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1An introduction to probability theory and its applicationsJournal of the Franklin Institute19588,079
2Handbook of chemistry and physicsJournal of the Franklin Institute19301,744
3Information theory and statisticsJournal of the Franklin Institute19591,684
4The mathematical theory of non-uniform gasesJournal of the Franklin Institute19531,523
5A treatise on electricity and magnetismJournal of the Franklin Institute19541,390
6A spatial processor model for object colour perceptionJournal of the Franklin Institute19801,272
7Automatic control systemsJournal of the Franklin Institute1962725
8The physical chemistry of electrolytic solutionsJournal of the Franklin Institute1950715
9Methods of quantum field theory in statistical physicsJournal of the Franklin Institute1964664
10Auxiliary function-based integral inequalities for quadratic functions and their applications to time-delay systemsJournal of the Franklin Institute2015643
11Theoretical limitations on the broadband matching of arbitrary impedancesJournal of the Franklin Institute1950626
12Heat transfer: A liquid flowing through a porous prismJournal of the Franklin Institute1929597
13An introduction to the theory of numbersJournal of the Franklin Institute1960577
14Reliable circuits using less reliable relaysJournal of the Franklin Institute1956562
15The constitution and fundamental properties of solids and liquidsJournal of the Franklin Institute1917558
16The structure of turbulent shear flowJournal of the Franklin Institute1956555
17Dissipative Dynamical Systems: Basic Input-Output and State PropertiesJournal of the Franklin Institute1980551
18On gravitational wavesJournal of the Franklin Institute1937523
19A new design method based on artificial bee colony algorithm for digital IIR filtersJournal of the Franklin Institute2009513
20Fresh-water invertebrates of the United StatesJournal of the Franklin Institute1954492
21Disturbance attenuation properties of time-controlled switched systemsJournal of the Franklin Institute2001488
22The identification of molecular spectraJournal of the Franklin Institute1951483
23Physical organic chemistryJournal of the Franklin Institute1956459
24Textbook of quantitative inorganic analysisJournal of the Franklin Institute1953454
25Proposed standard solar-radiation curves for engineering useJournal of the Franklin Institute1940423
26Theoretical limitations on the broadband matching of arbitrary impedancesJournal of the Franklin Institute1950416
27Quadrotor vehicle control via sliding mode controller driven by sliding mode disturbance observerJournal of the Franklin Institute2012404
28Unit operations of chemical engineeringJournal of the Franklin Institute1957374
29Classical electricity and magnetismJournal of the Franklin Institute1961370
30Physics and realityJournal of the Franklin Institute1936364
31Rounding errors in algebraic processesJournal of the Franklin Institute1964336
32The application of numerical filtering to the solution of integral equations encountered in indirect sensing measurementsJournal of the Franklin Institute1965320
33Two direct Tustin discretization methods for fractional-order differentiator/integratorJournal of the Franklin Institute2003320
34Stability notions and Lyapunov functions for sliding mode control systemsJournal of the Franklin Institute2014316
35A new general law of deformationJournal of the Franklin Institute1921314
36Stability of stochastic delay neural networksJournal of the Franklin Institute2001308
37Novel observations on lightning discharges: Results of research on Mount San SalvatoreJournal of the Franklin Institute1967307
38The synthesis of sequential switching circuitsJournal of the Franklin Institute1954299
39Concepts in photoconductivity and allied problemsJournal of the Franklin Institute1964291
40Functions of a complex variableJournal of the Franklin Institute1964287
41The Kumaraswamy Weibull distribution with application to failure dataJournal of the Franklin Institute2010283
42A review of computer-aided diagnosis of breast cancer: Toward the detection of subtle signsJournal of the Franklin Institute2007279
43Super twisting control algorithm for the attitude tracking of a four rotors UAVJournal of the Franklin Institute2012277
44A sliding mode approach to H∞ synchronization of master–slave time-delay systems with Markovian jumping parameters and nonlinear uncertaintiesJournal of the Franklin Institute2012268
45Contributions to the theory of games.Journal of the Franklin Institute1960266
46An introduction to plasma physicsJournal of the Franklin Institute1963266
47Honey-bee mating optimization (HBMO) algorithm for optimal reservoir operationJournal of the Franklin Institute2007264
48Statistical description of the size properties of non uniform particulate substancesJournal of the Franklin Institute1929253
49The differential analyzer. A new machine for solving differential equationsJournal of the Franklin Institute1931249
50Character tables for two space groupsJournal of the Franklin Institute1942240