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1Corporate Social Responsibility Theories: Mapping the TerritoryJournal of Business Ethics20042,490
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8Corporate Social Responsibility and Resource-Based PerspectivesJournal of Business Ethics20061,278
9Measuring Corporate Social Responsibility: A Scale Development StudyJournal of Business Ethics20091,111
10A Positive Theory of Social EntrepreneurshipJournal of Business Ethics20121,076
11The Driver of Green Innovation and Green Image – Green Core CompetenceJournal of Business Ethics20081,053
12Corporate Governance and Firm Value: The Impact of Corporate Social ResponsibilityJournal of Business Ethics20111,028
13Managers' Personal Values as Drivers of Corporate Social ResponsibilityJournal of Business Ethics20041,020
14A Review of The Empirical Ethical Decision-Making Literature: 1996–2003Journal of Business Ethics2005978
15Women Directors on Corporate Boards: From Tokenism to Critical MassJournal of Business Ethics2011952
16Ethical decision making: A review of the empirical literatureJournal of Business Ethics1994901
17Corporate Legitimacy as Deliberation: A Communicative FrameworkJournal of Business Ethics2006887
18The Drivers of Green Brand Equity: Green Brand Image, Green Satisfaction, and Green TrustJournal of Business Ethics2010886
19Determinants of Corporate Social Responsibility Disclosure Ratings by Spanish Listed FirmsJournal of Business Ethics2009873
20Social Accountability and Corporate GreenwashingJournal of Business Ethics2003855
21Mainstreaming Green Product Innovation: Why and How Companies Integrate Environmental SustainabilityJournal of Business Ethics2010853
22Why Ethical Consumers Don’t Walk Their Talk: Towards a Framework for Understanding the Gap Between the Ethical Purchase Intentions and Actual Buying Behaviour of Ethically Minded ConsumersJournal of Business Ethics2010852
23Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): Theory and Practice in a Developing Country ContextJournal of Business Ethics2007823
24Organizational dissidence: The case of whistle-blowingJournal of Business Ethics1985793
25Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility Disclosures: Evidence from an Emerging EconomyJournal of Business Ethics2013789
26The Worth of Values – A Literature Review on the Relation Between Corporate Social and Financial PerformanceJournal of Business Ethics2008787
27Corporate Social Responsibility in the Supply Chain: An Application in the Food IndustryJournal of Business Ethics2006782
28W(h)ither Ecology? The Triple Bottom Line, the Global Reporting Initiative, and Corporate Sustainability ReportingJournal of Business Ethics2013780
29(null)Journal of Business Ethics2000758
30Small Business Champions for Corporate Social ResponsibilityJournal of Business Ethics2006742
31Strengthening Stakeholder–Company Relationships Through Mutually Beneficial Corporate Social Responsibility InitiativesJournal of Business Ethics2009727
32A Stakeholder Approach to Corporate Social Responsibility: A Fresh Perspective into Theory and PracticeJournal of Business Ethics2008706
33Consumers' Perceptions of Corporate Social Responsibilities: A Cross-Cultural ComparisonJournal of Business Ethics2001703
34Corporate Reputation and Philanthropy: An Empirical AnalysisJournal of Business Ethics2005698
35The Causal Effect of Corporate Governance on Corporate Social ResponsibilityJournal of Business Ethics2012689
36How Corporate Social Responsibility Influences Organizational CommitmentJournal of Business Ethics2009684
37The Influence of Corporate Environmental Ethics on Competitive Advantage: The Mediation Role of Green InnovationJournal of Business Ethics2011683
38Continuities and Extensions of Ethical Climate Theory: A Meta-Analytic ReviewJournal of Business Ethics2006682
39The social desirability response bias in ethics researchJournal of Business Ethics1991676
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46Sustainable Development and Corporate Performance: A Study Based on the Dow Jones Sustainability IndexJournal of Business Ethics2007626
47The Link Between Corporate Social and Financial Performance: Evidence from the Banking IndustryJournal of Business Ethics2002621
48Gender Diversity in Corporate Governance and Top ManagementJournal of Business Ethics2008618
49Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility Disclosure: Evidence from the US Banking SectorJournal of Business Ethics2014605
50Responsible Leadership in a Stakeholder Society – A Relational PerspectiveJournal of Business Ethics2006601