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1Photocatalytic reaction and degradation of methylene blue on TiO2 nano-sized particlesOptik2016258
2New solitons solutions of the complex Ginzburg-Landau equation with Kerr law nonlinearityOptik2018241
3Single-trial EEG classification of motor imagery using deep convolutional neural networksOptik2017232
4A generalized model for description of propagation pulses in optical fiberOptik2019223
5Detection crack in image using Otsu method and multiple filtering in image processing techniquesOptik2016209
6A novel image fusion encryption algorithm based on DNA sequence operation and hyper-chaotic systemOptik2013207
7Plant diseased leaf segmentation and recognition by fusion of superpixel, K-means and PHOGOptik2018200
8Photopolymer holographic recording materialOptik2001197
9Applications of extended simple equation method on unstable nonlinear Schrödinger equationsOptik2017193
10Fabric defect detection systems and methods—A systematic literature reviewOptik2016177
11Variable-boostable chaotic flowsOptik2016175
12Method for finding highly dispersive optical solitons of nonlinear differential equationsOptik2020174
13Assisted green synthesis of copper nanoparticles using Syzygium aromaticum bud extract: Physical, optical and antimicrobial propertiesOptik2018169
14An improved tiny-yolov3 pedestrian detection algorithmOptik2019167
15Optical soliton solutions for Schrödinger type nonlinear evolution equations by the tan(Φ(ξ)/2)-expansion methodOptik2016162
16Color image encryption using skew tent map and hyper chaotic system of 6th-order CNNOptik2014161
17Optical solitons for Lakshmanan–Porsezian–Daniel model by modified simple equation methodOptik2018161
18Mathematical model of propagation pulse in optical fiber with power nonlinearitiesOptik2020159
19Optical solitons to the space-time fractional (1+1)-dimensional coupled nonlinear Schrödinger equationOptik2018155
20A simple yet efficient S-box method based on chaotic sine mapOptik2017154
21The generalized nonlinear higher order of KdV equations from the higher order nonlinear Schrödinger equation and its solutionsOptik2017153
22Optimization of free space optics parameters: An optimum solution for bad weather conditionsOptik2013152
23A robust image watermarking technique using SVD and differential evolution in DCT domainOptik2014148
24Optical soliton perturbation with fractional-temporal evolution by first integral method with conformable fractional derivativesOptik2016147
25Image encryption and the fractional Fourier transformOptik2003145
26Image enhancement via Median-Mean Based Sub-Image-Clipped Histogram EqualizationOptik2014145
27A new stochastic slime mould optimization algorithm for the estimation of solar photovoltaic cell parametersOptik2020142
28Optical solitons and conservation law of Kundu–Eckhaus equationOptik2018139
29An image encryption scheme based on new spatiotemporal chaosOptik2013138
30A new four-scroll chaotic attractor and its engineering applicationsOptik2016138
31Optical solitons in presence of higher order dispersions and absence of self-phase modulationOptik2018138
32New optical solitary wave solutions of Fokas-Lenells equation in presence of perturbation terms by a novel approachOptik2018137
33Transparent nano composite PVA–TiO2 and PMMA–TiO2 thin films: Optical and dielectric propertiesOptik2014136
34Optical solitons with complex Ginzburg–Landau equation by modified simple equation methodOptik2017136
35New optical solitons of nonlinear conformable fractional Schrödinger-Hirota equationOptik2018135
36Numerical development of eco-friendly Cs2TiBr6 based perovskite solar cell with all-inorganic charge transport materials via SCAPS-1DOptik2021135
37Soliton solutions of the nonlinear Schrödinger equation with the dual power law nonlinearity and resonant nonlinear Schrödinger equation and their modulation instability analysisOptik2017134
38Cubic–quartic optical solitons in Kerr and power law mediaOptik2017134
39Exact bright–dark solitary wave solutions of the higher-order cubic–quintic nonlinear Schrödinger equation and its stabilityOptik2017133
40Optical soliton solutions to Fokas-lenells equation using some different methodsOptik2018132
41Highly sensitive octagonal photonic crystal fiber based sensorOptik2014131
42Sub pico-second pulses in mono-mode optical fibers with Kaup–Newell equation by a couple of integration schemesOptik2018130
43Optical soliton perturbation for Radhakrishnan–Kundu–Lakshmanan equation with a couple of integration schemesOptik2018128
44Conservation laws for cubic–quartic optical solitons in Kerr and power law mediaOptik2017127
45Optical solitons and conservation laws with quadratic-cubic nonlinearityOptik2017127
46The sine-Gordon expansion method to look for the traveling wave solutions of the Tzitzéica type equations in nonlinear opticsOptik2017126
47Modified Kudryashov method for solving the conformable time-fractional Klein–Gordon equations with quadratic and cubic nonlinearitiesOptik2017125
48Realization of free space optics with OFDM under atmospheric turbulenceOptik2014124
49Investigation of different wave structures to the generalized third-order nonlinear Scrödinger equationOptik2020124
50Mitigating Internet bottleneck with fractional temporal evolution of optical solitons having quadratic–cubic nonlinearityOptik2018123