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Top Articles

1The outbreak of COVID-19 coronavirus and its impact on global mental healthInternational Journal of Social Psychiatry20202,073
2Levels and predictors of anxiety, depression and health anxiety during COVID-19 pandemic in Turkish society: The importance of genderInternational Journal of Social Psychiatry2020924
3Application and Results of the Manchester Short Assessment of Quality of Life (Mansa)International Journal of Social Psychiatry1999803
4Social isolation in Covid-19: The impact of lonelinessInternational Journal of Social Psychiatry2020625
5The effect of loneliness on depression: A meta-analysisInternational Journal of Social Psychiatry2018387
6The Schizophrenic Patient in the Community and His Effect On the HouseholdInternational Journal of Social Psychiatry1966357
7The Social Functioning Questionnaire: A Rapid and Robust Measure of Perceived FunctioningInternational Journal of Social Psychiatry2005282
8The Relationship Between Trauma, Post-Migration Problems and the Psychological Well-Being of Refugees and Asylum SeekersInternational Journal of Social Psychiatry2011267
9The Therapeutic Relationship in the Treatment of Severe Mental Illness: A Review of Methods and FindingsInternational Journal of Social Psychiatry2004264
10Psychological health during the coronavirus disease 2019 pandemic outbreakInternational Journal of Social Psychiatry2020256
11Not Just an Individual Journey: Social Aspects of RecoveryInternational Journal of Social Psychiatry2011243
12Farming and Mental Health Problems and Mental IllnessInternational Journal of Social Psychiatry2005237
13Social Networks and Mental Health Service Utilisation - a Literature ReviewInternational Journal of Social Psychiatry1998231
14Student mental health in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic: A call for further research and immediate solutionsInternational Journal of Social Psychiatry2020226
15Depression, anxiety, and stress and socio-demographic correlates among general Indian public during COVID-19International Journal of Social Psychiatry2020223
16Recovery from Mental Illness as an Emergent Concept and Practice in Australia and the UKInternational Journal of Social Psychiatry2007220
17The Harvard Trauma Questionnaire: Adapting a Cross-Cultural Instrument for Measuring Torture, Trauma and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder in Iraqi RefugeesInternational Journal of Social Psychiatry2007189
18Mental health interventions for traumatized asylum seekers and refugees: What do we know about their efficacy?International Journal of Social Psychiatry2015189
19Social Relationships as a Decisive Factor in Recovering From Severe Mental IllnessInternational Journal of Social Psychiatry2009183
20Experiences and psychosocial problems of nurses caring for patients diagnosed with COVID-19 in Turkey: A qualitative studyInternational Journal of Social Psychiatry2021178
21The Ethnic Density Effect: Results From a National Community Survey of England and WalesInternational Journal of Social Psychiatry2000170
22Measuring Self-Stigma of Mental Illness in China and Its Implications for RecoveryInternational Journal of Social Psychiatry2007169
23Stigma associated with mental illness and its treatment in the Arab culture: A systematic reviewInternational Journal of Social Psychiatry2018168
24How Stigmatising Is Schizophrenia in India?International Journal of Social Psychiatry2000164
25Aggression in DreamsInternational Journal of Social Psychiatry1963161
26Parenting Support and PTSD in Children of a War ZoneInternational Journal of Social Psychiatry2009160
27Quantitative and Qualitative Aspects of the Social Network in Schizophrenic Patients Living in the Community. Relationship To Sociodemographic Characteristics and Clinical Factors and Subjective Quality of LifeInternational Journal of Social Psychiatry2001159
28COVID-19 pandemic and psychological fatigue in TurkeyInternational Journal of Social Psychiatry2021158
29Online Video Game Therapy for Mental Health Concerns: A ReviewInternational Journal of Social Psychiatry2008155
30Identification of the hikikomori syndrome of social withdrawal: Psychosocial features and treatment preferences in four countriesInternational Journal of Social Psychiatry2015155
31Living environment and its relationship to depressive mood: A systematic reviewInternational Journal of Social Psychiatry2018155
32Burnout Among Mental Health Workers: a Review and a Research AgendaInternational Journal of Social Psychiatry1996148
33The Relationship of Causal Beliefs and Contact With Users of Mental Health Services To Attitudes To the 'Mentally Ill'International Journal of Social Psychiatry1999148
34Does ‘Fear of COVID-19’ trigger future career anxiety? An empirical investigation considering depression from COVID-19 as a mediatorInternational Journal of Social Psychiatry2021148
35Mental health professionals’ attitudes towards people with mental illness: Do they differ from attitudes held by people with mental illness?International Journal of Social Psychiatry2013147
36Prevalence of anxiety, depression, and psychological distress among the general population during the COVID-19 pandemic: A systematic review and meta-analysisInternational Journal of Social Psychiatry2021147
37Help Seeking Behaviour of Psychiatric Patients Before Seeking Care At a Mental HospitalInternational Journal of Social Psychiatry2001142
38Focus Groups in Mental Health Research: Enhancing the Validity of User and Provider QuestionnairesInternational Journal of Social Psychiatry1996141
39The National Mental Health Survey of India (2016): Prevalence, socio-demographic correlates and treatment gap of mental morbidityInternational Journal of Social Psychiatry2020139
40Coping styles and mental health in response to societal changes during the COVID-19 pandemicInternational Journal of Social Psychiatry2021136
41How the COVID-19 pandemic effected economic, social, political, and cultural factors: A lesson from IranInternational Journal of Social Psychiatry2021135
42Economic recession and suicidal behaviour: Possible mechanisms and ameliorating factorsInternational Journal of Social Psychiatry2015134
43General condition of hikikomori (prolonged social withdrawal) in Japan: Psychiatric diagnosis and outcome in mental health welfare centresInternational Journal of Social Psychiatry2013132
44Impact of COVID-19 pandemic on socioeconomic and mental health aspects in NepalInternational Journal of Social Psychiatry2020132
45The Stigma of Mental Illness: Patients’ Anticipations and ExperiencesInternational Journal of Social Psychiatry2004131
46Interventions To Reduce the Use of Seclusion and Restraint in Inpatient Psychiatric Settings: What We Know So Far a Review of the LiteratureInternational Journal of Social Psychiatry2010131
47Stress in Mental Health Professionals: a Theoretical OverviewInternational Journal of Social Psychiatry1996130
48A New Form of Social Withdrawal in Japan: a Review ofHikikomoriInternational Journal of Social Psychiatry2010129
49Depression and Quality of Life: Results of a Follow-Up StudyInternational Journal of Social Psychiatry2002128
50Perception of and Attitude towards Mental Illness in OmanInternational Journal of Social Psychiatry2002127