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1Temperature Dependent Photovoltaic (PV) Efficiency and Its Effect on PV Production in the World – A ReviewEnergy Procedia2013821
2Heavy Metals Removal Using Activated Carbon, Silica and Silica Activated Carbon CompositeEnergy Procedia2014397
3The Role of Green Finance in Environmental Protection: Two Aspects of Market Mechanism and PoliciesEnergy Procedia2016347
4A Review of Post-combustion CO2 Capture Technologies from Coal-fired Power PlantsEnergy Procedia2017342
5Review of Existing Peer-to-Peer Energy Trading ProjectsEnergy Procedia2017333
6Sizing of Residential PV Battery SystemsEnergy Procedia2014325
7Review on: Titanium Dioxide ApplicationsEnergy Procedia2019320
8A Review of Wind Power Forecasting ModelsEnergy Procedia2011303
9Lessons learned from 14 years of CCS operations: Sleipner, In Salah and SnøhvitEnergy Procedia2011287
10Synthesis of CuO Nanoparticles by Precipitation Method Using Different PrecursorsEnergy Procedia2013279
11Demonstration of the Allam Cycle: An Update on the Development Status of a High Efficiency Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Power Process Employing Full Carbon CaptureEnergy Procedia2017263
12CO 2 Methanation: The Effect of Catalysts and Reaction ConditionsEnergy Procedia2017262
13Fuel Oil Production from Municipal Plastic Wastes in Sequential Pyrolysis and Catalytic Reforming ReactorsEnergy Procedia2014261
14A Critical Review on Additives to Reduce Ash Related Operation Problems in Biomass Combustion ApplicationsEnergy Procedia2012253
15A Review of the Water Desalination Systems Integrated with Renewable EnergyEnergy Procedia2017252
16CO2 Capture Technologies for Cement IndustryEnergy Procedia2009249
17Experience with CO2 capture from coal flue gas in pilot-scale: Testing of different amine solventsEnergy Procedia2009249
18Thermal degradation of monoethanolamine at stripper conditionsEnergy Procedia2009243
19The Performance of a High Solar Fraction Seasonal Storage District Heating System – Five Years of OperationEnergy Procedia2012238
20Biodiesel: an Alternative to Conventional FuelEnergy Procedia2012232
21A Comparison of Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Power Cycle Configurations with an Emphasis on CSP ApplicationsEnergy Procedia2014224
22Global Energy Storage Demand for a 100% Renewable Electricity SupplyEnergy Procedia2014221
23Optimal Use of Power-to-Gas Energy Storage Systems in an 85% Renewable Energy ScenarioEnergy Procedia2014217
24A Review of Lithium-Ion Battery for Electric Vehicle Applications and BeyondEnergy Procedia2019216
25Municipal solid waste as a valuable renewable energy resource: a worldwide opportunity of energy recovery by using Waste-To-Energy TechnologiesEnergy Procedia2017211
26Exploring potential Environmental applications of TiO2 NanoparticlesEnergy Procedia2017211
273D Printing of Buildings: Construction of the Sustainable Houses of the Future by BIMEnergy Procedia2017206
28Wind Effect on PV Module Temperature: Analysis of Different Techniques for an Accurate EstimationEnergy Procedia2013205
29Influence of the Biomass Gasification Processes on the Final Composition of SyngasEnergy Procedia2013202
30The In Salah CO2 Storage Project: Lessons Learned and Knowledge TransferEnergy Procedia2013198
31Short-Term Load Forecasts Using LSTM NetworksEnergy Procedia2019195
32Cryogenic CO2 capture in natural gasEnergy Procedia2009190
33High Efficiency and Low Cost of Electricity Generation from Fossil Fuels While Eliminating Atmospheric Emissions, Including Carbon DioxideEnergy Procedia2013185
34Comparative Analysis of Desalination TechnologiesEnergy Procedia2014184
35Opportunities and Challenges of Integrating Renewable Energy in Smart Grid SystemEnergy Procedia2013183
36Efficiency Improvement of Photovoltaic Panels by Using Air Cooled Heat SinksEnergy Procedia2016182
37A World Overview of the Organic Rankine Cycle MarketEnergy Procedia2017182
38Maximum Power Point Tracking for Photovoltaic Using Incremental Conductance MethodEnergy Procedia2015181
39OC5 Project Phase II: Validation of Global Loads of the DeepCwind Floating Semisubmersible Wind TurbineEnergy Procedia2017181
40Nanofluids for Solar Collector Applications: A ReviewEnergy Procedia2014179
41CO2 Capture in the Cement IndustryEnergy Procedia2009178
422D CFD Modeling of H-Darrieus Wind Turbines Using a Transition Turbulence ModelEnergy Procedia2014177
43Air separation and flue gas compression and purification units for oxy-coal combustion systemsEnergy Procedia2009175
44Corrosion in MEA units for CO2 capture: Pilot plant studiesEnergy Procedia2009174
45Design, Development and Performance of Indirect Type Solar Dryer for Banana DryingEnergy Procedia2017173
46Adsorption of Congo Red Dye from Aqueous Solutions Using Roots of Eichhornia Crassipes: Kinetic and Equilibrium StudiesEnergy Procedia2014172
47Review Article-Renewable EnergiesEnergy Procedia2015171
48Optimization of Hybrid Renewable Energy Systems (HRES) Using PSO for Cost ReductionEnergy Procedia2013170
49Hybrid of ARIMA and SVMs for Short-Term Load ForecastingEnergy Procedia2012169
5020 Years of Monitoring CO2-injection at SleipnerEnergy Procedia2017165