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Top Articles

1Microalgae for biodiesel production and other applications: A reviewRenewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews20104,448
2Review on thermal energy storage with phase change materials and applicationsRenewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews20094,318
3Biofuels from microalgae—A review of technologies for production, processing, and extractions of biofuels and co-productsRenewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews20103,850
4A review and recent developments in photocatalytic water-splitting using TiO2 for hydrogen productionRenewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews20073,632
5Technical aspects of biodiesel production by transesterification—a reviewRenewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews20062,620
6Role of renewable energy sources in environmental protection: A reviewRenewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews20112,614
7Production of first and second generation biofuels: A comprehensive reviewRenewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews20102,435
8An overview of current status of carbon dioxide capture and storage technologiesRenewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews20142,253
9Review on supercapacitors: Technologies and materialsRenewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews20162,197
10Renewable energy resources: Current status, future prospects and their enabling technologyRenewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews20142,024
11Wave energy utilization: A review of the technologiesRenewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews20102,017
12A comparative overview of hydrogen production processesRenewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews20171,842
13Demand response and smart grids—A surveyRenewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews20141,811
14Energy storage systems—Characteristics and comparisonsRenewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews20081,777
15A review of ZnO nanoparticles as solar photocatalysts: Synthesis, mechanisms and applicationsRenewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews20181,713
16Renewable energy and sustainable development: a crucial reviewRenewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews20001,698
17Review on multi-criteria decision analysis aid in sustainable energy decision-makingRenewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews20091,685
18A review of materials, heat transfer and phase change problem formulation for latent heat thermal energy storage systems (LHTESS)Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews20101,571
19The lithium-ion battery: State of the art and future perspectivesRenewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews20181,542
20Hydrogen production from renewable and sustainable energy resources: Promising green energy carrier for clean developmentRenewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews20161,523
21A review on applications and challenges of nanofluidsRenewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews20111,521
22Review of biodiesel composition, properties, and specificationsRenewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews20121,472
23Lignocellulosic biomass pyrolysis: A review of product properties and effects of pyrolysis parametersRenewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews20161,460
24Blockchain technology in the energy sector: A systematic review of challenges and opportunitiesRenewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews20191,454
25Fast pyrolysis processes for biomassRenewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews20001,452
26A review on the prediction of building energy consumptionRenewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews20121,451
27Solar energy: Potential and future prospectsRenewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews20181,440
28Application of multi-criteria decision making to sustainable energy planning—A reviewRenewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews20041,437
29Modeling of end-use energy consumption in the residential sector: A review of modeling techniquesRenewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews20091,432
30A review of solar photovoltaic technologiesRenewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews20111,428
31A comprehensive review on biodiesel as an alternative energy resource and its characteristicsRenewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews20121,383
32Energy, environment and sustainable developmentRenewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews20081,380
33State of the art on high temperature thermal energy storage for power generation. Part 1—Concepts, materials and modellizationRenewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews20101,379
34Triglycerides-based diesel fuelsRenewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews20001,373
35Solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs): a review of an environmentally clean and efficient source of energyRenewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews20021,340
36Materials used as PCM in thermal energy storage in buildings: A reviewRenewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews20111,333
37Electrical energy storage systems: A comparative life cycle cost analysisRenewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews20151,312
38A review of lithium-ion battery state of charge estimation and management system in electric vehicle applications: Challenges and recommendationsRenewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews20171,292
39An overview of fuel cell technology: Fundamentals and applicationsRenewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews20141,286
40Optimization methods applied to renewable and sustainable energy: A reviewRenewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews20111,276
41A review on pyrolysis of biomass constituents: Mechanisms and composition of the products obtained from the conversion of cellulose, hemicelluloses and ligninRenewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews20141,274
42A global review of energy consumption, CO 2 emissions and policy in the residential sector (with an overview of the top ten CO 2 emitting countries)Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews20151,274
43Current status of water electrolysis for energy storage, grid balancing and sector coupling via power-to-gas and power-to-liquids: A reviewRenewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews20181,263
44A review of energy storage technologies for wind power applicationsRenewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews20121,252
45Review on research achievements of biogas from anaerobic digestionRenewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews20151,228
46Logistics issues of biomass: The storage problem and the multi-biomass supply chainRenewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews20091,210
47A review on biomass as a fuel for boilersRenewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews20111,201
48Nutrient recovery from wastewater streams by microalgae: Status and prospectsRenewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews20131,200
49Utilization of sewage sludge in EU application of old and new methods—A reviewRenewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews20081,191
50Solar energy for future world: - A reviewRenewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews20161,182