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Top Articles

1Hypertension in PregnancyObstetrics and Gynecology20133,219
2Epidemiology of surgically managed pelvic organ prolapse and urinary incontinenceObstetrics and Gynecology19972,818
3Perinatal DepressionObstetrics and Gynecology20052,578
4Circulating angiogenic factors and the risk of preeclampsia*Obstetrics and Gynecology20042,010
5A united states national reference for fetal growthObstetrics and Gynecology19961,995
6Practice bulletin #33: diagnosis and management of preeclampsia and eclampsiaObstetrics and Gynecology20021,395
7Maternal Morbidity Associated With Multiple Repeat Cesarean DeliveriesObstetrics and Gynecology20061,385
8Prevalence of Depression During Pregnancy: Systematic ReviewObstetrics and Gynecology20041,362
9Sexual Problems and Distress in United States WomenObstetrics and Gynecology20081,151
10Gestational Hypertension and PreeclampsiaObstetrics and Gynecology20201,063
11ACOG Practice Bulletin No. 190: Gestational Diabetes MellitusObstetrics and Gynecology20181,040
12Maternal Morbid Obesity and the Risk of Adverse Pregnancy OutcomeObstetrics and Gynecology20041,005
13Perinatal Outcomes in Singletons Following In Vitro Fertilization: A Meta-AnalysisObstetrics and Gynecology2004980
14Prevention of Preeclampsia and Intrauterine Growth Restriction With Aspirin Started in Early PregnancyObstetrics and Gynecology2010905
15Chronic Pelvic Pain: Prevalence, Health-Related Quality of Life, and Economic CorrelatesObstetrics and Gynecology1996892
16ACOG Practice Bulletin No. 106: Intrapartum Fetal Heart Rate Monitoring: Nomenclature, Interpretation, and General Management PrinciplesObstetrics and Gynecology2009872
17Hormone replacement therapy and endometrial cancer risk: A meta-analysisObstetrics and Gynecology1995857
18Pregnancy-Related Mortality in the United States, 2006–2010Obstetrics and Gynecology2015806
19ACOG Practice Bulletin No. 107: Induction of LaborObstetrics and Gynecology2009802
20Lifetime Risk of Stress Urinary Incontinence or Pelvic Organ Prolapse SurgeryObstetrics and Gynecology2014789
21Abdominal Sacrocolpopexy: A Comprehensive ReviewObstetrics and Gynecology2004788
22Placenta Previa, Placenta Accreta, and Vasa PreviaObstetrics and Gynecology2006783
23Impact of Maternal Age on Obstetric OutcomeObstetrics and Gynecology2005782
24Human Papillomavirus Infection of the CervixObstetrics and Gynecology1992766
25Incidence of premature ovarian failureObstetrics and Gynecology1986758
26Pregnancy-Related Mortality in the United States, 2011–2013Obstetrics and Gynecology2017747
27PELVIC SCORING FOR ELECTIVE INDUCTIONObstetrics and Gynecology1964738
28Diagnosis, Controversies, and Management of the Syndrome of Hemolysis, Elevated Liver Enzymes, and Low Platelet CountObstetrics and Gynecology2004737
29Variation in the Incidence of Uterine Leiomyoma Among Premenopausal Women by Age and RaceObstetrics and Gynecology1997733
30Severe Maternal Morbidity Among Delivery and Postpartum Hospitalizations in the United StatesObstetrics and Gynecology2012725
31Incidence and Risk Factors for Stroke in Pregnancy and the PuerperiumObstetrics and Gynecology2005697
32Subclinical Hypothyroidism and Pregnancy OutcomesObstetrics and Gynecology2005677
33Obstetric Care Consensus No. 1Obstetrics and Gynecology2014677
34Practice Bulletin No. 183: Postpartum HemorrhageObstetrics and Gynecology2017667
35Postoperative external irradiation and prognostic parameters in stage I endometrial carcinoma: clinical and histopathologic study of 540 patientsObstetrics and Gynecology1980667
36ACOG Practice Bulletin No. 76: Postpartum HemorrhageObstetrics and Gynecology2006664
37A prospective population-based study of menopausal symptomsObstetrics and Gynecology2000659
38Practice Bulletin No. 115: Vaginal Birth After Previous Cesarean DeliveryObstetrics and Gynecology2010654
39Contemporary Patterns of Spontaneous Labor With Normal Neonatal OutcomesObstetrics and Gynecology2010630
40Practice Bulletin No. 137Obstetrics and Gynecology2013630
41Retrograde menstruation in healthy women and in patients with endometriosisObstetrics and Gynecology1984628
42Pregnancy-Related Mortality in the United States, 1998 to 2005Obstetrics and Gynecology2010623
43ACOG Committee Opinion No. 736: Optimizing Postpartum CareObstetrics and Gynecology2018623
44Lifetime Risk of Undergoing Surgery for Pelvic Organ ProlapseObstetrics and Gynecology2010621
45Pregnancy and Laboratory StudiesObstetrics and Gynecology2009620
462012 Updated Consensus Guidelines for the Management of Abnormal Cervical Cancer Screening Tests and Cancer PrecursorsObstetrics and Gynecology2013617
47Prevalence and Trends of Symptomatic Pelvic Floor Disorders in U.S. WomenObstetrics and Gynecology2014611
48Five classes of extended hysterectomy for women with cervical cancerObstetrics and Gynecology1974601
49Diagnosis and Management of Gestational Hypertension and PreeclampsiaObstetrics and Gynecology2003598
50Committee Opinion No. 650Obstetrics and Gynecology2015590