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Top Articles

1Review of fast pyrolysis of biomass and product upgradingBiomass and Bioenergy20123,536
2Global potential bioethanol production from wasted crops and crop residuesBiomass and Bioenergy20041,584
3Ethanol from lignocellulosic biomass: techno-economic performance in short-, middle- and long-termBiomass and Bioenergy20051,374
4A review of the primary measures for tar elimination in biomass gasification processesBiomass and Bioenergy20031,233
5The development and current status of perennial rhizomatous grasses as energy crops in the US and EuropeBiomass and Bioenergy20031,160
6Techniques for transformation of biogas to biomethaneBiomass and Bioenergy20111,028
7Jatropha bio-diesel production and useBiomass and Bioenergy2008991
8Development of switchgrass (Panicum virgatum) as a bioenergy feedstock in the United StatesBiomass and Bioenergy2005963
9The contribution of biomass in the future global energy supply: a review of 17 studiesBiomass and Bioenergy2003935
10A review of Jatropha curcas: an oil plant of unfulfilled promiseBiomass and Bioenergy2000901
11Factors affecting strength and durability of densified biomass productsBiomass and Bioenergy2009879
12Miscanthus: European experience with a novel energy cropBiomass and Bioenergy2000805
13Prospects and potential of fatty acid methyl esters of some non-traditional seed oils for use as biodiesel in IndiaBiomass and Bioenergy2005783
14Exploration of the possibilities for production of Fischer Tropsch liquids and power via biomass gasificationBiomass and Bioenergy2002763
15Micro-algae cultivation for biofuels: Cost, energy balance, environmental impacts and future prospectsBiomass and Bioenergy2013747
16Estimating the higher heating value of biomass fuels from basic analysis dataBiomass and Bioenergy2005731
17Biodiesel production from jatropha oil (Jatropha curcas) with high free fatty acids: An optimized processBiomass and Bioenergy2007703
18Green house gases emissions in the production and use of ethanol from sugarcane in Brazil: The 2005/2006 averages and a prediction for 2020Biomass and Bioenergy2008690
19Biomass gasification in near- and super-critical water: Status and prospectsBiomass and Bioenergy2005648
20Biomass gasification in a circulating fluidized bedBiomass and Bioenergy2004630
21Anaerobic digestion of biomass for methane production: A reviewBiomass and Bioenergy1997618
22Steam-gasification of biomass in a fluidised-bed of olivine particlesBiomass and Bioenergy2000617
23Bamboo: an overlooked biomass resource?Biomass and Bioenergy2000608
24Physical characterisation and chemical composition of densified biomass fuels with regard to their combustion behaviourBiomass and Bioenergy2004594
25Grinding performance and physical properties of wheat and barley straws, corn stover and switchgrassBiomass and Bioenergy2004576
26Bio-oil and bio-char production from corn cobs and stover by fast pyrolysisBiomass and Bioenergy2010573
27Hydrothermal liquefaction (HTL) of microalgae for biofuel production: State of the art review and future prospectsBiomass and Bioenergy2013572
28The effect of biodiesel oxidation on engine performance and emissionsBiomass and Bioenergy2001570
29Chemical properties of solid biofuels—significance and impactBiomass and Bioenergy2006567
30Effects of compressive force, particle size and moisture content on mechanical properties of biomass pellets from grassesBiomass and Bioenergy2006564
31Biodiesel production from mahua (Madhuca indica) oil having high free fatty acidsBiomass and Bioenergy2005561
32Methane productivity of manure, straw and solid fractions of manureBiomass and Bioenergy2004551
33Exploration of the ranges of the global potential of biomass for energyBiomass and Bioenergy2003547
34A review of current technology for biodiesel production: State of the artBiomass and Bioenergy2014546
35Thermogravimetric analysis as a new method to determine the lignocellulosic composition of biomassBiomass and Bioenergy2011545
36Economics of biomass energy utilization in combustion and gasification plants: effects of logistic variablesBiomass and Bioenergy2005527
37Chemical characterization of rice straw-derived biochar for soil amendmentBiomass and Bioenergy2012517
38Effects of volatile fatty acid concentrations on methane yield and methanogenic bacteriaBiomass and Bioenergy2009515
39Stillage characterization and anaerobic treatment of ethanol stillage from conventional and cellulosic feedstocksBiomass and Bioenergy2000499
40A quantitative review comparing the yields of two candidate C4 perennial biomass crops in relation to nitrogen, temperature and waterBiomass and Bioenergy2004499
41A review of cleaning technologies for biomass-derived syngasBiomass and Bioenergy2013477
42Diesel engine emissions and performance from blends of karanja methyl ester and dieselBiomass and Bioenergy2004473
43A reassessment of carbon content in wood: variation within and between 41 North American speciesBiomass and Bioenergy2003466
44Life cycle assessment of various cropping systems utilized for producing biofuels: Bioethanol and biodieselBiomass and Bioenergy2005458
45Global biomass fuel resourcesBiomass and Bioenergy2004447
46Continuous co-digestion of cattle slurry with fruit and vegetable wastes and chicken manureBiomass and Bioenergy2002440
47Chemical composition and response to dilute-acid pretreatment and enzymatic saccharification of alfalfa, reed canarygrass, and switchgrassBiomass and Bioenergy2006440
48Assessment of energy performance in the life-cycle of biogas productionBiomass and Bioenergy2006433
49Simulation of biomass gasification in fluidized bed reactor using ASPEN PLUSBiomass and Bioenergy2008432
50Review: Sustainable production of hydroxymethylfurfural and levulinic acid: Challenges and opportunitiesBiomass and Bioenergy2015430