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1Big returns from small fibers: A review of polymer/carbon nanotube compositesPolymer Composites20041,115
2Recent developments in chemical modification and characterization of natural fiber‐reinforced compositesPolymer Composites2008940
3The effect of aspect ratio of inclusions on the elastic properties of unidirectionally aligned compositesPolymer Composites1984591
4Thermoplastic nanocomposites filled with wheat straw cellulose whiskers. Part I: Processing and mechanical behaviorPolymer Composites1996415
5Natural fiber eco-compositesPolymer Composites2007414
6Green composites: An overviewPolymer Composites2011405
7Mechanical properties of composites using ultrafine electrospun fibersPolymer Composites1999389
8Superabsorbent hydrogel composites and nanocomposites: A reviewPolymer Composites2011368
9A finite element/control volume approach to mold filling in anisotropic porous mediaPolymer Composites1990360
10Surface characterization of flax, hemp and cellulose fibers; Surface properties and the water uptake behaviorPolymer Composites2002350
11Estimation of the volume resistivity of electrically conductive compositesPolymer Composites1997336
12Composites as friction materials: Recent developments in non-asbestos fiber reinforced friction materials?a reviewPolymer Composites1997307
13Natural fiber reinforced polylactic acid composites: A reviewPolymer Composites2019296
14Kinetic studies of thermoset cure reactions: A reviewPolymer Composites1997290
15Mechanical, thermal, and rheological properties of graphene‐based polypropylene nanocomposites prepared by melt mixingPolymer Composites2012281
16Mechanical properties of particulate filled polymersPolymer Composites1987268
17A review of methods for improving the interfacial adhesion between carbon fiber and polymer matrixPolymer Composites1997262
18A review of recent progress in the studies of molecular and microstructure of coupling agents and their functions in composites, coatings and adhesive jointsPolymer Composites1984261
19Review of the applications of biocomposites in the automotive industryPolymer Composites2017258
20Dynamical mechanical analysis of sisal/oil palm hybrid fiber-reinforced natural rubber compositesPolymer Composites2006254
21Self-Reinforced melt processible polymer composites: Extrusion, compression, and injection moldingPolymer Composites1987244
22Interfacial shear strength studies using the single-filament-composite test. I: Experiments on graphite fibers in epoxyPolymer Composites1989241
23Mechanical and thermal properties of environment-friendly ?green? composites made from pineapple leaf fibers and poly(hydroxybutyrate-co-valerate) resinPolymer Composites1999229
24Fiber orientation in simple injection moldings. Part I: Theory and numerical methodsPolymer Composites1992208
25Simultaneous measurements of permeability and capillary pressure of thermosetting matrices in woven fabric reinforcementsPolymer Composites1991200
26Fiber orientation and mechanical properties of short-fiber-reinforced injection-molded composites: Simulated and experimental resultsPolymer Composites1993200
27Thermally conductive polymer compositionsPolymer Composites1986198
28Interfacial shear strength studies using the single-filament-composite test. Part II: A probability model and Monte Carlo simulationPolymer Composites1989198
29Compaction of textile reinforcements for composites manufacturing. I: Review of experimental resultsPolymer Composites1998197
30Curing of composite components by ultraviolet radiation: A reviewPolymer Composites2006196
31Phthalonitrile-carbon fiber compositesPolymer Composites1996192
32Interfaces in polyolefin/cellulosic fiber composites: Chemical coupling, morphology, correlation with adhesion and aging in moisturePolymer Composites1998192
33Investigation of basalt fiber composite mechanical properties for applications in transportationPolymer Composites2006191
34Thermally conductive silicone rubber reinforced with boron nitride particlePolymer Composites2007190
35Electrical and mechanical properties of multi‐walled carbon nanotubes reinforced PMMA and PS compositesPolymer Composites2008182
36Lignocellulosic fiber reinforced composites: Progress, performance, properties, applications, and future perspectivesPolymer Composites2022182
37Mechanical properties of Al2O3/polymethylmethacrylate nanocompositesPolymer Composites2002181
38Thermal conductivity of silicone rubber filled with ZnOPolymer Composites2007180
39An interface model for the prediction of Young's modulus of layered silicate-elastomer nanocompositesPolymer Composites1998179
40A comprehensive review on mechanical, electromagnetic radiation shielding, and thermal conductivity of fibers/inorganic fillers reinforced hybrid polymer compositesPolymer Composites2020179
41Future prospects for wood cellulose as reinforcement in organic polymer compositesPolymer Composites1989176
42A fractal in-plane permeability model for fabricsPolymer Composites2002175
43Development and characterization of high-performance polybenzoxazine compositesPolymer Composites1996171
44Application of dynamic mechanical analysis for the study of the interfacial region in carbon fiber/epoxy composite materialsPolymer Composites1993170
45Thermoplastic nanocomposites filled with wheat straw cellulose whiskers. Part II: Effect of processing and modelingPolymer Composites1997169
46Modulus recovery kinetics and other insights into the payne effect for filled elastomersPolymer Composites2000169
47Effect of compatibilizer on the structure-property relationships of kenaf-fiber/polypropylene compositesPolymer Composites2001169
48Influence of fiber surface treatment on the properties of sisal-polyester compositesPolymer Composites1996166
49Influence from process parameters on void formation in resin transfer moldingPolymer Composites1994164
50Fiber orientation in simple injection moldings. Part II: Experimental resultsPolymer Composites1992161