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1Clinical Dementia Rating: A Reliable and Valid Diagnostic and Staging Measure for Dementia of the Alzheimer TypeInternational Psychogeriatrics19971,190
2The Cognitive Abilities Screening Instrument (CASI): A Practical Test for Cross-Cultural Epidemiological Studies of DementiaInternational Psychogeriatrics1994787
3Aging, Memory, and Mild Cognitive ImpairmentInternational Psychogeriatrics1997758
4The Australian Imaging, Biomarkers and Lifestyle (AIBL) study of aging: methodology and baseline characteristics of 1112 individuals recruited for a longitudinal study of Alzheimer's diseaseInternational Psychogeriatrics2009661
5Helping caregivers of persons with dementia: which interventions work and how large are their effects?International Psychogeriatrics2006657
6Loneliness and social isolation during the COVID-19 pandemicInternational Psychogeriatrics2020625
7The Informant Questionnaire on Cognitive Decline in the Elderly (IQCODE): a reviewInternational Psychogeriatrics2004623
8Development and validation of the Geriatric Anxiety InventoryInternational Psychogeriatrics2007623
9Aging-Associated Cognitive DeclineInternational Psychogeriatrics1994554
10A Revised CES-D Measure of Depressive Symptoms and a DSM-Based Measure of Major Depressive Episodes in the ElderlyInternational Psychogeriatrics1999539
11Functional Assessment Staging (FAST) in Alzheimer's Disease: Reliability, Validity, and OrdinalityInternational Psychogeriatrics1992447
12Prevalence of psychiatric disorders among older adults in long-term care homes: a systematic reviewInternational Psychogeriatrics2010447
13Is MCI really just early dementia? A systematic review of conversion studiesInternational Psychogeriatrics2004436
14Correlates and predictors of loneliness in older-adults: a review of quantitative results informed by qualitative insightsInternational Psychogeriatrics2016432
15Behavioral and Psychological Signs and Symptoms of Dementia: A Consensus Statement on Current Knowledge and Implications for Research and TreatmentInternational Psychogeriatrics1997386
16A Guide to the Standardized Mini-Mental State ExaminationInternational Psychogeriatrics1997376
17Operational definitions of successful aging: a systematic reviewInternational Psychogeriatrics2014353
18Butyrylcholinesterase: An Important New Target in Alzheimer's Disease TherapyInternational Psychogeriatrics2002351
19Assessment of Memory Complaint in Age-Associated Memory Impairment: The MAC-QInternational Psychogeriatrics1992342
20The Rowland Universal Dementia Assessment Scale (RUDAS): a multicultural cognitive assessment scaleInternational Psychogeriatrics2004329
21Effects of Individualized Versus Classical “Relaxation” Music on the Frequency of Agitation in Elderly Persons With Alzheimer's Disease and Related DisordersInternational Psychogeriatrics2000307
22A systematic review of the prevalence and covariates of anxiety in caregivers of people with dementiaInternational Psychogeriatrics2007300
23The Geriatric Depression Scale: A Review of Its Development and UtilityInternational Psychogeriatrics1996297
24Management of behavioral problems in Alzheimer's diseaseInternational Psychogeriatrics2010295
25The Sydney Memory and Ageing Study (MAS): methodology and baseline medical and neuropsychiatric characteristics of an elderly epidemiological non-demented cohort of Australians aged 70–90 yearsInternational Psychogeriatrics2010286
26Loneliness and cognitive function in the older adult: a systematic reviewInternational Psychogeriatrics2015283
27The incidence of delirium associated with orthopedic surgery: a meta-analytic reviewInternational Psychogeriatrics2007278
28Eating Habits and Appetite Control in the Elderly: The Anorexia of AgingInternational Psychogeriatrics2003274
29Is the Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MoCA) screening superior to the Mini-Mental State Examination (MMSE) in the detection of mild cognitive impairment (MCI) and Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) in the elderly?International Psychogeriatrics2019265
30Situational versus chronic loneliness as risk factors for all-cause mortalityInternational Psychogeriatrics2010260
31Current evidence for subjective cognitive impairment (SCI) as the pre-mild cognitive impairment (MCI) stage of subsequently manifest Alzheimer's diseaseInternational Psychogeriatrics2008259
32Causes of nursing home placement for older people with dementia: a systematic review and meta-analysisInternational Psychogeriatrics2017258
33A systematic review of the association between the Behavioral and Psychological Symptoms of Dementia and burden of careInternational Psychogeriatrics2004254
34Factorial validity of the Center for Epidemiologic Studies Depression Scale short form in older population in ChinaInternational Psychogeriatrics2014248
35Agitation in cognitive disorders: International Psychogeriatric Association provisional consensus clinical and research definitionInternational Psychogeriatrics2015244
36Donepezil for Treatment of Dementia With Lewy Bodies: A Case Series of Nine PatientsInternational Psychogeriatrics1998243
37Staging of Alzheimer-Related Cortical DestructionInternational Psychogeriatrics1997242
38Proposed Factor Structure of the Geriatric Depression ScaleInternational Psychogeriatrics1991237
39Communication skills training in dementia care: a systematic review of effectiveness, training content, and didactic methods in different care settingsInternational Psychogeriatrics2013237
40The problem with “problem behaviors”: a systematic review of the association between individual patient behavioral and psychological symptoms and caregiver depression and burden within the dementia patient–caregiver dyadInternational Psychogeriatrics2012233
41Music therapy in moderate and severe dementia of Alzheimer's type: a case–control studyInternational Psychogeriatrics2006230
42Prevalence of depression among older Americans: the Aging, Demographics and Memory StudyInternational Psychogeriatrics2009227
43Prevalence of dementia in Latin America: a collaborative study of population-based cohortsInternational Psychogeriatrics2009224
44Cognitive predictors of unsafe driving in older drivers: a meta-analysisInternational Psychogeriatrics2009221
45The Prevalence and Management of Dementia and Other Psychiatric Disorders in Nursing HomesInternational Psychogeriatrics1990214
46Cognitive training for persons with mild cognitive impairmentInternational Psychogeriatrics2008214
47An overview of systematic reviews of pharmacological and non-pharmacological interventions for the treatment of behavioral and psychological symptoms of dementiaInternational Psychogeriatrics2018213
48Efficacy of Donepezil on Behavioral Symptoms in Patients With Moderate to Severe Alzheimer's DiseaseInternational Psychogeriatrics2002211
49Accurate Prediction of Histologically Confirmed Alzheimer's Disease and the Differential Diagnosis of Dementia: The Use of NINCDS-ADRDA and DSM-III-R Criteria, SPECT, X-Ray CT, and Apo E4 in Medial Temporal Lobe DementiasInternational Psychogeriatrics1998207
50Keeping In Touch Everyday (KITE) project: developing assistive technologies with people with dementia and their carers to promote independenceInternational Psychogeriatrics2009204