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1The Analysis of Fractional Differential EquationsLecture Notes in Mathematics20102,037
2Lebesgue and Sobolev Spaces with Variable ExponentsLecture Notes in Mathematics20111,232
3Homotopy Limits, Completions and LocalizationsLecture Notes in Mathematics19721,065
4Higher algebraic K-theory: ILecture Notes in Mathematics19731,046
5Electrorheological Fluids: Modeling and Mathematical TheoryLecture Notes in Mathematics2000945
6A fast algorithm for nonlinearly constrained optimization calculationsLecture Notes in Mathematics1978883
7Essentially non-oscillatory and weighted essentially non-oscillatory schemes for hyperbolic conservation lawsLecture Notes in Mathematics1998803
8Lattice Gas Cellular Automata and Lattice Boltzmann ModelsLecture Notes in Mathematics2000679
9Nonlinear diffusion in population genetics, combustion, and nerve pulse propagationLecture Notes in Mathematics1975674
10Geometry of 2D topological field theoriesLecture Notes in Mathematics1996654
11Exchangeability and related topicsLecture Notes in Mathematics1985642
12Topics in propagation of chaosLecture Notes in Mathematics1991630
13Input to State Stability: Basic Concepts and ResultsLecture Notes in Mathematics2008581
14Stochastic Calculus for Fractional Brownian Motion and Related ProcessesLecture Notes in Mathematics2008479
15Quasi-linear equations of evolution, with applications to partial differential equationsLecture Notes in Mathematics1975476
16On iterated maps of the intervalLecture Notes in Mathematics1988412
17Conjugate gradient methods for indefinite systemsLecture Notes in Mathematics1976401
18Subclasses of univalent functionsLecture Notes in Mathematics1983393
19Mathematical EpidemiologyLecture Notes in Mathematics2008387
20Foundations of Quantization for Probability DistributionsLecture Notes in Mathematics2000366
21Introduction to bicategoriesLecture Notes in Mathematics1967365
22Measure-valued Markov processesLecture Notes in Mathematics1993362
23Cohomologie GaloisienneLecture Notes in Mathematics1965358
24Polyharmonic Boundary Value ProblemsLecture Notes in Mathematics2010337
25Reconstruction of Small Inhomogeneities from Boundary MeasurementsLecture Notes in Mathematics2004319
26Mean Field Games and ApplicationsLecture Notes in Mathematics2011304
27Variational models for microstructure and phase transitionsLecture Notes in Mathematics1999303
28Les Schémas de Modules de Courbes ElliptiquesLecture Notes in Mathematics1973287
29Variational theory for the total scalar curvature functional for riemannian metrics and related topicsLecture Notes in Mathematics1989284
30Quantum Probability for ProbabilistsLecture Notes in Mathematics1993283
31Multigrid methods: Fundamental algorithms, model problem analysis and applicationsLecture Notes in Mathematics1982279
32The porous medium equationLecture Notes in Mathematics1986276
33Weighted projective varietiesLecture Notes in Mathematics1982274
34Proper ForcingLecture Notes in Mathematics1982269
35q -Fractional Calculus and EquationsLecture Notes in Mathematics2012265
36Hodge Cycles, Motives, and Shimura VarietiesLecture Notes in Mathematics1982262
37Review of the elements of 2-categoriesLecture Notes in Mathematics1974259
38Symmetries of some reduced free product C*-algebrasLecture Notes in Mathematics1985259
39Geometric Properties of Banach Spaces and Nonlinear IterationsLecture Notes in Mathematics2009258
40Convex Functions, Monotone Operators and DifferentiabilityLecture Notes in Mathematics1989255
41Algebraic K-theory of spacesLecture Notes in Mathematics1985253
42Lectures on finite Markov chainsLecture Notes in Mathematics1997252
43On some unsolved problems in quantum group theoryLecture Notes in Mathematics1992251
44Riemannsche Geometrie im GroßenLecture Notes in Mathematics1968251
45Lectures on AmenabilityLecture Notes in Mathematics2002250
46Compartmental Models in EpidemiologyLecture Notes in Mathematics2008248
47Cohomologie GaloisienneLecture Notes in Mathematics1994248
48Guide to multigrid developmentLecture Notes in Mathematics1982239
49L'hypercontractivité et son utilisation en théorie des semigroupesLecture Notes in Mathematics1994239
50Probabilistic methods in the geometry of Banach spacesLecture Notes in Mathematics1986237