2009601
7Exploitation of natural products as an alternative strategy to control postharvest fungal rotting of fruit and vegetablesPostharvest Biology and Technology2004588
8Effect of ethylene on quality of fresh fruits and vegetablesPostharvest Biology and Technology1999516
9Chilling injury in peach and nectarinePostharvest Biology and Technology2005479
10Postharvest heat treatmentsPostharvest Biology and Technology1998468
11Factors affecting the postharvest soluble solids and sugar content of tomato (Solanum lycopersicum L.) fruitPostharvest Biology and Technology2012414
12Effects of chitosan on control of postharvest diseases and physiological responses of tomato fruitPostharvest Biology and Technology2007398
13Responses of early, mid and late season apple cultivars to postharvest application of 1-methylcyclopropene (1-MCP) under air and controlled atmosphere storage conditionsPostharvest Biology and Technology2000395
14Edible coatings to improve storability and enhance nutritional value of fresh and frozen strawberries (Fragaria × ananassa) and raspberries (Rubus ideaus)Postharvest Biology and Technology2004371
15Elicitors of induced disease resistance in postharvest horticultural crops: a brief reviewPostharvest Biology and Technology2004341
16Effect of chitosan–lemon essential oil coatings on storage-keeping quality of strawberryPostharvest Biology and Technology2012339
17FT-IR spectroscopy as a tool for measuring degree of methyl esterification in pectins isolated from ripening papaya fruitPostharvest Biology and Technology2002338
18Factors affecting quality of fresh-cut horticultural productsPostharvest Biology and Technology1996336
19Apple puree-alginate edible coating as carrier of antimicrobial agents to prolong shelf-life of fresh-cut applesPostharvest Biology and Technology2007332
20Effects of pre- and post-harvest application of salicylic acid or methyl jasmonate on inducing disease resistance of sweet cherry fruit in storagePostharvest Biology and Technology2005325
21The role of the anaerobic metabolites, acetaldehyde and ethanol, in fruit ripening, enhancement of fruit quality and fruit deteriorationPostharvest Biology and Technology2005324
22Control of postharvest decay of apple fruit by Aureobasidium pullulans and induction of defense responsesPostharvest Biology and Technology2000323
23Reflectance spectral features and non-destructive estimation of chlorophyll, carotenoid and anthocyanin content in apple fruitPostharvest Biology and Technology2003319
24Firmness, dry-matter and soluble-solids assessment of postharvest kiwifruit by NIR spectroscopyPostharvest Biology and Technology1998317
25Effect of high carbon dioxide concentration on PAL activity and phenolic contents in ripening cherimoya fruitPostharvest Biology and Technology2001317
26Recent approaches using chemical treatments to preserve quality of fresh-cut fruit: A reviewPostharvest Biology and Technology2010317
27Gum arabic as a novel edible coating for enhancing shelf-life and improving postharvest quality of tomato (Solanum lycopersicum L.) fruitPostharvest Biology and Technology2010316
28Measurement of the optical properties of fruits and vegetables using spatially resolved hyperspectral diffuse reflectance imaging techniquePostharvest Biology and Technology2008313
29Postharvest sweet cherry quality and safety maintenance by Aloe vera treatment: A new edible coatingPostharvest Biology and Technology2006311
30Optimization of edible coating composition to retard strawberry fruit senescencePostharvest Biology and Technology2007308
31Improvement of quality and shelf-life of strawberries with edible coatings enriched with chitosanPostharvest Biology and Technology2013307
32Induced resistance to control postharvest decay of fruit and vegetablesPostharvest Biology and Technology2016305
33Sustainable sanitation techniques for keeping quality and safety of fresh-cut plant commoditiesPostharvest Biology and Technology2009303
34Effect of temperature and relative humidity on fresh commodity qualityPostharvest Biology and Technology1999288
35Physiological responses of insects to heatPostharvest Biology and Technology2000286
36Consumer acceptance of ‘Brooks’ and ‘Bing’ cherries is mainly dependent on fruit SSC and visual skin colorPostharvest Biology and Technology2003285
37The case for fruit quality: an interpretive review of consumer attitudes, and preferences for applesPostharvest Biology and Technology2003282
38Prestorage hot water treatments (immersion, rinsing and brushing)Postharvest Biology and Technology2004282
39Use of antimicrobial nanoemulsions as edible coatings: Impact on safety and quality attributes of fresh-cut Fuji applesPostharvest Biology and Technology2015282
40Melatonin treatment delays postharvest senescence and regulates reactive oxygen species metabolism in peach fruitPostharvest Biology and Technology2016282
41Browning disorders in pear fruitPostharvest Biology and Technology2007281
42Antimicrobial and antioxidant activities of edible coatings enriched with natural plant extracts: In vitro and in vivo studiesPostharvest Biology and Technology2008281
43Quality of cold-stored strawberries as affected by chitosan–oleic acid edible coatingsPostharvest Biology and Technology2006280
44Bruise damage measurement and analysis of fresh horticultural produce—A reviewPostharvest Biology and Technology2014280
45Effects of chitosan coating on enzymatic browning and decay during postharvest storage of litchi (Litchi chinensis Sonn.) fruitPostharvest Biology and Technology1997279
46Effect of calcium dips and chitosan coatings on postharvest life of strawberries (Fragaria x ananassa)Postharvest Biology and Technology2006278
47Changes in activities of cell wall hydrolases during ethylene-induced ripening in banana: effect of 1-MCP, ABA and IAAPostharvest Biology and Technology2004276
48Membrane effects in postharvest physiologyPostharvest Biology and Technology1996275
49Light penetration properties of NIR radiation in fruit with respect to non-destructive quality assessmentPostharvest Biology and Technology2000275
50Aloe vera and ascorbic acid coatings maintain postharvest quality and reduce microbial load of strawberry fruitPostharvest Biology and Technology2016274