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1Making meaning: children’s perspectives expressed through drawingsEarly Child Development and Care2009314
2Listening to and involving young children: a review of research and practiceEarly Child Development and Care2005258
3Fathers in attachment theory and research: a reviewEarly Child Development and Care2010211
4Conducting research with young children: some ethical considerationsEarly Child Development and Care2005203
5Contributions of the home literacy environment to preschool‐aged children’s emerging literacy and language skillsEarly Child Development and Care2006185
6Playschool in pictures: children’s photographs as a research methodEarly Child Development and Care2005184
7The Unique Contribution of Home Literacy Environment to Differences in Early Literacy Skills1Early Child Development and Care1997181
8Play and learning—inseparable dimensions in preschool practiceEarly Child Development and Care2006171
9The effect of parent–child attachment relationships on child biopsychosocial outcomes: a reviewEarly Child Development and Care2008135
10Kindergarten teachers beliefs and practicesEarly Child Development and Care1991134
11Family Home Care Providers’ and Parents’ Beliefs and Practices Concerning Mathematics with Young Children†Early Child Development and Care2000117
12The risky situation: a procedure for assessing the father–child activation relationshipEarly Child Development and Care2010114
13Observed and reported supportive coparenting as predictors of infant–mother and infant–father attachment securityEarly Child Development and Care2010111
14Influences of Language and Parental Involvement on the Development of Counting Skills: Comparisons of French- and English-speaking Canadian ChildrenEarly Child Development and Care2002109
15Pretend Play and the Development of Emotion Regulation in Preschool ChildrenEarly Child Development and Care2001106
16Socialization Goals, Parenting Practices, and Peer Competence in Chinese and English PreschoolersEarly Child Development and Care2003101
17Preschool children's fundamental motor skills: a review of significant determinantsEarly Child Development and Care201496
18Specifying the links between household chaos and preschool children's developmentEarly Child Development and Care201294
19Rough and tumble play quality: theoretical foundations for a new measure of father–child interactionEarly Child Development and Care201389
20Child–mother and child–father play interaction patterns with preschoolersEarly Child Development and Care201389
21Mothers’ and fathers’ involvement in home activities with their children: psychosocial factors and the role of parental self-efficacyEarly Child Development and Care201388
22Thinking About Thinking: Developing Metacognition in ChildrenEarly Child Development and Care199886
23Mothers’ Implicit Theories of Early Literacy Instruction: Implications for Children's Reading and WritingEarly Child Development and Care200086
24Factors Related to Parenting Practices in TaiwanEarly Child Development and Care200286
25Changing patterns of parent–teacher communication and parent involvement from preschool to schoolEarly Child Development and Care201585
26Pedagogical positioning in play – teachers being inside and outside of children's imaginary playEarly Child Development and Care201584
27Gender differences in Brazilian children's fundamental movement skill performanceEarly Child Development and Care201381
28Sleep Problems in Infants Decrease Following Massage TherapyEarly Child Development and Care200180
29Researching with children: insights from the Starting School Research ProjectEarly Child Development and Care200579
30On musical parenting of young children: musical beliefs and behaviors of mothers and infantsEarly Child Development and Care200579
31Chinese parenting in Hong Kong: links among goals, beliefs and stylesEarly Child Development and Care200977
32What about the child's tie to the father? A new insight into fathering, father–child attachment, children's socio-emotional development and the activation relationship theoryEarly Child Development and Care201377
33Food Texture Preferences in Infants Versus ToddlersEarly Child Development and Care199876
34Dialogic teaching: developing thinking and metacognition through philosophical discussionEarly Child Development and Care200776
35Visual Teaching Strategies for Children with AutismEarly Child Development and Care200375
36Evaluating a supported nature play programme, parents’ perspectivesEarly Child Development and Care201975
37Parental Beliefs about Ways to Help Children Learn to Read: The Impact of an Entertainment or a Skills PerspectiveEarly Child Development and Care199774
38Children drawing: Are young children really scribbling?Early Child Development and Care198473
39Advanced constructional play with LEGOs among preschoolers as a predictor of later school achievement in mathematicsEarly Child Development and Care200372
40Children’s perspectives on their learning: exploring methodsEarly Child Development and Care200571
41Parenting behaviours and children’s development from infancy to early childhood: changes, continuities and contributionsEarly Child Development and Care201070
42Participatory learning theories: a framework for early childhood pedagogyEarly Child Development and Care201270
43The Validity of a Parent-based Assessment of Cognitive Abilities in Three-year Olds*Early Child Development and Care200269
44Quality matters: early childhood education policy in Hong KongEarly Child Development and Care200969
45Building on the positive in children's lives: a co-participatory study on the social construction of children's sense of agencyEarly Child Development and Care201469
46Using Augmented Reality in early art education: a case study in Hong Kong kindergartenEarly Child Development and Care201669
47Informed assent: ethics and processes when researching with young childrenEarly Child Development and Care200568
48Eliciting Young Children's Perceptions of Play, Work and Learning Using the Activity Apperception Story ProcedureEarly Child Development and Care200267
49Playing The Ladybug Game: parent guidance of young children's numeracy activitiesEarly Child Development and Care201267
50Mothers’ discrimination of their neonates’ cry in relation to cry acoustics: The first week of lifeEarly Child Development and Care199066