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Top Articles

1The rise of grapheneNature Materials200735,008
2Materials for electrochemical capacitorsNature Materials200814,090
3A metal-free polymeric photocatalyst for hydrogen production from water under visible lightNature Materials200910,442
4Complex thermoelectric materialsNature Materials20089,012
5Li–O2 and Li–S batteries with high energy storageNature Materials20128,166
6Nanostructured materials for advanced energy conversion and storage devicesNature Materials20058,114
7Plasmonics for improved photovoltaic devicesNature Materials20107,449
8Detection of individual gas molecules adsorbed on grapheneNature Materials20077,114
9Biosensing with plasmonic nanosensorsNature Materials20086,152
10Understanding biophysicochemical interactions at the nano–bio interfaceNature Materials20096,046
11Solvent engineering for high-performance inorganic–organic hybrid perovskite solar cellsNature Materials20145,796
12Quantum dot bioconjugates for imaging, labelling and sensingNature Materials20055,774
13High-efficiency solution processable polymer photovoltaic cells by self-organization of polymer blendsNature Materials20055,281
14A highly ordered nanostructured carbon–sulphur cathode for lithium–sulphur batteriesNature Materials20095,250
15Nanowire dye-sensitized solar cellsNature Materials20055,232
16Co3O4 nanocrystals on graphene as a synergistic catalyst for oxygen reduction reactionNature Materials20115,120
17Stimuli-responsive nanocarriers for drug deliveryNature Materials20135,084
18Thermal properties of graphene and nanostructured carbon materialsNature Materials20115,065
19Emerging applications of stimuli-responsive polymer materialsNature Materials20105,007
20Nanoionics-based resistive switching memoriesNature Materials20074,518
21Flat optics with designer metasurfacesNature Materials20144,358
22Plasmonic-metal nanostructures for efficient conversion of solar to chemical energyNature Materials20114,163
23Ionic-liquid materials for the electrochemical challenges of the futureNature Materials20094,067
24Multiferroics: a magnetic twist for ferroelectricityNature Materials20074,054
25High-rate electrochemical energy storage through Li+ intercalation pseudocapacitanceNature Materials20134,021
26Plasmonics for extreme light concentration and manipulationNature Materials20103,773
27Ultra-large-scale syntheses of monodisperse nanocrystalsNature Materials20043,713
28A lithium superionic conductorNature Materials20113,659
29Porous metal–organic-framework nanoscale carriers as a potential platform for drug delivery and imagingNature Materials20103,629
30Multiferroics: progress and prospects in thin filmsNature Materials20073,543
31Three-dimensional flexible and conductive interconnected graphene networks grown by chemical vapour depositionNature Materials20113,493
32Porous scaffold design for tissue engineeringNature Materials20053,370
33The Fano resonance in plasmonic nanostructures and metamaterialsNature Materials20103,352
34Computational high-throughput screening of electrocatalytic materials for hydrogen evolutionNature Materials20063,305
35The path towards sustainable energyNature Materials20173,288
36Bioinspired structural materialsNature Materials20153,284
37Efficiency enhancement in low-bandgap polymer solar cells by processing with alkane dithiolsNature Materials20073,088
38Phase-change materials for rewriteable data storageNature Materials20073,054
39A perpendicular-anisotropy CoFeB–MgO magnetic tunnel junctionNature Materials20103,020
40Superhydrophobic statesNature Materials20032,913
41Giant room-temperature magnetoresistance in single-crystal Fe/MgO/Fe magnetic tunnel junctionsNature Materials20042,907
42Trends in electrocatalysis on extended and nanoscale Pt-bimetallic alloy surfacesNature Materials20072,902
43Engineering the surface structure of MoS2 to preferentially expose active edge sites for electrocatalysisNature Materials20122,896
44Giant tunnelling magnetoresistance at room temperature with MgO (100) tunnel barriersNature Materials20042,820
45Donor impurity band exchange in dilute ferromagnetic oxidesNature Materials20052,802
46Ordered mesoporous α-MoO3 with iso-oriented nanocrystalline walls for thin-film pseudocapacitorsNature Materials20102,801
47Molecular spintronics using single-molecule magnetsNature Materials20082,794
48Materials for terahertz science and technologyNature Materials20022,759
49Highly sensitive flexible pressure sensors with microstructured rubber dielectric layersNature Materials20102,749
50Low-temperature solution-processed wavelength-tunable perovskites for lasingNature Materials20142,725