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1New polymers by metallocene catalysisMacromolecular Chemistry and Physics1996618
2Critically evaluated rate coefficients for free-radical polymerization, 1. Propagation rate coefficient for styreneMacromolecular Chemistry and Physics1995617
3Kinetics of the Thermal and Thermo-Oxidative Degradation of Polystyrene, Polyethylene and Poly(propylene)Macromolecular Chemistry and Physics2001617
4Highly stereoelective polymerization of rac-(D,L)-lactide with a chiral schiff's base/aluminium alkoxide initiatorMacromolecular Chemistry and Physics1996577
5Controlled Ring-Opening Polymerization of Lactones and Lactides Initiated by Lanthanum Isopropoxide, 1. General Aspects and KineticsMacromolecular Chemistry and Physics2002542
6Green Polymer Chemistry and Bio‐based Plastics: Dreams and RealityMacromolecular Chemistry and Physics2013542
7The Fabrication, Properties, and Uses of Graphene/Polymer CompositesMacromolecular Chemistry and Physics2012537
8Spatial inhomogeneity and dynamic fluctuations of polymer gelsMacromolecular Chemistry and Physics1998536
9Critically evaluated rate coefficients for free-radical polymerization, 2.. Propagation rate coefficients for methyl methacrylateMacromolecular Chemistry and Physics1997524
10Block Copolymers: Past Successes and Future ChallengesMacromolecular Chemistry and Physics2003516
11Ultrafine Electrospun Polyamide-6 Fibers: Effect of Solution Conditions on Morphology and Average Fiber DiameterMacromolecular Chemistry and Physics2004449
12Magnetic Polystyrene Nanoparticles with a High Magnetite Content Obtained by Miniemulsion ProcessesMacromolecular Chemistry and Physics2003381
13Morphology and toughness/stiffness balance of nanocomposites based upon anhydride-cured epoxy resins and layered silicatesMacromolecular Chemistry and Physics1999376
14Critically Evaluated Rate Coefficients for Free-Radical Polymerization, 5,Macromolecular Chemistry and Physics2004360
15Crystallization from the melt of poly(lactide)s with different optical purities and their blendsMacromolecular Chemistry and Physics1996335
16Xanthate Mediated Living Polymerization of Vinyl Acetate: A Systematic Variation in MADIX/RAFT Agent StructureMacromolecular Chemistry and Physics2003312
17Liquid crystal elastomers: Influence of the orientational distribution of the crosslinks on the phase behaviour and reorientation processesMacromolecular Chemistry and Physics1994305
18Critically evaluated rate coefficients for free-radical polymerization, 3. Propagation rate coefficients for alkyl methacrylatesMacromolecular Chemistry and Physics2000274
19Properties of Waterborne Polyurethane/Functionalized Graphene Sheet Nanocomposites Prepared by an in situ MethodMacromolecular Chemistry and Physics2009267
20Catalytic Polymerization and Post Polymerization Catalysis Fifty Years After the Discovery of Ziegler's CatalystsMacromolecular Chemistry and Physics2003260
21Current Trends in the Field of Self‐Healing MaterialsMacromolecular Chemistry and Physics2012256
22Effective preparation of cellulose derivatives in a new simple cellulose solventMacromolecular Chemistry and Physics2000254
23Polymerization in microemulsions — a new approach to ultrafine, highly functionalized polymer dispersionsMacromolecular Chemistry and Physics1995251
24On the Interpretation of X-Ray Diffraction Powder Patterns in Terms of the Nanostructure of Cellulose I FibresMacromolecular Chemistry and Physics2005233
25Simple Fabrication of Full Color Colloidal Crystal Films with Tough Mechanical StrengthMacromolecular Chemistry and Physics2006232
26Modification of poly(L-lactides) by blending: mechanical and hydrolytic behaviorMacromolecular Chemistry and Physics1996230
27A Convenient Method to Produce Close‐ and Non‐close‐Packed Monolayers using Direct Assembly at the Air–Water Interface and Subsequent Plasma‐Induced Size ReductionMacromolecular Chemistry and Physics2011226
28Cyclic voltammetric studies of copper complexes catalyzing atom transfer radical polymerizationMacromolecular Chemistry and Physics2000224
29Regenerated silk fibroin films: Thermal and dynamic mechanical analysisMacromolecular Chemistry and Physics2002223
30Preparation and Physical Properties of Waterborne Polyurethane/Functionalized Graphene Sheet NanocompositesMacromolecular Chemistry and Physics2008223
31Syntheses and functions of polymers based on amino acidsMacromolecular Chemistry and Physics1999221
32Dendronized Polymers: Recent Progress in SynthesisMacromolecular Chemistry and Physics2003221
33Precise synthesis of monosubstituted polyacetylenes using Rh complex catalysts. Control of solid structure and π-conjugation lengthMacromolecular Chemistry and Physics1999219
34Influence of Type of Initiation on Thiol–Ene “Click” ChemistryMacromolecular Chemistry and Physics2010218
35Selective Localization of Nanofillers: Effect on Morphology and Crystallization of PLA/PCL BlendsMacromolecular Chemistry and Physics2011218
36Synthesis and morphology of ABC heteroarm star terpolymers of polystyrene, polybutadiene and poly(2-vinylpyridine)Macromolecular Chemistry and Physics2000216
37Thermally Reversible Cross-Linked Polyamides with High Toughness and Self-Repairing Ability from Maleimide- and Furan-Functionalized Aromatic PolyamidesMacromolecular Chemistry and Physics2007213
38ATRP of Methyl Methacrylate in the Presence of Ionic Liquids with Ferrous and Cuprous AnionsMacromolecular Chemistry and Physics2001210
39Effects of Crosslinking Methods on Structure and Properties of Cellulose/PVA HydrogelsMacromolecular Chemistry and Physics2008206
40A Study of Epoxy-Amine Cure Kinetics by Combining Isoconversional Analysis with Temperature Modulated DSC and Dynamic RheometryMacromolecular Chemistry and Physics2003200
41Diels–Alder Cycloaddition‐Cycloreversion: A Powerful Combo in Materials DesignMacromolecular Chemistry and Physics2010196
42Viscoelastic analysis of organic thin films on quartz resonatorsMacromolecular Chemistry and Physics1999194
43Self‐Healing Supramolecular Polymers In ActionMacromolecular Chemistry and Physics2012193
44Ferroelectric Polymers and Their Energy‐Related ApplicationsMacromolecular Chemistry and Physics2016193
45Encapsulation of Carbon Black by Miniemulsion PolymerizationMacromolecular Chemistry and Physics2001190
46FTIR Spectra, Thermal Properties, and Dispersibility of a Polystyrene/Montmorillonite NanocompositeMacromolecular Chemistry and Physics2001187
47Flame Retardant Mechanisms of Red Phosphorus and Magnesium Hydroxide in High Impact PolystyreneMacromolecular Chemistry and Physics2004185
48Poly(propylene)/Graphene Nanoplatelet Nanocomposites: Melt Rheological Behavior and Thermal, Electrical, and Electronic PropertiesMacromolecular Chemistry and Physics2011185
49Synthesis, properties and biodegradability of polyesters based on 1,3-propanediolMacromolecular Chemistry and Physics1994184
50Synthesis, Characterization and Behavior in Aqueous Solution of Star-Shaped Poly(acrylic acid)Macromolecular Chemistry and Physics2005183