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1Driving speed and the risk of road crashes: A reviewAccident Analysis and Prevention2006857
2Thirty years of safety climate research: Reflections and future directionsAccident Analysis and Prevention2010806
3The statistical analysis of highway crash-injury severities: A review and assessment of methodological alternativesAccident Analysis and Prevention2011753
4Highway accident severities and the mixed logit model: An exploratory empirical analysisAccident Analysis and Prevention2008645
5Sensation seeking and risky driving: a review and synthesis of the literatureAccident Analysis and Prevention1997603
6Poisson, Poisson-gamma and zero-inflated regression models of motor vehicle crashes: balancing statistical fit and theoryAccident Analysis and Prevention2005601
7Modeling traffic accident occurrence and involvementAccident Analysis and Prevention2000586
8Towards a general theory of driver behaviourAccident Analysis and Prevention2005583
9The relationship between truck accidents and geometric design of road sections: Poisson versus negative binomial regressionsAccident Analysis and Prevention1994566
10Extended time-to-collision measures for road traffic safety assessmentAccident Analysis and Prevention2001565
11Kernel density estimation and K-means clustering to profile road accident hotspotsAccident Analysis and Prevention2009535
12The link between fatigue and safetyAccident Analysis and Prevention2011535
13Effect of roadway geometrics and environmental factors on rural freeway accident frequenciesAccident Analysis and Prevention1995530
14A note on modeling vehicle accident frequencies with random-parameters count modelsAccident Analysis and Prevention2009526
15Driver distraction: The effects of concurrent in-vehicle tasks, road environment complexity and age on driving performanceAccident Analysis and Prevention2006525
16A meta-analysis of the effects of cell phones on driver performanceAccident Analysis and Prevention2008505
17Monotony of road environment and driver fatigue: a simulator studyAccident Analysis and Prevention2003497
18A mixed generalized ordered response model for examining pedestrian and bicyclist injury severity level in traffic crashesAccident Analysis and Prevention2008475
19Driving anger, sensation seeking, impulsiveness, and boredom proneness in the prediction of unsafe drivingAccident Analysis and Prevention2005472
20The effects of mobile telephoning on driving performanceAccident Analysis and Prevention1991463
21Driver injury severity: an application of ordered probit modelsAccident Analysis and Prevention2002451
22Driving avoidance and functional impairment in older driversAccident Analysis and Prevention1998439
23Comprehensive analysis of vehicle–pedestrian crashes at intersections in FloridaAccident Analysis and Prevention2005436
24A comparison of headway and time to collision as safety indicatorsAccident Analysis and Prevention2003429
25Changes in collision rates among novice drivers during the first months of drivingAccident Analysis and Prevention2003426
26The involvement of drugs in drivers of motor vehicles killed in Australian road traffic crashesAccident Analysis and Prevention2004424
27Toward safer highways, application of XGBoost and SHAP for real-time accident detection and feature analysisAccident Analysis and Prevention2020419
28Characteristics of traffic crashes among young, middle-aged, and older driversAccident Analysis and Prevention1999413
29Young novice drivers: careless or clueless?Accident Analysis and Prevention2003411
30The effects of a mobile telephone task on driver behaviour in a car following situationAccident Analysis and Prevention1995410
31Characteristics of crashes attributed to the driver having fallen asleepAccident Analysis and Prevention1995410
32Safety management practices and safety behaviour: Assessing the mediating role of safety knowledge and motivationAccident Analysis and Prevention2010407
33Models of driving behavior: A review of their evolutionAccident Analysis and Prevention1994405
34Bicyclist injury severities in bicycle–motor vehicle accidentsAccident Analysis and Prevention2007402
35Accident risk and risk-taking behaviour among young driversAccident Analysis and Prevention1986392
36Fragility versus excessive crash involvement as determinants of high death rates per vehicle-mile of travel among older driversAccident Analysis and Prevention2003388
37Analysis of traffic injury severity: An application of non-parametric classification tree techniquesAccident Analysis and Prevention2006386
38Human and organisational factors in maritime accidents: Analysis of collisions at sea using the HFACSAccident Analysis and Prevention2013384
39The multidimensional driving style inventory—scale construct and validationAccident Analysis and Prevention2004382
40An on-road assessment of cognitive distraction: Impacts on drivers’ visual behavior and braking performanceAccident Analysis and Prevention2007382
41Probabilistic models of motorcyclists’ injury severities in single- and multi-vehicle crashesAccident Analysis and Prevention2007381
42Modeling vehicle accidents and highway geometric design relationshipsAccident Analysis and Prevention1993380
43Traffic fatalities and economic growthAccident Analysis and Prevention2005372
44The observed effects of teenage passengers on the risky driving behavior of teenage driversAccident Analysis and Prevention2005365
45Impact of roadside features on the frequency and severity of run-off-roadway accidents: an empirical analysisAccident Analysis and Prevention2002362
46Age and gender differences in risky driving: The roles of positive affect and risk perceptionAccident Analysis and Prevention2011360
47Using logistic regression to estimate the influence of accident factors on accident severityAccident Analysis and Prevention2002358
48The independent contribution of driver, crash, and vehicle characteristics to driver fatalitiesAccident Analysis and Prevention2002356
49The effect of cellular phone use upon driver attentionAccident Analysis and Prevention1993353
50Pedestrian injuries due to mobile phone use in public placesAccident Analysis and Prevention2013353