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1Nonlinear bending of functionally graded carbon nanotube-reinforced composite plates in thermal environmentsComposite Structures2009962
2A review of recent research on mechanics of multifunctional composite materials and structuresComposite Structures2010927
3A review on additive manufacturing of polymer-fiber compositesComposite Structures2017817
4Models for the elastic deformation of honeycombsComposite Structures1996804
5Review of advanced composite structures for naval ships and submarinesComposite Structures2001786
6A critical review of recent research on functionally graded platesComposite Structures2013686
7Fibre reinforced cement-based (FRC) composites after over 40 years of development in building and civil engineeringComposite Structures2008654
8A review of mechanical drilling for composite laminatesComposite Structures2012646
9Static and free vibration analyses of carbon nanotube-reinforced composite plates using finite element method with first order shear deformation plate theoryComposite Structures2012588
10Mechanical analysis of functionally graded carbon nanotube reinforced composites: A reviewComposite Structures2015559
11Free and forced vibrations of functionally graded polymer composite plates reinforced with graphene nanoplateletsComposite Structures2017522
12Principal component thermography for flaw contrast enhancement and flaw depth characterisation in composite structuresComposite Structures2002517
13Damping studies in fiber-reinforced composites – a reviewComposite Structures1999510
14Ballistic impact into fabric and compliant composite laminatesComposite Structures2003501
15Modelling damage evolution in composite laminates subjected to low velocity impactComposite Structures2012496
16Nonlinear free vibration of functionally graded carbon nanotube-reinforced composite beamsComposite Structures2010488
17Extraction and tensile properties of natural fibers: Vakka, date and bambooComposite Structures2007463
18Procedures developed for self-repair of polymer matrix composite materialsComposite Structures1996453
19Evaluation and prediction of the tensile properties of continuous fiber-reinforced 3D printed structuresComposite Structures2016451
20A new shear deformation theory for laminated composite platesComposite Structures2009433
21Study of delamination in drilling carbon fiber reinforced plastics (CFRP) using design experimentsComposite Structures2003419
22Rice-husk flour filled polypropylene composites; mechanical and morphological studyComposite Structures2004417
23Accelerated aging tests for evaluations of durability performance of FRP reinforcing bars for concrete structuresComposite Structures2007399
24Buckling and postbuckling of functionally graded multilayer graphene platelet-reinforced composite beamsComposite Structures2017396
25Interlaminar interface modelling for the prediction of delaminationComposite Structures1992390
26Polypropylene/wood flour composites: treatments and propertiesComposite Structures2001380
27Free vibration and stability of functionally graded plates according to a 2-D higher-order deformation theoryComposite Structures2008375
28Polymer composite materials: A comprehensive reviewComposite Structures2021372
29Static analysis of functionally graded plates using third-order shear deformation theory and a meshless methodComposite Structures2005370
30Accurate simulation of delamination growth under mixed-mode loading using cohesive elements: Definition of interlaminar strengths and elastic stiffnessComposite Structures2010367
31Modeling of impacts on composite structuresComposite Structures2001363
32A review of theories for the modeling and analysis of functionally graded plates and shellsComposite Structures2015363
33Elastic buckling and static bending of shear deformable functionally graded porous beamComposite Structures2015357
34Recent research advances on the dynamic analysis of composite shells: 2000–2009Composite Structures2010351
35Bending, buckling and free vibration of laminated composite and sandwich beams: A critical review of literatureComposite Structures2017349
36The use of curvilinear fiber format to improve buckling resistance of composite plates with central circular holesComposite Structures1991348
37Recent developments in finite element analysis for laminated composite platesComposite Structures2009347
38Impact resistance and damage characteristics of composite laminatesComposite Structures2003346
39Buckling and free vibration analyses of functionally graded graphene reinforced porous nanocomposite plates based on Chebyshev-Ritz methodComposite Structures2018346
40Stress, vibration and buckling analyses of FGM plates—A state-of-the-art reviewComposite Structures2015341
41Effects of cure cycles on void content and mechanical properties of composite laminatesComposite Structures2006340
42A review of meshless methods for laminated and functionally graded plates and shellsComposite Structures2011340
43Free and forced vibration of a functionally graded beam subjected to a concentrated moving harmonic loadComposite Structures2009334
44Characterization of 3D printed long fibre reinforced compositesComposite Structures2018333
45Size effect on dynamic stability of functionally graded microbeams based on a modified couple stress theoryComposite Structures2011330
46A critical review on 3D printed continuous fiber-reinforced composites: History, mechanism, materials and propertiesComposite Structures2020330
47Fracture toughness of the nano-particle reinforced epoxy compositeComposite Structures2008329
48Effect of fiber content on mechanical and fracture properties of ultra high performance fiber reinforced cementitious compositesComposite Structures2013323
49Analytical solutions for free vibration of laminated composite and sandwich plates based on a higher-order refined theoryComposite Structures2001322
50Optimum stacking sequence design of composite materials Part II: Variable stiffness designComposite Structures2010320