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Most Cited Articles of Trends in Biotechnology

ZFN, TALEN, and CRISPR/Cas-based methods for genome engineering20132.5K
Antibacterial properties of nanoparticles20121.7K
Microbial fuel cells: novel biotechnology for energy generation20051.6K
Biodiesel from microalgae beats bioethanol20081.5K
Alginate as immobilization matrix for cells19901.5K
Recent advances in bone tissue engineering scaffolds20121.4K
Genic microsatellite markers in plants: features and applications20051.3K
Proteobacteria: microbial signature of dysbiosis in gut microbiota20151.3K
Graphene and graphene oxide: biofunctionalization and applications in biotechnology20111.2K
Soft robotics: a bioinspired evolution in robotics20131.1K
Cationic peptides: a new source of antibiotics19981.1K
Bio-ethanol--the fuel of tomorrow from the residues of today20061.1K
Haematococcus astaxanthin: applications for human health and nutrition20031.1K
Classification of platelet concentrates: from pure platelet-rich plasma (P-PRP) to leucocyte- and platelet-rich fibrin (L-PRF)20091K
Nanosilver as a new generation of nanoproduct in biomedical applications20101K
Metabolomics by numbers: acquiring and understanding global metabolite data20041K
The expanding scope of antimicrobial peptide structures and their modes of action2011981
Organ printing: computer-aided jet-based 3D tissue engineering2003960
Towards practical implementation of bioelectrochemical wastewater treatment2008921
Laccases: blue enzymes for green chemistry2006920
Systematic functional analysis of the yeast genome1998906
Vascularization in tissue engineering2008890
Scaffold-based tissue engineering: rationale for computer-aided design and solid free-form fabrication systems2004888
The role of bioreactors in tissue engineering2004879
Codon bias and heterologous protein expression2004870