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1Incidence of adverse biological effects within ranges of chemical concentrations in marine and estuarine sedimentsEnvironmental Management19953,397
2Basic Principles and Ecological Consequences of Altered Flow Regimes for Aquatic BiodiversityEnvironmental Management20022,517
3A hierarchical framework for stream habitat classification: Viewing streams in a watershed contextEnvironmental Management19861,845
4Adaptive Comanagement for Building Resilience in Social?Ecological SystemsEnvironmental Management20041,204
5Modeling the Spatial Dynamics of Regional Land Use: The CLUE-S ModelEnvironmental Management20021,141
6Biological Effects of Fine Sediment in the Lotic EnvironmentEnvironmental Management19971,087
7PROFILE: Hungry Water: Effects of Dams and Gravel Mining on River ChannelsEnvironmental Management19971,084
8A Drinking Water Crisis in Lake Taihu, China: Linkage to Climatic Variability and Lake ManagementEnvironmental Management2010778
9Ecological perspective on water quality goalsEnvironmental Management1981713
10Farmers’ Perceptions of Climate Change and Agricultural Adaptation Strategies in Rural SahelEnvironmental Management2009648
11Ecoregions of the Conterminous United States: Evolution of a Hierarchical Spatial FrameworkEnvironmental Management2014614
12An Ecological Perspective on In-Stream Temperature: Natural Heat Dynamics and Mechanisms of Human-CausedThermal DegradationEnvironmental Management2001613
13Mapping and Modeling the Biogeochemical Cycling of Turf Grasses in the United StatesEnvironmental Management2005536
14Impacts of Urbanization on Stream Habitat and Fish Across Multiple Spatial ScalesEnvironmental Management2001518
15Eutrophication of Lake Waters in China: Cost, Causes, and ControlEnvironmental Management2010514
16Water Quality Functions of Riparian Forest Buffers in Chesapeake Bay WatershedsEnvironmental Management1997497
17Undamming Rivers: A Review of the Ecological Impacts of Dam RemovalEnvironmental Management2001494
18A Global Analysis of Protected Area Management EffectivenessEnvironmental Management2010476
19Physical habitat template of lotic systems: Recovery in the context of historical pattern of spatiotemporal heterogeneityEnvironmental Management1990473
20Adaptive Capacity and Community-Based Natural Resource ManagementEnvironmental Management2005472
21Carbon Sequestration in Dryland EcosystemsEnvironmental Management2004464
22Impediments and Solutions to Sustainable, Watershed-Scale Urban Stormwater Management: Lessons from Australia and the United StatesEnvironmental Management2008463
23Basic Principles and Ecological Consequences of Changing Water Regimes: Riparian Plant CommunitiesEnvironmental Management2002446
24Global sustainability: Toward definitionEnvironmental Management1987444
25Role of refugia in recovery from disturbances: Modern fragmented and disconnected river systemsEnvironmental Management1990432
26ENVIRONMENTAL AUDITING: Assessing Biotic Integrity of Streams: Effects of Scale in Measuring the Influence of Land Use/Cover and Habitat Structure on Fish and MacroinvertebratesEnvironmental Management1999389
27The Influence of Urban Density and Drainage Infrastructure on the Concentrations and Loads of Pollutants in Small StreamsEnvironmental Management2004388
28A Review of the Main Driving Factors of Forest Fire Ignition Over EuropeEnvironmental Management2013388
29Contribution of Wastewater Treatment Plant Effluents to Nutrient Dynamics in Aquatic Systems: A ReviewEnvironmental Management2009387
30Adaptive management: Promises and pitfallsEnvironmental Management1996384
31Adaptation to Climate Change in Developing CountriesEnvironmental Management2009377
32What Is a Good Public Participation Process? Five Perspectives from the PublicEnvironmental Management2001369
33Overview of case studies on recovery of aquatic systems from disturbanceEnvironmental Management1990358
34Climate Change and River Ecosystems: Protection and Adaptation OptionsEnvironmental Management2009326
35Policy Development for Biodiversity Offsets: A Review of Offset FrameworksEnvironmental Management2010326
36Land Degradation: A Challenge to EthiopiaEnvironmental Management2001322
37Land-Use Suitability Analysis in the United States: Historical Development and Promising Technological AchievementsEnvironmental Management2001311
38Phreatophytic Vegetation and Groundwater Fluctuations: A Review of Current Research and Application of Ecosystem Response Modeling with an Emphasis on Great Basin VegetationEnvironmental Management2005311
39Using Multicriteria Methods in Environmental Planning and ManagementEnvironmental Management2000310
40Ants: Bio-indicators of minesite rehabilitation, land-use, and land conservationEnvironmental Management1983304
41Modeling Urban Growth Effects on Surface Runoff with the Integration of Remote Sensing and GISEnvironmental Management2001304
42Delineation of ecosystem regionsEnvironmental Management1983299
43Long-term depletion of calcium and other nutrients in eastern US forestsEnvironmental Management1989299
44Collapse of riparian poplar forests downstream from dams in western prairies: Probable causes and prospects for mitigationEnvironmental Management1990299
45Nodes, networks, and MUMs: Preserving diversity at all scalesEnvironmental Management1986295
46Using Dynamic Modeling to Scope Environmental Problems and Build ConsensusEnvironmental Management1998291
47Hedgerows and hedgerow networks in landscape ecologyEnvironmental Management1984290
48Critical Review of Exposure and Effects: Implications for Setting Regulatory Health Criteria for Ingested CopperEnvironmental Management2020290
49Regional reference sites: a method for assessing stream potentialsEnvironmental Management1986288
50Developing a collaborative model for environmental planning and managementEnvironmental Management1995288