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Top Articles

1Dehydrogenation and aromatization of methane under non-oxidizing conditionsCatalysis Letters1993756
2Photocatalytic O2 evolution under visible light irradiation on BiVO4 in aqueous AgNO3 solutionCatalysis Letters1998657
3Making gold less nobleCatalysis Letters2000641
4(null)Catalysis Letters1997544
5On the reaction mechanism for propene formation in the MTO reaction over SAPO-34Catalysis Letters1993529
6Nanostructured Au–CeO2 Catalysts for Low-Temperature Water–Gas ShiftCatalysis Letters2001529
7Hydrodeoxygenation of Furfural Over Supported Metal Catalysts: A Comparative Study of Cu, Pd and NiCatalysis Letters2011514
8Methane Activation by Heterogeneous CatalysisCatalysis Letters2015512
9Photocatalytic Decomposition of Organic Contaminants by Bi2WO6Under Visible Light IrradiationCatalysis Letters2004494
10Chemical vapor deposition of gold on Al2O3, SiO2, and TiO2 for the oxidation of CO and of H2Catalysis Letters1998473
11Structure sensitivity in adsorption: CO interaction with stepped and reconstructed Pt surfacesCatalysis Letters1997453
12Catalytic ammonia decomposition: COx-free hydrogen production for fuel cell applicationsCatalysis Letters2001387
13Metal Phosphides: Preparation, Characterization and Catalytic ReactivityCatalysis Letters2012369
14DRS UV-Vis and EPR spectroscopy of hydroperoxo and superoxo complexes in titanium silicaliteCatalysis Letters1992352
15The electronic structure effect in heterogeneous catalysisCatalysis Letters2005349
16Low temperature CO oxidation over Au/TiO2 and Au/SiO2 catalystsCatalysis Letters1993328
17CatMAP: A Software Package for Descriptor-Based Microkinetic Mapping of Catalytic TrendsCatalysis Letters2015328
18Structure sensitivity of CO oxidation over model Au/TiO2 2 catalystsCatalysis Letters1998327
19New acid catalyst comprising heteropoly acid on a mesoporous molecular sieve MCM-41Catalysis Letters1994320
20Ionic Liquids in CatalysisCatalysis Letters2015313
21Hydrogen Production by Photo-Induced Reforming of Biomass Components and Derivatives at Ambient ConditionsCatalysis Letters2008305
22Synthesis gas formation by direct oxidation of methane over Rh monolithsCatalysis Letters1993291
23Conversion of Cellulose into Sorbitol over Carbon Nanotube-Supported Ruthenium CatalystCatalysis Letters2009290
24A Priori Catalytic Activity Correlations: The Difficult Case of Hydrogen Production from AmmoniaCatalysis Letters2004283
25FT-IR study of NO + O2 co-adsorption on H-ZSM-5: re-assignment of the 2133 cm-1 band to NO+ speciesCatalysis Letters1998281
26Failure mechanisms of ceramic membrane reactors in partial oxidation of methane to synthesis gasCatalysis Letters1995275
27(null)Catalysis Letters2001271
28Universal Brønsted-Evans-Polanyi Relations for C–C, C–O, C–N, N–O, N–N, and O–O Dissociation ReactionsCatalysis Letters2011265
29Partial oxidation of methane to synthesis gasCatalysis Letters1990264
30A study of carbon deposition on catalysts during the partial oxidation of methane to synthesis gasCatalysis Letters1993263
31Redox chemistry in excessively ion-exchanged Cu/Na-ZSM-5Catalysis Letters1992260
32Synthesis of Biodiesel from Soybean Oil using Heterogeneous KF/ZnO CatalystCatalysis Letters2006260
33Aqueous-Phase Reforming of Ethylene Glycol Over Supported Platinum CatalystsCatalysis Letters2003257
34CuO–CeO2 mixed oxide catalysts for the selective oxidation of carbon monoxide in excess hydrogenCatalysis Letters2001256
35Dehydration of Ethanol into Ethylene over Solid Acid CatalystsCatalysis Letters2005253
36Catalytic reaction of CH4 with CO2 over alumina-supported Pt metalsCatalysis Letters1991251
37Methanol: A “Smart” Chemical Probe MoleculeCatalysis Letters2001247
38(null)Catalysis Letters2001246
39Methane activation without using oxidants over Mo/HZSM-5 zeolite catalystsCatalysis Letters1995245
40What do we know about the acidity of solid acids?Catalysis Letters1999244
41Acetylene and Ethylene Hydrogenation on Alumina Supported Pd-Ag Model CatalystsCatalysis Letters2006241
42(null)Catalysis Letters1999239
43Non-metal Catalysts for Dioxygen Reduction in an Acidic ElectrolyteCatalysis Letters2006239
44Why Au and Cu Are More Selective Than Pt for Preferential Oxidation of CO at Low TemperatureCatalysis Letters2004238
45Catalytic properties of supported cobalt catalysts for steam reforming of ethanolCatalysis Letters1997237
46Selective reduction of nitrogen oxides with hydrocarbons over solid acid catalysts in oxygen-rich atmospheresCatalysis Letters1990235
47(null)Catalysis Letters2001235
48Finite Size Effects in Chemical Bonding: From Small Clusters to SolidsCatalysis Letters2011234
49Acid-Catalyzed Homogeneous Esterification Reaction for Biodiesel Production from Palm Fatty AcidsCatalysis Letters2008233
50Methanol synthesis on Cu(100) from a binary gas mixture of CO2 and H2Catalysis Letters1994231