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Top Articles

1Fragile Families: sample and designChildren and Youth Services Review20011,177
2Online communication, social media and adolescent wellbeing: A systematic narrative reviewChildren and Youth Services Review2014673
3Dominance and symmetry in partner violence by male and female university students in 32 nationsChildren and Youth Services Review2008482
4Resilience in children and youth: A reviewChildren and Youth Services Review2012442
5Adverse childhood experiences and life opportunities: Shifting the narrativeChildren and Youth Services Review2017441
6Impact of lockdown on learning status of undergraduate and postgraduate students during COVID-19 pandemic in West Bengal, IndiaChildren and Youth Services Review2020424
7Risk factors for involvement in cyber bullying: Victims, bullies and bully–victimsChildren and Youth Services Review2012419
8Child maltreatment and juvenile delinquency: Investigating the role of placement and placement instabilityChildren and Youth Services Review2005407
9Ongoing and online: Children and youth's perceptions of cyber bullyingChildren and Youth Services Review2009385
10Young children’s online learning during COVID-19 pandemic: Chinese parents’ beliefs and attitudesChildren and Youth Services Review2020384
11Parent involvement in elementary school and educational attainmentChildren and Youth Services Review2004347
12Disruptions in foster care: A review and meta-analysisChildren and Youth Services Review2007347
13Fostering security? A meta-analysis of attachment in adopted childrenChildren and Youth Services Review2009331
14A comparison of kinship foster homes and foster family homes: Implications for kinship foster care as family preservationChildren and Youth Services Review1994327
15“What doesn't kill you makes you stronger”: Survivalist self-reliance as resilience and risk among young adults aging out of foster careChildren and Youth Services Review2008317
16Educational and employment outcomes of adults formerly placed in foster care: Results from the Northwest Foster Care Alumni StudyChildren and Youth Services Review2006314
17Impact of “e-Learning crack-up” perception on psychological distress among college students during COVID-19 pandemic: A mediating role of “fear of academic year loss”Children and Youth Services Review2020314
18Long-term poverty and child development in the United States: Results from the NLSYChildren and Youth Services Review1995291
19COVID-19 and its impact on education, social life and mental health of students: A surveyChildren and Youth Services Review2021278
20What is youth participation?Children and Youth Services Review2011264
21Evidence-based treatments in child abuse and neglectChildren and Youth Services Review2004248
22Parenting activities and the transition to home-based education during the COVID-19 pandemicChildren and Youth Services Review2021246
23Outcomes of children who grew up in foster care: Systematic-reviewChildren and Youth Services Review2017245
24Why do they leave? Modeling child welfare workers' turnover intentionsChildren and Youth Services Review2006241
25Kinship family foster care: a methodological and substantive synthesis of researchChildren and Youth Services Review2004236
26Income, family structure, and child maltreatment riskChildren and Youth Services Review2004235
27Disentangling substantiation: The influence of race, income, and risk on the substantiation decision in child welfareChildren and Youth Services Review2011231
28Placement movement in out-of-home care: patterns and predictorsChildren and Youth Services Review2004227
29The persistent effect of race and the promise of alternatives to suspension in school discipline outcomesChildren and Youth Services Review2014225
30Housing and child developmentChildren and Youth Services Review2010217
31“Tomorrow is another problem”Children and Youth Services Review2007212
32The academic status of children and youth in out-of-home care: A review of the literatureChildren and Youth Services Review2008212
33Impact of COVID-19 pandemic on the mental health of children in Bangladesh: A cross-sectional studyChildren and Youth Services Review2020211
34Kin and non-kin foster care—findings from a National SurveyChildren and Youth Services Review2002207
35Under one roof: A review and selective meta-analysis on the outcomes of residential child and youth careChildren and Youth Services Review2008207
36Developmental effects of exposure to Intimate Partner Violence in early childhood: A review of the literatureChildren and Youth Services Review2009206
37A meta-analysis of turnover intention predictors among U.S. child welfare workersChildren and Youth Services Review2014204
38Retention of front-line staff in child welfare: A systematic review of researchChildren and Youth Services Review2008201
39A qualitative study of 369 child welfare professionals' perspectives about factors contributing to employee retention and turnoverChildren and Youth Services Review2007200
40Children of incarcerated parents: Challenges and resiliency, in their own wordsChildren and Youth Services Review2008195
41Race and child maltreatment reporting: Are Blacks overrepresented?Children and Youth Services Review2009194
42The next step: Integrating actuarial risk assessment and clinical judgment into an evidence-based practice framework in CPS case managementChildren and Youth Services Review2005192
43Connectedness to family, school, peers, and community in socially vulnerable adolescentsChildren and Youth Services Review2017192
44Burnout: From tedium to personal growthChildren and Youth Services Review1983190
45Burnout among high school students: A literature reviewChildren and Youth Services Review2014187
46Perceived usability evaluation of Microsoft Teams as an online learning platform during COVID-19 using system usability scale and technology acceptance model in IndiaChildren and Youth Services Review2020185
47Using the CBCL to determine the clinical status of children in state custodyChildren and Youth Services Review2000183
48Engaging parents in parenting programs: Lessons from research and practiceChildren and Youth Services Review2012183
49The data behind the dissemination: A systematic review of trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy for use with children and youthChildren and Youth Services Review2012183
50Resilience of youth in transition from out-of-home care to adulthoodChildren and Youth Services Review2007182